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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2012 Nov 02 - 00:15

Leave women alone

Is there any rational person who can explain why Republicans want to deregulate everything except what a woman does with her own body? Some of you may have religious leanings that cause you to perceive abortion as immoral. Please consider that many Americans see religion as nothing more than mythology, and find it far more immoral to overpopulate the planet with the human species. Forcing a woman to have a baby who doesn't want one is nothing short of slavery. Placing this issue in front of the Supreme Court again may put a few thousand lawyers back to work at taxpayer expense. This is a religious issue period. Remember that in America there is a separation of church and state. Be very wary of politicians running for high offices who do not recognize this fact.

No to school tax

The Volusia school system wants to tax us 1 mill for the next four years.

That is $75 for a home worth $100,000 or $175 for a home worth $200,000.

It is possible that landlords will also pass along this cost to renters by raising rent.

I already pay more of my property taxes to the school system than I do to the county or to my city. Volusia County has the second highest tax rate in the state of Florida. Please don't add to the madness. Vote no on the Volusia County school board referendum.

No soliciting Crane Lakes

I read the rants about stopping soliciting and let's get neighborhoods back in shape in the Oct. 12 edition. I live in Crane Lakes in Port Orange. If the people who have problems with solicitations move to Crane Lakes, their problems would be gone,

Better policing needed

We need some new management in the police department in Port Orange. It doesn't matter what you report or what crime. They have an excuse of why they can't take care of it or see to it. The residents need to take a look at this.

Looking for a share

Now that the bikers spent all their money in Volusia County, when do the 95 percent see their share?

Happy ending for Diego

Recently, I had a very big scare.

My dog, Diego, a five year old Lab/Dane mix wandered away from our home on busy Washington Street in New Smyrna Beach. Normally, he is content to stay at my side or in the yard on our corner lot. For some unknown reason, on this day, he decided to take a walk. Once we discovered he was gone, my husband and I began a search of the neighborhood, asking the people that were in their yards or out walking if they had seen our missing dog. I called The Humane Society as well as Animal Control. We called a couple close friends that are long time residents of New Smyrna Beach and they began calling their friends and fellow animal lovers. They called veterinarian offices to see if the dog had been hurt and seen in their offices. Neighbors and even people that live nearby that I rarely speak to joined in the hunt for Diego. One gentleman was attempting to get his lab to "track" our dog. Another went door to door, covering many blocks.

The story has a happy ending of course or I would not be writing to you. Diego was found wandering a couple streets away and was picked up by a man working nearby and taken to his friend's house to be cared for until the dog's owners could be located.

Skipping over the obvious fact that I am an idiot for not having a tag on the dog, I just wanted to "rave" about the kind and caring folks of New Smyrna Beach. What a great feeling to know that I live in such a supportive community.

Don't steal the grapes

To the lady at Publix who was eating from the bag of grapes in her cart as she shopped. The grapes are weighed and priced at the checkout. How did you plan to pay for the ones you had already eaten? This is stealing.

Better off now?

I can honestly say I am not better off than I was four years ago; I'm worse off and soon to be homeless if I have four more years of the same. Since closing the business due to a declining economy, I have sold off shop equipment, service manuals and tools. With the selling off of the tools should I ever get hired I cannot do my job. Should an employer be serious about hiring, instead of collecting resumes of qualified individuals will be able to work.

I had a successful business started in 2000, people spent money and weren't afraid to spend. When people have money they keep the economy rolling. When taxes go up, food costs rise, utilities, gas prices and insurance increases people tend to reel in their spending and putting off large purchases. In 2009, I saw a decline in spending, people were putting off the purchase of motorcycle trike conversions, parts and other work they wanted done. When people don't spend money a small business will eventually fold and when that business closes the community looses tax revenue.

I lost my business, miss it very much, miss the customers, miss building trikes and most of all I miss working.

Am I better off now? Absolutely not.

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