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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.86 / 5 (7 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Dec 07 - 06:35

Goodbye America, Goodbye Israel

Well, the election is over, and at least the majority of Brevard voters can take pride in knowing they didn't allow Santa Claus to cloud their common sense.

With (President Barack) Obama unconstrained by future election concerns, expect him to execute his agenda of moving this nation from being a Christian-rooted Capitalist economy to an Islam-rooted Socialist economy.

In the next four years, America's status as the greatest nation on earth will be history. And if the future looks dire for us, it is horrific for Israel. I expect they will be wiped off the map in the next four years, probably with (President) Obama's blessing.

All Republicans are not rich

I am tired of reading complaints about all Republicans being rich snobs, who never worked for a living. I am a Republican and in no way am I rich.

I worked 45 years for what I have and never asked for any handouts. There were many times over the years that I had to work extra hours or two jobs to meet my family's needs.

I have no problem with people who are unable to work because of injuries, sickness or other legitimate reasons for being unable to work, receiving assistance; but I have a real problem with people who are too lazy to get out and look for a job or refusing to take a job because they feel the work available is beneath them.

I know of people who drive more than 100 miles a day to get to and from a job that will support their family. I do have a problem with able-bodied people, who sit at home in their subsidized housing too lazy to find a job or who pull up to the store with fancy cars with fancy paint jobs and big wheels and pay for their groceries with food stamps, or women, who keep having babies, so they can collect more welfare, complaining that the government is not doing enough for them.

The wonderful world of Socialism

Social Security was intended to be safe from government control. Otherwise, it would be the vanguard of Socialism.

Conservatism fought it; Liberalism went along.

Complaints of it becoming a means of "taxing taxes," when the federal government usurped it, are well-placed. But few people realize its darker aspect, in that, government agencies, with claims against citizens, regardless of the legitimacy of the claims, have not only the power, but the obligation, to report it to the Treasury Department and have it "offset" from the pension payout.

A list of assets must be provided the Veterans Administration, for example, to prove eligibility for benefits. There is a fine line between "offsetting" and confiscation.

This is being held over the heads of the entire American retiree population, and only the gullible think it won't get worse.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Socialism.

We are a Christian nation

Religion and the Constitution, "Christian facts," "print the Constitution," and "Christian America myth lives on," were subjects in your rant section of the paper.

In any case, the forefathers, the founders of our nation, were Christians (www.wikipedia.org).

Of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 51 were Christians, (with 49 protestants and two Catholics).

References to God, our creator, are etched throughout the capital.

In the Lincoln Memorial, there are six references to God in (President) Lincoln's second inaugural address.

In the Gettysburg Address, (President Abraham) Lincoln referred to "one nation under God."

In the Washington Monument, this is a Bible buried under one of the corner stones.

In the Supreme Court building, there are four inscriptions of the 10 Commandants.

In the Declaration of Independence, it states: "endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights."

One author said that the America history that has existed for more than 300 years is an America in which the concept of the creator, the concept of providence and the concept of divine intervention has been very real.

The Capitol Building has the word "God"  (Deus) carved into its walls and painted on its entrances, and some artwork in the Capitol contains images of Bibles and angels.

Already, steps are being taken toward removing religious references from new construction of public property.

The newest monument on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to World War II. On it is a partial quote from a speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The phrase near the end of the speech, where (President) Roosevelt said "So help us God," is omitted from the engraving."

Note in the preamble to the constitution, where it's written "ensure the blessings of liberty (blessings has a Christian/religious connotation).

Are we a Christian nation?  The answer is resoundingly, YES.

What kind of government do we have? We have a republic form of government, where the majority rules.

However, laws can be established to form a socialistic purpose.

Per Margaret Thatcher, "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."

And now, you know the facts.

He claimed the land for Spain

The author bemoans that there should be English subtitles for Spanish language TV programming.

They further assert the outright racist statement, "That's the way it was when they invaded our state 50 years ago." Completo Disparate!

In fourth-grade history, I was taught that Ponce de Leon set off from Puerto Rico and sailed north.

He stepped foot not (far) from here and claimed the land for Spain and named it La Florida (subtitles for you, Florida.) That event was 107 years before the Pilgrims "invaded" what is now known as Massachusetts.

It was a good thing for your forbearers (that they were not here) as he came here looking for gold and people to enslave on behalf of the crown.

