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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.59 / 5 (17 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 30 - 06:30

Where did I get the flu?

OK, who gave me the flu?

Was it the guy working at the deli with the rubber gloves on? Who then took money with the rubber gloves on and then gave me the change with the rubber gloves on. He then proceeds to make the next sandwich for the next customer.

Money is the filthiest thing in the world.

Or could it have been the pizza place? Where they also wear the rubber gloves, but also took my money and gave me my change with the same gloves.

Where is the sense in that? They are touching filthy money and then making another pizza.

To tell you honestly, I have a feeling it was the pharmacist who was sick. The pharmacist and tech do not use rubber gloves, because supposedly they do not touch the pills with their hands, but they do move the pills around with a spatula. We suspect sometimes the pills don't spill out as they are supposed to, and they need to pick up the pills by hand.

They also take prescriptions from sick people. Then they are touching a bottle and cap, which they give back to you. Should they be wearing the rubber gloves? Maybe they should.

Let's get with it people, why wear the rubber gloves if you are not going to abide what they are their for.

By the way, I am still sick.

It's the grownups, not the students

I use the car loop at a middle school, in dropping off and picking up my middle school aged child, daily.

The students use the cross walks at this car loop, always. It is the adults that do not. They jaywalk. The adults are teachers, administrators, clerical, etc., who are employed at the school.

Regularly, they cross the car loop without using the existing cross walks, causing a possibility of accidents.

How can we expect our children to use cross walks at the middle school if we have adults arriving in the morning and at schools end, not using cross walks and creating a very bad example?

What has happened to our state?

The state of Florida has become a disgrace and embarrassment to its citizens and country.

Of course, I'm referring to the length of time to count votes and long lines of voters.

To refresh your memories, it all started when ex-governor Jeb Bush handed the presidency to his brother George W. Bush.

Now, Gov. (Rick) Scott is continuing the Republican strategy of controlling the voting process.

The state of Florida should be ashamed that we have become fodder for all comedians and insignificant.

Let's bring back the Democrats to govern and once again become an honorable state.

Jobs and schools

Americans need jobs. OK, why not give grants and tax breaks to our own to start businesses (shrimp farm in Fellsmere), instead of foreigners?

Also, schools need money. Just cut out bussing children who live closer than a mile. Anyone hear that walking is healthy?

More about the Christian myth

I must, in a minor part, agree with "Christian American myth lives on."

Without a doubt, based on un-revised history, this nation was founded on godly, Christian principles. That is why today we have the freedom of religion that we have.

Our national Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of every state all refer to our creator God.

However, based on the state of our country today, it is quite obvious that we are a nation that is no longer a Christian nation.

Just like all other great societies, when we walk away from our foundations, we will eventually fail.

We villainize those who are principled and make heroes of those who care about no one but themselves.

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