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Now browsing: Hometown News > Columnist Archives > Fishing - Peter Krause

June 16, 2006
The king of all fish - By Peter Krause There are many divisions of sportfish, and as many as there are, there are more fanatics who chase them. Over time, some fish species develop a reputation which eclipses others in their division, and these species become known as king. Along Florida's near-coast waters, the largest species of mackerel is the king mackerel, though... Full Story

June 2, 2006
Diversity of surf fishing in Brevard County - One of the most interesting things about Brevard County is its length and diversity. North, central, and south parts of the county have different types of communities, areas of wildlife and sometimes even climate. These differences extend to surf fishing, where structure and species may be completely different from various beaches within the same ... Full Story

May 26, 2006
The border between land and sea - By Peter Krause Many times, the best fishing can be found on the borders of things. The change of color, the sudden change of depth and the edge of plant life are all borders where fish may prowl. One of the most productive borders may be found throughout the entire east end of the county - the border between land and sea. The surf is a battlegro... Full Story

May 19, 2006
The difficult and sometimes finicky large mouth bass - By Peter Krause For many freshwater anglers raised in Florida, bluegill were the first fish ever caught in neighborhood ponds and canals. At some point later, usually by accident, the young fisherman hooked a largemouth bass for the first time, and the sport of fishing seemed to change. Bream may be scrappy and fun, but for many of us, the larg... Full Story

May 5, 2006
Slams, contests and anglers - By Peter Krause Angling fanatics may occasionally run into people obsessed with other activities. This isn't easy to do when most of one's free time is sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake, but it does happen. There are people who actually claim to enjoy golf, for example, and those who climb tall chunks of rock for the view. When describin... Full Story

April 28, 2006
The waters are warming in Brevard, and the second wave of tropical sportfish, mahi mahi, have made their appearance in force. - Latin America calls the fish "dorado" after its golden color, but the original English name has been dolphin for several centuries. This has caused confusion in recent decades, though it's hard to believe there are many people around who would think a restaurant would actually serve the mammal called dolphin. Rather than put a disclaimer on every m... Full Story

April 14, 2006
Mosquito Lagoon: our own genie in a bottle - By Peter Krause One of the most famous pop culture references to northern Brevard County is that old television classic, "I Dream of Jeannie." Mother Nature must be a fan, because she has given our county its own genie bottle in one of the oddest formations on the east coast: Mosquito Lagoon. Ocean currents and hurricanes sealed off Mosquito Lago... Full Story

March 30, 2006
Springtime in Cobia - By Peter KrauseSpring signals the season of migrating fish throughout the Brevard coastline, and the offshore vanguard of migrating sportfish is the cobia.Cobia are not only odd looking, they are odd genetically as well. Many gamefish such as mackerel or grouper come in a wide variety of species and genera. Cobia, on the other hand, represent the o... Full Story

March 23, 2006
Saturday at midnight we boarded the Jacksonville express, rods in hand, and with a goodly supply of tackle in our trunks. Tuesday saw us at Rockledge, on the Indian River, bargaining for a sailboat and two rowboats. - - O. A. Mygatt, 1889In the late 1980s, editor Frank Oppel put together a collection of magazine articles about Florida, titled "Tales of Old Florida."The original were between 1870 and 1911; the majority average around 1889 and 1903. The book was out of print for years and has recently been reissued.This is a fascinating book about the early histor... Full Story

March 17, 2006
Spawning habits affect behavior - For each species of fish, a set of favorite baits, environments and quirks can be compiled, giving the angler an edge in fishing.For example, knowing that sheepshead like to eat shellfish and crustaceans from rocks and pilings, we improve our odds if we fish near a jetty, using shrimp or small crabs.Nothing is guaranteed, however, and triggers like... Full Story

March 9, 2006
'Caution is a most valuable asset in fishing, especially if you are the fish.' - - AnonymousFish are dumb. In the scale of animal intelligence, fish rank just above bivalves and just below Congress.We know this deep inside, yet sometimes the fish will "outsmart" us anyway. Which is why when a snook glances at our bait and swims off, we can come up with such odd sentences as: "That dumb fish is just too smart!"Smarts have nothin... Full Story

March 2, 2006
Fish want to eat what fish want to eat - Peter KrauseOn the HookFor angling may be said to be so like the mathematics, that it can never be fully learnt; at least not so fully, but that there will still be more new experiments left for the trial of other men that succeed us.- The Compleat AnglerThat quote is from the 1653 classic English book and, after the centuries since that publicatio... Full Story

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