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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.5 / 5 (20 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Oct 19 - 00:37

The new Democrat battle-cry this year is 'Forward'

Forward on to what? Four more years of the same?

Just what will America look like four years from now if (President Barack) Obama is re-elected this November?

On Election Day in 2007, the price of gasoline was $1.79 per gallon. Today, in some areas, it has more than doubled under his watch to over $5 per gallon. Four years 'Forward' to 2016, will it double again to $10 per gallon?

In his first four years, instead of cutting the deficit in half as promised, (President) Obama has increased the national debt by more than $5 trillion. "Forward" to 2016: will we see another $5 trillion added again, totaling more than $21 trillion?

After passing his supposed $829 billion "stimulus' package, there are now 800,000 more women unemployed today than on the day that Obama took office. "Forward" to 2016: will there be another $829 billion wasted and 1.6 million women out of work as a result?

In 2008, there were 7.6 million Americans unemployed, and four years later, there are now 13.5 million. "Forward" to 2016: will we see more than 19 million unemployed?

In 2008, he promised that his health care plan would bring down premiums "by $2,500 for the typical family." Instead, health care premiums rose by 9 percent last year. In four more years, under "ObamaCare," can we count on more 9 percent annual increases to an overall increase of 28 percent by 2016?

President) Obama has ended welfare reform as we know it. The number of able-bodied adults on food stamps doubled after (President) Obama suspended work requirements. Of the 80 government-run welfare programs, only two now have any type of work requirement; and, as a result, today there are more than 100 million welfare recipients. I'm guessing that his goal for 2016 is 200 million.

The credit rating for the United States under this administration has been cut, for the first time in history, not just once, but twice, from AA+ to AA, to AA-. By 2016, will we be borrowing (from China) at even higher interest rates when our rating declines to BB?

I can say with certainty that I have not experienced the "Hope." The "Change" that we got is undeniably worse than expected. By any standard, President Obama has not, in my opinion, lived up to the high expectations that his supporters had hoped for, and has not earned another four-year term.


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Stupid Americans?

I am amazed at how incredibly stupid Americans can be.

How this man in the White House can even be polling well stumps me, with all the promises he has made and not kept.

There are people on the dole that think he will continue to give them "stuff." He has only thrown bones to them for their vote.

There was a cost of living increase with Social Security every year from the beginning of the program. (President) Obama stopped it until this election year, and then only gave seniors 2.5 percent - they usually received at least 4 percent - and the cost of living these past years has been much higher then the previous years where they were given 4 percent.

There was a remark recently about (Mitt) Romney lying about his retirement.

If that person took some time to find out about retirement funds, they would see that there are many different kinds of retirement funds.

Retirement funds for earned income through employment are limited to $6,000. There are retirement funds for the self-employed, there are 401ks, and there are other funds that are perfectly legal.

There is nothing crooked about his retirement fund. Believe me, someone would have found it by now.

If (Mitt) Romney didn't love this country and want a great place for his children and grandchildren to grow up, why would he run?

Here is a man that has all the money he will ever need, not taken off the backs of taxpayers, but self-earned. He could live anywhere in any fashion that he wants to.

He is not running to hurt people. If you look at his demeanor with his children, grandchildren and friends you can see a good, kind man.

He closed down his business to help a co-worker find his daughter who was missing before anything evil happened to her.

I feel very sorry for anyone who looks at this man and his family and sees anything but good nice people. Your mind and heart must be very cynical or extremely jealous of him.

Mitt Romney will make a great president. He isn't "American Idol," but his past experience and successes tell me he is competent, and his actions tell me he loves this country and the people in it.

Note: Please read about the Consumer Price Index and its relationship to Social Security cost of living increases.

How can you get a refund if you do not work?

Well, I really would like to know how to get an IRS refund if I do not work and get government assistance (meaning people who work).

I want to know how to do it, and I am jealous of all the people who do not work and get this.

How can you get a refund if you do not work; and as a result, do not pay any taxes?

This has been going on for much to long a time, and it needs to end.

Section 8 housing is another question.

These people generally pay only one-third of the rent; and the government, again meaning those who work, pay the rest.

