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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.75 / 5 (16 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Nov 08 - 23:16

Land of rednecks?

When you enter the city limits of Edgewater, The welcome sign states "The Hospitality City." OK, nice enough, sounds welcoming, looks good. What I want to know is: Who came up with this saying to put on the sign? Did they ever live in Edgewater? Have they ever driven around the city? I ask these questions simply because I would really like to know where this idea came from for this city. Drive down any street in Florida Shores, what do you see? Cars parked in yards, trash in the yards. You will come across some nice homes and yards and you see those homeowners picking up the trash that has been thrown into their yards during the night. Where is this hospitality? You pull into a parking lot and will get cut off by another driver who seems to think 25 mph in a parking lot is too slow? People drive down the streets with their music so loud from their cars you can hear it inside your own home with the doors closed. People walk their dogs and don't clean up after them. Edgewater, maybe you should change your sign to Land of the Rednecks and just accept it.

Where's the support?

I wonder why our New Smyrna Beach Utilities Commission is not sending support up north. Even though, at least one lineman has requested to go up and support.

Airport needs a clock

Would someone please put a clock in the lobby of the Daytona Beach International airport? Passengers need to know what time it is when they arrive.

Smoky allergies

In defense of the person who wrote about stinky Florida, most people I know have an allergy to something.

I also cannot stand strong smells. I am also allergic to smoke, either from a campfire or cigarette. For me, my throat closes and that is not a pleasant feeling.

Don't go, Bob

Please Bob Garcia don't desert DeBary. Stand with us. We need someone to represent us. The rest of the world has decided they are going to change DeBary. Well, guess what, we are still referred to as the little town up by the hill, believe it or not, and all these people who are putting up signs like River City is a bunch of (expletive deleted). Please don't leave us Mr. Garcia. We need you bad, and I am not a Johnny-come-lately. I am 78 years old.

Need better help

I went over to a charity organization to get some help with my electric bill, and they promised to help me pay it. When I called them back when I had the last of my money to pay the electric bill, they didn't have the money to help me. I am a disabled veteran and I cannot get the help I need. How many other people are they doing this to? The people of Volusia County need to hear this.

Thrift shops are good businesses

I would like to say some positive things about thrift stores. They keep good merchandise from going into landfills. People from all income levels shop there. Who doesn't like a bargain? Most importantly the profits go to help our citizens in many important ways. I applaud these stores and their staff, most of whom are volunteers.

Stay off the dunes

People walking through the dunes looking to see what washed up during Sandy are doing more damage and erosion than the storm did. People need to realize they have to stay off the dunes for these things to recuperate.

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