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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.53 / 5 (15 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Dec 07 - 06:18

Thanks for the kindness

I would like to thank Michelle from Daytona Beach. She found my wallet at the Turkey Run and turned it in. She did not want to take a reward for it, but I went back the next day and made her take a gift card. There are a lot of good people and she is one of them. I appreciate it. I am a senior citizen, and if I would have lost my wallet, it would have been awful. It was on Thanksgiving, so I had a lot to be thankful for.

More thanks

Thank you Hometown News for your special paper. Also, a great thanks to Publix supermarkets for all their expertise and kindness.

Let's take back our neighborhood

Recently, I heard bad things going on in my "close" neighborhood and I wanted to do something. I became aware that not only have I found used needles in my neighborhood, but four others were found near by and in vacant house on Orange Avenue and Lafayette Street in Port Orange. I told all children I saw and parents don't touch it, call the police. I also know that there are several people suspected of buying and selling, possibly using, prescription drugs. Police cannot catch them if you don't call, write down tag numbers and descriptions. I know I am not the only one who doesn't want this near our home and children.

I also know there are people living in campers in backyards on Lafayette Street with no facilities and most likely are drug users as well. Call the police, complain, and let's clean it up. "Campers" belong in campgrounds or storage.

Housing and Urban Development and Halifax Urban Ministries have ministries for homeless families and people who want help. Stealing and home invasion will definitely shorten your life as I found a lot of my neighbors have armed themselves and mean to take care of the problems that arise. Police want to work with us to take back out neighborhood and you have to call, non-emergency number, tip line of 9-1-1. Let's take back our neighborhood and make it safe for the children; for the grandparents.

Replant trees

After viewing the photos of the Christmas tree at the White House I must say I was appalled. I would think that the president of the United States would at least show some concern for our environment. I would have rather seen an actual live potted Christmas tree in the White House that could be donated to an area that lost a lot of trees due to fires. I am now asking everyone else to show more class. If you are going to buy a tree from a lot, buy a live tree. They can be replanted in your yard or donated. This helps keep trees growing and are less of a fire hazard than a cut tree. You will have a beautiful tree with all the beautiful smells from a tree and you can replant it.

In response to: 'Dining with dogs in Ormond Beach'

My wife and I just moved to Ormond-by-the-Sea and we love it, especially that it is a dog-friendly area. While I agree dogs that are dining with their owners need to be well behaved and not urinate or defecate around the dining area, I think that they should be allowed on all outdoor patio areas.

Many couples, like my wife and I, do not have children and our dogs are our kids. We are both in our 30s and love spending the day outdoors with our dogs in the beautiful Ormond sun. It is nice to be able to stop, have lunch or a few drinks and be able to sit outside with our dogs. Both our dogs are very large, well behaved and friendly, and get a lot of attention when we are out. We have never had anyone complain about them at any outdoor dining area. Management of the eateries we have been to have welcomed the dogs and have brought them bowls of water and snacks. Numerous other patrons stop, sit with us, ask about our dogs and many a child has posed for pictures with our dogs.

Since our dogs are large and very child friendly they get a lot of attention, which makes it so much more fun to have them with us. One of the best days was when an elderly, very ill wheelchair-bound woman wanted to come over to our dogs. Her nurse wheeled her over saying it was the most responsive that woman had been in years due to her poor health. Both of our dogs sat by her, sniffed her and enjoyed her company as much as she enjoyed theirs. Bringing happiness to that woman's day, made our day.

Everyone has his or her opinion, like the person who wrote the article I am responding to and I respect that. I can honestly say, I have come across many more misbehaved children at restaurants than misbehaved dogs. Should we ban children? Of course not. Banning dogs is like banning other people's children, we all need to be respectful of each other, their lifestyle and just enjoy the Ormond Beach sun. Life is way to short not to.

In response to: 'Dining with dogs in Ormond Beach'

I would like to show my support for the individual that wrote the article "Dining with dogs in Ormond Beach." I agree that pets should not be in public eating-places and that includes the outdoor patios. This presents a health and a safety issue.

The whole pet thing is totally out of control. Pet owners often have two, three or four dogs (on a leash) taking up the whole sidewalk, requiring pedestrians to move to the street to walk. They bring them to crowded street events so everyone is tripping over them. I have even seen dogs driving cars. Those "pet friendly" hotels are another ridiculous idea. Not everyone thinks your dogs are adorable. Pets should remain in the owners' homes and yards.

Along the same line, who says dogs need a beach?? Dogs only need a responsible person to take care of them.

In response to: 'Dining with dogs in Ormond Beach'

In response to a writer's comments that dogs are allowed to be at outside patios at restaurants, obviously you have not done your homework. If it was legal to permit this, why would the city of Ormond Beach be considering passing legislation and issuing licenses to allow it? Flagler Beach went through the process of legislating it. Maybe you have been doing it and thought nothing was wrong. The health department will cite the restaurant if they find a dog at a patio at a restaurant if they observe it during an inspection, unless the Dixie Cup Clary Local Control Act was enacted.

Here is documentation from the Florida Health Department website: http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/HR/hr-faq-dogs.html.

Q. Can I take my pet dog to a restaurant?

A. Pet dogs are generally prohibited at public food service establishments.

However, your local government may enact an ordinance permitting dogs in designated outdoor seating areas of public food service establishments. The ordinance must include specific requirements established by state law, including permit fees and sanitation and safety conditions that must be met.

A restaurant must have a permit from the local government to allow dogs in the designated outdoor seating area before your pet dog is allowed at a restaurant. Contact your local government to find out if an ordinance has been enacted and if the restaurant has the required permit.

Pet dogs are still prohibited inside public food service establishments, including traveling through the establishment.

Adopt a family for Christmas

I have heard rants from people objecting to stinky people covering up with too much cologne. Then I read a rave mentioning a kind soul helping a little old lady with her groceries. I feel grateful to have the freedom to digest both. Having done so, I think I'll take an idea my father and his family in Tennessee practice at Christmas and adopt a family. For every fancy present we buy each other we could get some homeless family some clothes or a veteran on the street a room for a night or two! Lets all do it. Merry Christmas.

Class size limits ignored

What happened to the class size amendment for Volusia County Schools? I know it was voted in, but this year, my child's classes in middle school have anywhere from 28 to 34 students. I heard the school board is paying fines because of this. Why don't they hire more teachers instead of paying the fines? It seems quite ridiculous. Where is the teachers union? Why aren't they fighting for the reduction in the class sizes? I was told students who need extra help are being mainstreamed into these huge class sizes. Is that fair to the student or the teacher? Do those teachers get an aide? I wonder if elementary and high schools have this same problem. It is such a travesty for our children and education system. I am very happy with my child's school, wonderful group of teachers and staff. It is such a shame that this is happening. Will anything be done in 2013?

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