We have worked all of our lives to get the home we have, and now people come along and want the same nice homes for one-third of the cost of rent and laugh at all of us who work so they can have it. They rent some rooms out, collect the money and buy expensive things that people who work cannot afford to get, because they are paying their way and the way of selfish, ignorant, lazy, racist people.

Come on people, wake up and see how you are being taken advantage of.

These people will vote for (President) Obama because he will make sure they will keep getting this stuff.

All this also applies to all of the illegal people who are also getting government (us) help. Wake up! I am sure this will not get printed because of fear of retaliation.

Oh, where has integrity gone?

Some companies and people still have it and some have lost it due to greed and the "almighty dollar."

I am just writing this to tell others to please use the Better Business Bureau information before purchasing particularly large items (such as a spa), etc.

When a customer states that immediately after a new expensive pump is installed that it continues to leak, means that the leak was not fixed.

This is not rocket science, just plan old common sense.

But the company states that in order to thoroughly check this, the spa would need to be brought in. No problem.

Please, where, oh where, has your common sense gone? Down the drain, after your integrity.

Thank you for reading this, as you should not have to be another victim of integrity fraud.

Reply to 'the economic crisis of 2007'

This is in reply to the ranter who stated (President Barack) Obama caused the economic crisis of 2007, which we are still suffering from today. Oh really?

President) Bush and the Republicans took their ill-gotten booty, cashed in their chips and set fire to what was left, purposely leaving an economic disaster to blame on (President) Obama.

They have continued to trash the economy during (President) Obama's entire term - on purpose, a virtual boycott on America - holding us all hostage until they get their way.

The Republicans in Congress would rather destroy the country than have (President) Obama reelected, and have said so in public.

These homeland terrorists are holding a knife to our throats. It is: vote for Mitt Romney, or else we are all going down.

Facts in the 'Rants' section?

In your heading you say, "Statements of fact will be checked for accuracy." Then you publish a (reader's rant) that says, "This is a Christian nation. It is said so in the Constitution of the United States many times."

Fact: The Constitution never mentions Christianity or any other religion, God, Jesus Christ or any other deity.

One misinformed reader has written you, and you are perpetuating that falsehood.

I doubt you will publish my letter, but I hope it will spur you to do a better job of checking facts.

Print the United States Constitution

Will the Hometown News please print in full, the United States Constitution and the 27 Amendments?

This should help the people understand two things they get wrong in their rants.

First, the U.S. Constitution is a secular document, with the only mention of religion is in Article 6, which states: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Second: the First Amendment, which establishes the right of freedom of religion. This is for all religions, not just Christianity.

The Constitution does not mention even once, God, Christianity or anything else that may be construed that this country was founded on or for Christianity.

Christianity is but one religion that is followed here in the United States, as well as the ability to chose not to believe in any religion.

This is what was intended by the founding fathers: no religious persecution.

Third, we do not have supreme rulers or dictators, and our country is not socialist or communist or anything else.

The proof comes Nov. 6, when; after the election, the winner will take the oath of office in January on the steps of the Capital, without a coup, military takeover or a single shot fired.

Finally, as far as Medicare plans of the two candidates are concerned, the AARP endorses President Obama's plan, not Romney's.

If you are currently 55 or younger and have been paying into the system for the last 30-40 years, the Romney/Ryan plan, which is to give you vouchers, will leave you high, dry and lacking coverage.

If the vouchers do not cover the cost of the insurance plan, thousands of dollars will be paid out of your pocket to insurance companies that do not want to cover you, as you get old.

For all you (President) Obama-lovers

I guess after four years of horrifying debt, unemployment up to it's highest ever.

Stealing from Medicare for "Obamacare" that will surely bankrupt this great nation and literally hurt the seniors.

And let's not forget, you will be on a waiting list for something serious, increasing gas prices, taking God out of everything and promoting the Muslims; and there's lots more of his so-called accomplishments. I say, "enough!"

Mitt Romney is a very helping man and has helped a lot of people.

Yes, he has money, but so does (President Barack) Obama. Only Mr. Romney is very generous in his wealth and didn't have to hurt the American people to get it.

You keep believing all (President) Obama's lies because, evidently, you have no brains to figure out everything he says is a lie!

You really should do some research, but then you probably don't know how or wouldn't believe the truth if it hit you in the face!

