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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.77 / 5 (22 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Oct 26 - 00:34

They have sold their souls to greed

I have, am, being approached, recently, by people trying to convince me to register and vote.

My response has been, "For what?"

No mater who wins, you are still subject to the status quo.

The Supreme Court made sure of that when they gave individual status to the corporations.

Your vote now is just window dressing.

All the politicians have now sold their souls to greed.

Barack) Obama and (Mitt) Romney appear decent, but they have already shown that they will do what they are told.

The tragedy is that our troops are the big losers. They are bearing the brunt for fighting the wars for multi-national corporations that are now giving marching orders to our president and Congress.

No matter who is in the iconic seat, things will go on as usual, but without my vote.

Code enforcement whistle blower

I know that there is a person, who is cleaning homes and offices, and, according to the code enforcement laws, there must be a license and insurance in order to do this kind of work.

Now, there is this one person who has been reported for not having a license and insurance and is advertising the cleaning business on the car this person drives.

This person lives only less then five minutes away from the code enforcement office, and has been told, yet they have done nothing to stop this person.

This person is taking away work from others who do have the proper documents, and this person is asking for cash so that he or she does not need to report the income they are making to the Internal Revenue Service.

This is not the first time this person has been reported during the years. This person has been warned to stop, but now, no one from the code enforcement has gone to warn or stop this person from doing this. My question is: why?

This person has been harassing myself and others with wanting to come into the home and clean and only wants cash.

If anyone who works for code enforcement reads this, do the job you are getting paid for.

I don't like either candidate

To start with, I am not real happy with either candidate in this election!

There is one choice that is not on the ballot and should be: "None of the above!"

I think if one of the so-smart contenders would do it, he would go up in standings so far the other one could not catch him. That simple statement: "I will not change Medicare or Social Security in any way."

Us elderly citizens ( I am 79) would vote for that one so fast it would make your head swim.

The one who is in there now is already saying that is a government "give away." He needs to be told by that chicken Congress that he is wrong and correct that statement right now.

There are so many things about both of them that rile me up, but this is the big one.

Millionaires 'working their butts off?'

The ranter who thinks millionaires get to be millionaires by "working their butts off" needs to get a reality check.

Ditch-diggers don't get rich unless they win the lottery.

The rich get rich by getting other people to do the work and taking a cut of the profit. The more people in question and the bigger the cut, the richer you'll get.

If you are successful enough at it, you will gain a reputation as a business genius and have some people taking your presidential aspirations seriously.

And for some people, the more you remind them of Eddie Haskell, the more they will see greatness in you.

Editor's note: The fictional character "Eddie Haskell," played by actor Ken Osmond, appeared on the late 1950s and early 1960s situation comedy "Leave It To Beaver" as a neighbor of the "Cleaver" family.

Stranger turned in her billfold

I have no rants, but I would like to rave about the kind person who found and turned in my billfold to the return department at Lowe's, recently.

That kind stranger made it a very special day for me. I appreciate your honesty more than this short letter can say.

Thoughts on the debate

I watched the entire debate and thought that Vice President (Joe) Biden came across as haughty, pompous, smug and rude. The man has been a total embarrassment as a vice president. No one should feel comfortable with this smirky man, who is a heart-beat away from the presidency.

Can anyone really see this man as the leader of the free world? He appeared to be one of those over-the-hill Washington cronies hanging on to their lifetime political career.

John) Ryan emerged as a young and inexperienced rising star, but with honest ideas, which do not kick-the-can down the road for future taxpayers.

It is) time for a change. 'Forward' on to the next guys. Maybe they will do better, because we sure cannot withstand another four years of the same ineptitude.

Medicare taxes

A recent liberal editorial in The New York Times quoted the Urban Institute as saying that the average couple in 2010 have paid $109,000 in Medicare taxes, but will be able to receive $343,000 in benefits.

It went on to say that this amount is from stealing from your grandkids.

Of course, it failed to mention that if the government had invested those funds, as promised, the value of the $109,000 in contributions would be $349,000 at retirement.

The liberals must think we're really stupid.

Response to 'Medicare checks'

My first question is how could you receive "three big checks" in the mail this year?

Medicare paid $250 to some people in 2010 when they entered the 'donut' hole. This had nothing to do with waste or fraud, and certainly is not a "big check," considering the more than $4,000 gap we have to pay to get it.

Insurance companies who do not return at least 80 percent of their premiums in the form of service to the customer must then rebate the difference. This is usually applied to the employers, who are paying the bill, who then may apply it to the next year's premiums.

If you received a check in the mail, it would mean that you had private insurance, or your employer was generous and mailed your portion of his rebate.

If you received two of these checks, it means you had two insurance carriers, who failed to meet the letter of the law, and it means that you almost certainly were paying for them both as private insurance.

You stole my boat

This message is for the person or persons who stole my boat.

I forgive you. After searching for it for so long and hoping I would find it, or you, and having had no luck, I have decided to stop looking and forgive you.

Please be careful, because as you may discover, the boat is small and unstable.

If you were to fall into the water, I would feel terrible if your mother was unable to summon help, as she ran barking up and down the shoreline.

School Board responsible

There has not been a word from the Brevard County School Board on the one-half-cent sales tax for the schools. I believe that is because its members know that they cannot justify this tax.

Members have said that the schools are in disrepair because they did not get enough money from the state.

While the schools have been left in disrepair, the School Board did manage to upgrade Dray football field. The fence was rusty in spots, but the School Board elected to replace the complete fence, instead of painting the fence. They also upgraded the scoreboard, stands and football field, so that Titusville and Astronaut high school students would have a better field to play on.

The biggest problem with this was that just after Dray field was updated, the School Board elected to build new athletic complexes at both Titusville and Astronaut high schools. This included new state-of-the-art running tracks and new football fields, complete with new lights. Astronaut High School had a small stadium built. Dray field is vacant and overrun only five or six years after being refurbished. All this, while schools were being run down and there was no money for repairs.

The Brevard County School Board needs to show the voters that it is a good steward of our tax money.

'Christian America' myth lives on

History disputes the idea that we are a nation under covenant with God.

Were it so, the founding fathers would have all been Christians in the true sense.

They were Masons and deists. Many Hometown News rants have insisted that America is a Christian nation.

This is untrue. If America was truly founded as an explicitly Christian nation (as is continually proclaimed by "Christian" activists), then why do we find no mention whatsoever of Jesus Christ in America's founding documents? Not in the Declaration of Independence, nor in the Constitution of the United States!

In fact, the Constitution does not even make a single reference to God!

It has taken many nationalities and many different religions to make us the great country we are now. Let's stop the nonsense, and open our minds.

Another response to 'Medicare checks'

My husband is a senior and on Medicare. He didn't receive any big checks.

It would have been nice just to get one.

There are three of us living on a little under $1,000 a month.

Our son moved back in with us. He can't find work. I can't find work.

If President Obama saved that money, maybe he only wanted Democrats to receive big checks, so that they would vote for him again.

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