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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.41 / 5 (17 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 23 - 07:05

Laughingstock of the country?

Once again, Florida and the Treasure Coast have lived up to its reputation as the capital of FloriDUH!

Haven't we learned that counting votes correctly is essential? I mean, we've had how many years to learn? But, no, not us. It's time to kick out the incompetent officials and maybe get some third-graders in there. I'm sure they're more able to count since they have to pass the FCAT to move on. Maybe that's what we need for those officials who have royally screwed up the election. Test their ability to count.

Be an educated voter

I am in favor of uneducated Americans being tested before they are eligible to vote. My friend asked me, "What does secular mean?" I did my best to explain after the election, he had already voted. Sorry, too late now.

I am very concerned that we will become a nation that will be secularized like they are in Europe. It means that man will believe in his own salvation and will reject the supernatural by a so-called new right during the 1980s. Secularism is a belief that education, morality and the state should be independent of religion.

To be secular would be to transfer from the control or use of the church to that of the state.

I believe now more than ever we need to base our country on the values our forefathers built our country on in the past.

I am sure you remember the pledge and Lord's Prayer in grade school and for those parents who were too busy, the teacher filled our hearts with pride; pride to produce not be entitled. Entitlement creates laziness.

I visited a man from the UK and he is very disappointed in socialized medicine. Europe is bordering bankruptcy, experiencing riots and in need of more bailouts. The government of Europe is run by socialist misfits.

In four years we are headed to a communist state. We must not let this happen educate our children with pride for the U.S.

Too bad campaign money was not spent on the devastation of Hurricane Sandy up north.)

In response to 'Land of rednecks'

I have to ask the writer, do you know any the people you labeled as rednecks? I am from the north, as many are who live here, and I have seen the same if not worse from northerners be it in Florida or up north. Let's try not to label everyone.

Same opportunities?

Hmm, interesting how we elect the same president. Welcome to a socialist/Marxist government. For the people who ever-so-blindly voted for Obama, have you ever heard of no taxation without representation. Of course not. The only thing you were most were interested in was what are we getting for free? Well, when your food stamp doesn't buy you much that's the repercussions of it.

Now I go to the library and see people of many nationalities. However, when I hear the black community complaining about how they don't get opportunities, well they're not going to go far in life when all they do is go to the library and get onto all the social websites, Facebook, or download music. Yeah, you're making real opportunity come to you. How would I know this? I see it quite a bit as I inhabit the libraries myself. These people don't want to apply themselves, but just cry because they don't want to acknowledge their own truth, they're flat out lazy.

Why do I take the time to write this? maybe because I might strike a chord to one of these parasites. Well enough said. Hope these people realize what a drain they are to the economy, and that goes for the second and third generation baby factories who have kids to pay for their well-being as well.

When I see a young gal with two or three kids in tow you know dang well she has a welfare career going. God I wish our governor would cut them off from producing.

In response to, 'Does it matter who wins?' from Nov. 9

I have unfairly received unwelcome glares and hurtful comments from strangers in public as a result of such angry, prejudiced sentiment.

I appear as if I'm in my early 20s and have a toddler and a school-age boy out of wedlock. But, I actually earned my bachelor's degree, married and then had my two children. My husband divorced me after 10 years of marriage, which made money tighter.

This writer could benefit from such a life lesson, a bad experience, financially. I don't know how he could handle it, since he puts so much importance on his ability to earn money.

I suggest he consider spending less time with angry people and more time on introspect and Bible teachings.

He does have one thing right, though. It doesn't matter who wins.

Whoever wins, which in this case is Obama, we need to come together as Americans to support, not judge, and label fellow Americans as "kids having kids," "lazy with entitlement mentality" and "freeloaders" who only pay attention to "stupidity, commercials and reality shows."

Use your libraries

For these all too-young mothers with their welfare kids: later on in life tell your kids, if you don't want them out to the streets before then, the way things go. Ya'll kick them to the streets when they're 13-14 years old, old enough to breed.

Anyhow, the libraries have kids toddler reading programs that enlighten the young ones to story time, teach these kids to learn and not just run to the welfare office. Yes I see these young mothers come into the library and go straight to the computer to get onto Facebook or listen to their so-called music or play video games. Hey, if you look around there are books to actually educate yourself and maybe even learn. Wow, what a concept! Allow me to repeat myself: don't give the excuse you don't get opportunity. Opportunity is abundant in the public library. Too many of you just drain the government system of dollars that could be used better and for government workers.

I don't know how you sleep at night. Maybe it's easy knowing you just have a five-day work week then you can just turn a blind eye. You're just as much as the problem, as well. Someday all this will catch up to these who just don't want to care at the moment and go with the flow. Eventually that flow changes with time.

Show support for vets

Veterans often face real challenges as they return to civilian life. It is our obligation and our privilege to assist them. Americans should provide a continuous outpouring of support. More than 40,000 nonprofit organizations focus on helping veterans. Let's all get behind their efforts.

Where was Clinton?

Hillary Clinton was subpoenaed to testify next week before Congress about her involvement with the four Americans' murdered in Benghazi on Sept. 11. She said can't make it.

If you are ever subpoenaed into court and don't want to go, just follow her lead. Just say it is not convenient, that you will be out of town. See if that works for the regular public or just for the crooks running the country.

Editor's note: Hillary Clinton has not been subpoenaed to testify before Congress, though that idea is being proposed by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, House Foreign Affairs Committee chairwoman. At press time, Secretary Clinton was on a previously scheduled visit to Australia.

Sluggish economy hurts

Low- and middle-income blacks and Latinos are hurt disproportionately by a sluggish economy, which can be revived by less government spending, fewer mandates, fewer rules and regulations and lower taxes.

These people desperately need someone to care, to focus on their communities and explain the facts of life to them. Too bad our public schools fail to teach these truths anymore. Our republic suffers and the less fortunate suffer from the peoples' ignorance.

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