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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.09 / 5 (32 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 16 - 06:35

Voters' guide was great

I just wanted to let you know my first Hometown News from Friday, Oct. 19, with the voters' guide and the proposed state amendments was extremely helpful.

And, I didn't even know about this paper, but I am going to be getting it consistently now.

We really appreciate it. Thank you for your hard work, and it's wonderful. Thank you.

Why are you driving their cars?

It has been a real hard puzzle for me to solve. The puzzle is: why is it that Americans think if they drive a foreign built car (it) makes them better than others?

To be honest, I think they are wrong. Why, you ask? Well, if you look closely on the reports and television shows or anywhere that has to do with driving in Japan, China, Korea, you will not see anybody driving American cars. Why, you ask? Because we told them and gave them an impression that their cars are better than American cars. We LOVE you more than ourselves, and we love to promote your economy more than we like to improve ours: so we buy your cars and be (we are) proud to be an owner of H-da or Toy-o-ta.

Good for you! Why not wave their flag, too, while at it? It'll be more patriotic.

But remember, America was the first in building automobiles; and frankly, in my opinion, it is still No. 1 in everything.

Trouble in the voting line

By the time you read this, the General Election will be over and, hopefully, we will know who the President will be for the next four years.

As my wife and I stood in line for more than two and a half hours to vote early, a woman also in line wanted to start an argument.

We were wearing T-shirts with the word's 'TEAM OBAMA' and (the) numbers 44 on them. She questioned what the numbers 44 meant, and we said it represented the 44th president of the United States.

She said that no way Obama will ever be the 44th President.

We gently reminded her that he has been the 44th president for the last four years. She refused to stand in line any longer and left before voting.

Another gentleman strongly said that we would not be allowed to vote wearing those shirts. He was wrong.

To those people who felt it was necessary to make strong negative remarks about our T-shirts, thank you. Thank you for the reminder, that, in spite of all the attempts to restrict or block access to voting, we still have the freedom to vote for the candidate of our choice.

To all the others, many who were handicapped, who waited in line for hours and were happy to do so, thank you for voting.

Performance standards, probationary periods needed

Most professions, positions or jobs have some performance standards, which the employee is required to meet after a length of time.

Some are simple. Some are complex, depending on the level of employment.

The employee serves a probationary period; and after a review, if the standards are met, the employee stays.

If not, they are counseled, offered training or terminated.

My concerns are why aren't politicians given a performance review?

What are the standards they are rated against? Why aren't they evaluated after a period of time?

Granted, there are a few good politicians, but the majority of them seem to do only what is best for them.

Standards could be established at the beginning of his/her term, based on the information presented by the candidate during his/her election campaign.

The standards should be established and agreed to by the elected official and an impartial panel prior to taking office.

Politicians would then serve a probationary period of six months. A review would take place between the official and the impartial panel and the individual.

If the incumbent has not committed a crime, been accused of an ethics violation, misused public funds, performed no sexual misdeeds or any other impropriety, and successfully meets the agreed upon standards established at the time of taking office, they would be allowed to continue their term.

If found in any violation or any offense or failure to meet the agreed upon standards, removal from office would be done swiftly and with the recommendation that they find another type of employment.

Where would the replacement come from? In any election, there is always a winner and a loser. The loser would then be called upon to finish out the term of office and would go through the same probationary procedure, followed by review after six months.

And if you think for one minute that a system like this would be considered by elected officials, think again.

Politicians are the ones who make the rules for the rest of us to follow.

They somehow seem to remain immune from any regulation or legislation that is enacted.

Does the airport need our dollars?

Recently, I had to make a quick trip to the Melbourne International Airport.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see that the first 30 minutes of parking are no longer free.

We are now charged $1 for the first 30 minutes, and $1 for each additional 30 minutes, for a total of $10 for a 24-hour period.

They have placed two boxes that takes a credit card and the right amount of dollar bills.

The two gentlemen, who used to work the booths, are gone. However, there is a young lady, who will make change for those of us who do not have the correct number of dollar bills.

I have been informed that the Melbourne International Airport has more than $30 million in its 'kitty.'

In view of the above, I find it hard to comprehend how they can charge a very small number of citizens who spend less than 30 minutes at the airport.

Doctors without qualifications

Some of the large insurance companies are hiring doctors without doing enough investigation into their qualifications.

I know of a case where the doctor claimed to be a surgeon when he was not qualified to perform major surgery.

Even the nurses know this, and the administrators don't.

Please print this and save lives in future health problems because of wrong care, especially for the elderly.

Religion not a 'cult'

This is in response to 'What would Jesus do?'

I enjoyed the article, as everyone has their own opinion; but the last few paragraphs changed my mind.

It was not only false, but calling that religion a cult was really uncalled for.

Just remember, 'What would Jesus do?' I know he can't be too happy with your hypocritical remarks.

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