'Not me and not in my backyard'

Here we go again. Education is short on money and needs to make some adjustments, but just don't make them to where I, or my child, is impacted.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If cuts need to be made and no one wants it to affect them, maybe it's time to charge a nominal tuition for the ones using the system. Same principle as to why our national deficit problem isn't being solved; the "not me and not in my backyard" attitude.

Armageddon in progress

I never thought I would be talking about "doom and gloom," but I am watching this thing between Israel and Palestine; and if you look back on the old prophecies about Armageddon, it says it will start in the Mid East by the Anti-Christ.

That doesn't mean that "one person is born." That means that both the Jews and the Muslims are Anti-Christ. They are going to start Armageddon.

All the prophecies of the Mayans and Nostradamus are not written in stone, but they are a warning for us.

December 2012? Do we want to live beyond that?

We've got to stop this nonsense. We have to protect the planet Earth.

And this is warning from somebody who is old, and probably stupid, but I am looking at these things that were prophesized (and thinking that) they do not need to come true.

We have to step in and stop them from happening.

Bullying is still a problem

Bullying is a problem in Brevard County schools, a major problem.

Sure, they have a campaign against bullying, but if you watch and observe, you notice that teachers really do nothing about bullying. The administration does nothing about bullying, and the parents think they have bullying problems.

If you ever go into a Brevard County school and really watch and listen and observe, you'll see that the bullying problem is very big.

If you ask, I am sure, the majority of the students in the schools will tell you the bullying is very problematic.

It's hurtful. It's mean. But a lot of these kids who are bullying get it from their own parents.

Stop complaining and be thankful

This holiday season, instead of complaining about things, let's think about all the things we have to be thankful for.

Be thankful that we have a country in which we can vote freely and speak our minds. And no matter whether we agree with who won or didn't win, thank God that you can vote.

Look around and see who else needs your help. Give a little to them. You will not only feel good, but they will, too.

Be thankful for all the things you have: a roof over your head, food to eat, prayer and even a newspaper where you can Rant & Rave about whatever is going on.

Let's just all be thankful, and no more complaining for awhile.

Why is Israel bombing?

I have a rant about an article I saw in Florida Today, stating in big, bold headlines, "Israel Bombards Southern Gaza Strip."

This is just another example of the left wing-media. If someone is not in touch with what is really going on, and they see that, it looks like Israel is bombarding the southern Gaza Strip.

But there is nothing said about the fact that the people in Gaza have been bombing Israel, and they started it.

They have been attacking Israel for months on end, with many, many untold rockets, and Israel is just defending itself.

So, I do not understand why the media cannot be fair and balanced and just state the truth.

The headline should have read, "Israel Responds to the Gaza Strip Attacks By, you know, Protecting Their Own Interests and Retaliating."

I am so sick and tired of the left wing-media portraying the news on how they want people to see it.

People who are uninformed might look at this article and think "Why is Israel bombing Gaza?" when the fact is that Gaza started bombing Israel, and Israel is just trying to protect itself.

Who is at fault for Hostess demise?

I have a statement I would like to make regarding the closing of the Hostess bakery.

I would like people, who are pro-union, to understand, now, how unions work.

Because the unions were unwilling to compromise this company, that has been in business for I don't even know how long, has now closed all its doors and laid off thousands and thousands of people.

It is not that I am against unions. In 1979, I used to work for the Chrysler Corporation in Cape Canaveral.

Working conditions were horrible there. I contacted the electricians union and was able to help bring the union into the workplace. I was 19 at the time.

You know what happened? It was less than a year and Chrysler closed down, I lost my job and Chrysler moved the company to Mexico, where it could hire cheaper labor.

Like I said, I'm not against unions, or I wasn't against unions. I'd like to say that things have changed now.

I guess unions are good for something, but when it comes to looking out for the people, there is a very fine line between looking out for your employees and what the company is going to do.

Like the Hostess Company, the Chrysler plant closed its doors, and we all lost our jobs.

I really think it is a sad state of affairs when unions are so bullheaded that they allow employees to lose their jobs over negotiations.

Pink Snowballs for me

I can't believe this. Hostess is out of business.

I know they are not good for me, or good for anyone.

To me, they are always just a little treat to have once in awhile.

I would eat a Twinkie about once a year; but, I'll tell you, I do love the Snowballs, pink Snowballs. And I am going to miss my Snowballs, even though I had them two or three times a year, and they are delicious.

I hope that something can happen to restore this company, because it is a nice treat to have once in awhile.

Working on Thanksgiving

Thank you for the Hometown News. I look forward to it every week.

