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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2012 Nov 09 - 00:15

We dodged a bullet

While the north was completely devastated by hurricane Sandy, the south continued about its daily business of griping about politics and the cold front.

It amazes me how nobody seemed concerned about the welfare of those up north. More emphasis was put on the cooler temperatures and the election than the destruction that was taking place up north. Are we numb to the news? Are we turning a deaf ear? Maybe so. But, with the holidays around the corner, we need to step up.

Bring back the commercials

I don't care who won the blasted election, I just want my commercials back.

Does it matter who wins?

Well, by the time people read this one we will have elected a new president. Now the people who just want that hand out, it really doesn't matter who's president, if they said they believe in handouts that's all the takers want.

Heck, just look at the city we live in. Kids having kids. They were trained real well in how to get onto the welfare wagon. Hey here's an idea: stay with school and learn to be a productive citizen. Your way of life will eventually catch up with you. Government is not designed to foster peoples' livelihoods and we got to get rid of the entitlement mentality that just creates laziness. The trouble with some people is they deep down inside know the truth and it scares the heck out of 'em. Pretty much a case of denial. Time to wake up the people who do want to keep the money they earn, don't want to be supporting freeloaders, better known as welfare, so stop with your dishonesty.

Oh, by the way, either way this election goes our country is in a great deal of trouble, it will take an act of courage to put it on the right track. Oh, for the Obama supporters Obama's plan is a job killer for Florida so when they have to print up more money to pay for stuff and the ones who misuse food stamps buying candy and other junk, when you wonder why you can't buy as much cause the value of the dollar dropped just look in the mirror. Entitlement programs created that chaos. Just so you're aware of the welfare repercussions. You would have known that if you paid attention and not just to stupidity commercials and reality shows.

Illegal statistics

Some 1.7 million young illegal immigrants are poised to come out of the shadows and live and work openly in the U.S. as a result of a sweeping executive order signed by President Obama. His executive order sidestepped a Congress that failed to pass the Dream Act and was a major peace offering to Hispanic voters after the administration deported 1.2 million illegals in the last three years.

The order grants two-year deportation deferrals, work permits, and other benefits such as driver license and Social Security numbers to illegals brought to the United States as children.

The Migration Policy Institute estimates that about 1.2 million people are eligible to apply now, with another 500,000 reaching the minimum eligibility age of 15 in coming years, the Times reported. The largest number of eligible applicants are in California, Florida, New York and Texas.

Editor's note: The Migration Policy Institute states that 1.7 million unauthorized immigrants who were brought to the U.S. could potentially be eligible for a grant of relief of deportation. It further states the deferred action policy will be implemented on a case-by-case basis.

An opinion on Obama

Here is Obama's response when he backed off from his decision to require the military pay for their war injuries.

With bad press, including major mockery of the play by comedian, Jon Stewart, led to Obama's abandoning his proposal to require veterans to carry private health insurance to cover the estimated $540 billion annual cost to the federal government of treatment for injuries to military personal received during their tours of active duty.

The president admitted that he was puzzled by the magnitude of the opposition to his proposal.

"Look, it's an all-volunteer force," Obama said. "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now, they whine about bearing the costs of their choice. It doesn't compute.

"I wasn't asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in history, I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation's deficit. I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans."

How dare this man compare himself as a fellow American? He had a great four-year head start in turning American into a Communist state. Most level-headed Americans now know him for what he is, what he stands for and what he intends to do if he gets another four years.

This cannot and must not happen. To the rest of you mesmerized and uneducated I say, "If Obama does get another four years just remember, we will all be in the same boat. He will no longer play favorites because there will be no favorites."

Editor's note: These "quotes," which are unattributed, were made up and intended as satire by conservative humorist John Semmens on March 21, 2009. They were published as part of his column 'Semi-News, a Satirical Look at Recent News' and were posted online at The Arizona Conservative. For more, go to www.factcheck.org.

Prize is a joke

The European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last week. This demonstrates the irrelevancy of the Nobel Committee. Many members of the EU are bordering on bankruptcy, experiencing riots and pleading for more bailouts. Many European governments are run by socialist misfits. Our President Obama was given a peace prize when he had barely been in office. It is painfully obvious that the entire exercise is ridiculous. It is a joke, but it ain't funny.

Bad economy worse

During his term in office, we have seen our president make a bad economy worse, much worse. His leftist sound bites may sound good from the pulpit but in the real world, economics rules.

With no better excuses, he has doubled down on his socialistic rhetoric. He has permitted his spokesmen, such as Biden and Reid, to denigrate his opponents.

America cannot afford four more years of this. We could be doing so much better.

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