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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2012 Nov 16 - 07:00

Celebrate the election results

Let's celebrate these next four years. Let's give our commander in chief a chance to put right what was wrong when he first took office. He can't fix a broken economy and a broken country in just four years. It took G.W. Bush longer than that to totally screw us up. Why not give Obama the same amount of time to fix it?

God's will?

Some Republicans are claiming that Hurricane Sandy is responsible for the re-election of President Obama. In the same breath, they claim that Hurricane Sandy is a work of God. So are they saying that the re-election of the president is really God's work? Food for thought.

From Ben's mouth

Wise old Benjamin Franklin stated: 'He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.'

Reminds us of President Obama who falls back to blaming George Bush every time something goes wrong in Washington. It is the incompetence of the Democrats and their insistence of sticking with failed big-government policies that has made a bad situation worse.

No trust from the president

Our president's rejection of American exceptionalism has translated into his stark lack of faith in the American people.

He won't trust individuals to control their own health care, plan for their own retirement or even spend their own money.

Previous leaders have had a faith and trust in our fundamental goodness, creativity, entrepreneurialism and generosity. We do not need or want our government to be our policeman, banker or nanny. In God we trust.

Fire the CEO

Great job, Obama voters. You wanted America to become Europe, it is just around the corner.

President Obama upon re-election signed the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. The Second Amendment has been stripped. Gun restrictions are just around the corner. Without the Second Amendment, the other amendments will fall. Congratulations. America.

Overnight CNBC posted on their website, then immediately pulled, a report that a lawsuit has been filed by a national law firm representing several hundred clients, against several Obama officials. The lawsuit deals with $43 trillion of taxpayer dollars, TARP funds misused by Holder and others. Read the Wall Street Journal report press release dated Oct. 25 at 2:09 p.m.

Yesterday we learned that Iran fired upon one of our drones days before the election. Of course this administration's transparent policy did what it usually does: hide it from the public until after the election. Fast and Furious, the Benghazi murders, now Iran firing on our aircraft. What's next? Do we really have a strong leader? The answer is obvious.

Obama appeared for a photo op after Hurricane Sandy, and hasn't been back since. The area still is without electricity and supplies. The majority of the relief effort has come from local citizens. Federal support has failed. The media was quick to jump on President Bush after Hurricane Katrina. Where is the same scrutiny now? The media darling isn't looking so pretty when he has to actually show leadership, take charge and gets thing done.

Suppose you were owner of a major company and hired a CEO to run it. After the hire, things were not going well and you ask for some records to investigate. The CEO refused to hand over the documents. What if the CEO wasn't honest in his explanation for the failure? What if after the hire, you find out the CEO concealed facts that would have kept him for being hired? Would you give the CEO a pass and allow him to continue his employment, or would you do what was best for your company and fire him?

President Obama is our CEO. We are the owners' of America, President Obama works for us, not the reverse. President Obama has failed to be honest with the American people and that dishonesty resulted in his re-election. I think we need and should demand answers.

We made a mistake Tuesday. The mistake was caused by not having all the facts. We rely on those we elect to office to be open and honest. When they prove otherwise, it is time to show them the door, whether it is an election year or not.

Editor's note: The president did not sign the United Nations Arms Treaty. It doesn't exist. The U.N. disarmament committee on Wednesday, Nov. 7 passed a resolution that would allow talks to resume on the topic in March. As for the CNBC story, several websites with names such as counterspyops.com, beforeitsnews.com, thedailysheeple.com among others, reported this story but linked it to the murder of a CNBC executive's children. We will let readers decide if these websites are credible news sources.

Larger crowds should mean election win

Can anybody explain how Gov. Romney had larger crowds, a more enthusiastic fan base and momentum on his side, lost the election? I have an idea why. Rep. Allen West is having a recount of his election results, and so far the recount shows, he is ahead in the vote count. It is entirely possible, the same error has occurred for Gov. Romney. I think a national recount should be made to verify the results. I would think President Obama would encourage such a recount, or if need be a re- vote, to eliminate any doubt, which I believe the nation has, that he honestly won the election.

Voting machines wrongly recording votes and workers at the polls removed for allowing unregistered people to vote, occurred in South Florida, and voter intimidation in Philadelphia, are more than enough reasons for us, as a nation, to demand a recount or re-vote.

Editor's note: As of press time, Patrick Murphy was leading Allen West by 1,907 votes or 0.58 percent. In Florida, official results show President Obama defeated Gov. Romney by 50 percent to 49.1 percent, which is greater than 0.5 percent, which by state law would trigger a recount.

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