To the corporations, which were open on Thanksgiving, and in the evening, shame on you.

To make employees work on a family holiday that represents American values is just not right.

To those who did shop, you have no patriotism. My only hope is that no one did shop.

Wake up, America. Thank you for listening.

Oil prices, jobs and the Dakotas

I'm calling about the news report about how the conflict over in Israel and the Gaza might affect gasoline prices and that they may go up.

The fact remains that I talked to my granddaughter yesterday. She is working for an oil company in North Dakota.

In some places in North Dakota, McDonald's is paying $500 sign-on bonuses to go to work for McDonald's, plus $18 per hour to work there.

The oil company has just discovered oil in another town, and they are building a new multi-million-dollar facility there.

And Hardee's and McDonald's is not only paying the $500 bonuses, but also $22 an hour to work at Hardee's or McDonald's.

For all of those kids who don't have anything to do here and like some snow, go to North Dakota.

They also just discovered some oil in South Dakota.

So, they are booming, as far as oil is concerned, just like they are up in the Northeast, Buffalo, Pennsylvania and Ohio; and the fact remains that they are exporting a lot of this oil.

So how can all these guys get on the news and talk about the gasoline prices going up because of what is going on in little countries like Israel and the Gaza Strip?

It just blows my mind.

So, if anybody is single, unattached and wants to make some money, head up to the Dakotas.

It's a great place, and they don't have hurricanes up there.

Happy holidays.

This is about the Postal Service

Maybe they should stop mail service on Saturday. It won't solve all their problems, but it will help.

A lot of us don't have email, googily goo, and tweet and Twitter and that sort of stuff.

I'm 82. We don't want the United Parcel Service delivering our mail.

It's not the pool industry

This is in response to being ripped off in the swimming pool industry.

As a pool repair company, myself, we were quite angry about the new standards, having to put in new, variable-speed pumps and all this other stuff.

But, they rescinded that. So, it is only if you have new construction that you have to put in those variable-speed pumps or two-speed pumps.

The only time in an existing pool is if the pool is worth a certain percent of the worth of your home.

And replacing a pump is never within that standard.

So, whoever sold you that bill of goods that required you to purchase the new pump, and you were a homeowner with an existing pool, you did get ripped off.

It is not the swimming pool industry that is ripping you off. It is the stupid statutes and the Florida Legislature.

They have run away with our airways

I wonder if there is anyone who can remember when radio and television were in their infancies.

When we were told that the airways belonged to the people, when broadcasters could only lease the airways.

There were heavy limitation put on broadcasters that they could only put 60 seconds of advertising at the beginning and end of an hour.

No profanity. No lewdness. Their broadcast license could be revoked if they didn't follow that law.

They have nibbled away at the public's ownership, that now you have 20 minutes of program time, and the rest is advertising. And 90 percent of the advertising is devoted to misleading tidbits that feed from one topic to another. So you find it difficult to separate them, visually or verbally.

A lesson in English

I saw, the other day, both on TV and in a newspaper an incident where there was an emergency, and the caller to 911 could not speak English.

There seemed to be an attempt to show the shortcomings of our 911 Emergency System.

Both articles seemed to imply that the 911 operator was at fault for not speaking Spanish.

No doubt, the do-gooders will want the operator replaced by a bi-lingual person, and all future hires to be bi-lingual.

Nevermind that the caller was probably an illegal.

I spent a lot of time in Mexico in 1946, 1947 and again on sabbatical in 1975.

In those time frames, I experienced no attempts by the Mexican government, at any level, to accommodate me by them speaking English.

I wasn't arrogant enough to expect it, and the Mexican natives I interacted with all enjoyed our attempts to exchange thoughts.

What I did experience on my last trip in 1975 was a line of demarcation in south Texas, witnessed by a strong use of Spanish and little interest in speaking English in restaurants, service stations or even giving directions.

Should the 911 operator be chastised for not understanding Spanish, or should arrogance be rewarded?

Neighbors helping neighbors

I would like to know what has happened to neighbors helping neighbors.

I just recently had surgery and have been struggling to deal with the use of my dominant hand.

Now, I have injured my knee, and I can hardly walk.

So, I now have a brace on one arm and one leg.

My neighbors were outside, and I am struggling to take my garbage and recyclables out.

I asked the neighbors for help, but that doesn't seem right. They should volunteer to help without being asked.

It is sometimes humiliating to ask for help.

I am just curious to know why neighbors don't seem to want to help people anymore.

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