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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.18 / 5 (17 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 23 - 06:35

Subtitles or put it in English

Here in Florida, there are a lot of Latin Spanish-speaking television stations.

I think that since they are on our airwaves that we should at least be entitled to subtitles so we may know what those shows are about and can watch them, too.

Some of them are interesting if we could only know what they are talking about.

So, how about at least some subtitles or do them in English and make them watch the Spanish subtitles?

That's the way it was when they first invaded our state of Florida 50 years ago.

They watch Spanish subtitles with shows in English. Now it is reversed.

I think we should be given subtitles, like we gave them when they first invaded our country.

Glad it's over

I am glad the elections are finally over.

I was so tired of not only the television and radio ads, but I was tired of all the politics in the Rants & Raves pages.

I grew tired of all the "facts" gathered (or copied by) the "road ragers" and extremists who claimed to "belong" to the major and/or minor political parties, as they fought with their words and their "facts" in the rants and letters sections.

I don't know how anybody can look up something online and call it a "fact." Someone put that "fact" there and those "facts" are copied from page to page, correct, or not.

And we all know that two people standing in the same room, seeing an event, will each describe it differently. Don't even try to ask them what they think caused it to happen or why it happened.

Also, history is always written by the victorious.

Like Spell Check, sometimes it, too, is not correct.

The only thing you can really count on as being correct is that which has personally and physically happened to you and, even then, you may find out later (as more information comes to you) that you were wrong.

Sorry. Get over it and move on.

I am responding to: 'women's bodies'

We are not telling her what to do with her body. We are just saying we don't want to pay for it.

As far as the Bible or Christianity being mythology, tell her to check out the fact the prophecies have all come about. I don't know what more proof you could use.

You might want to pick up a Bible and look at the New Testament because we believe the Lord will be coming back soon. There are only two choices in eternity, heaven or hell.

Thanks for the amendment summary

Just wanted to let Hometown News know that I appreciated the amendment descriptions in the paper, and used it to help me vote.

Thank you.

Where did I get the flu?

OK, who gave me the flu?

Was it the guy working at the deli with the rubber gloves on? Who then took money with the rubber gloves on and then gave me the change with the rubber gloves on. He then proceeds to make the next sandwich for the next customer.

Money is the filthiest thing in the world.

Or could it have been the pizza place? Where they also wear the rubber gloves, but also took my money and gave me my change with the same gloves.

Where is the sense in that? They are touching filthy money and then making another pizza.

To tell you honestly, I have a feeling it was the pharmacist who was sick. The pharmacist and tech do not use rubber gloves, because supposedly they do not touch the pills with their hands, but they do move the pills around with a spatula. We suspect sometimes the pills don't spill out as they are supposed to, and they need to pick up the pills by hand.

They also take prescriptions from sick people. Then they are touching a bottle and cap, which they give back to you. Should they be wearing the rubber gloves? Maybe they should.

Let's get with it people, why wear the rubber gloves if you are not going to abide what they are their for.

By the way, I am still sick.

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