Is left-wing liberal media controlled by the right-wing?

Quite frankly I am really sick of reading rants from people who are full of misinformation, who skew facts, repeat lies and constantly refer to the liberal media.

Who is the liberal media when 95 percent of all media is controlled by the right-wing, and that includes the polls?

Maybe people are just in denial, I do not know.

In the recent debate, (Mitt) Romney told 27 lies in 38 minutes, and people are raving about how he won the debate. On what, lies?

The lowest form of popular culture - lack of information, misinformation, disinformation and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people's lives - has overrun real journalism.

Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage.

And to the writer who claims "women are clueless" needs some education herself, and should not dare speak for anyone but herself.

So, Ann Romney paid for her own horse and her own blouse, really? This is what you think is important? They are rich; they can afford these things.

Are there no letters of more substance to print in Hometown News?

Concerning the weekly crossword puzzles

I am a retired senior citizen living in Brevard County.

I really want to thank you and convey my appreciation for changing the "people" who write the crossword puzzles.

Whether they are different writers, or whatever reason, it's such a pleasure to do a crossword with some difficulty, but not so much that only they could possibly know what the answers are.

It's enjoyable not to have to break open the Ancient American & World Encyclopedia Britannica for every clue.

Great paper!

What big Medicare checks?

I was just reading a rant about Medicare checks in the Hometown News.

I have no clue as to what this person is talking about.

They mention three big checks. Apparently, mine must still be on the way, since I have not received even one big check yet.

So, I don't know what they are talking about. It leaves me totally clueless.

I don't know what they are talking about, but if I have some big checks coming to me, I would sure like to find out where they are.

Thank you very much.

Response to 'feeding the poor animals'

Thank you for having the Rants & Raves. I love to read it.

This is in response to "feeding the poor animals."

I totally agree with this guy, whoever. Nineteen dollars a month can save the helpless animals.

He needs the jacket and other things. That should be (good) for the dog and the cats and other animals.

Why spend money on feeding people?

Why unemployment rates change

Don't you remember that not too long ago in the paper, there was a statement that the unemployment rate was going down because stores were hiring for the Christmas season?

So, that will make the unemployment go down; but after the first of the year, the unemployment rate will probably go back up.

But everybody's thinking now that this wonderful thing has happened and it's gone down because of who is president, I guess.

Anyway, I just am asking the people to stop and think about that.

Thank you.

Television and human tragedies

Once again, I hear these ridiculous statements on television.

The latest one was this afternoon, and it was by one of the Democrat puppeteers explaining one more excuse for the failure of President (Barack) Obama in foreign affairs.

His economic record is dismal, at best. But then comes along with the things that have happened very recently in the Middle East, where we had four staffers of the State Department murdered. One was an ambassador in Libya.

But they jump to conclusion in order to protect themselves from all of the fallout that they knew was going to happen.

But, here we go again this morning. And the gentleman says, "Kadafi is in hell." He doesn't know that, but he can say that.

You could say the same thing about Sadam Hussain. He is also in hell, but it gets kind of fuzzy after all that.

President) Obama claims that he won the war in Iraq after being in office only six months, after we had been there 10 years.

It is kind of ridiculous, but he wanted to take his victory lap and pound on his chest and give us a "how great thou are" thing.

But the fact is Iraq is in a mess. We pulled out too early. We should have left somebody there to hang on to this huge investment that we made in human life, if nothing else. That's what counts.

Our money, we wasted. We knew that. We threw that away.

But, it is the human tragedies that are left behind.

One weather report per hour would be nice

I wonder how high one of the local station's newscast ratings would go over their competitors if they gave just one weather report in an hour, or even a half hour.

It would be interesting to see. Try it.

They have sold their souls to greed

I have, am, being approached, recently, by people trying to convince me to register and vote.

My response has been, "For what?"

No mater who wins, you are still subject to the status quo.

The Supreme Court made sure of that when they gave individual status to the corporations.

Your vote now is just window dressing.

All the politicians have now sold their souls to greed.

Barack) Obama and (Mitt) Romney appear decent, but they have already shown that they will do what they are told.

The tragedy is that our troops are the big losers. They are bearing the brunt for fighting the wars for multi-national corporations that are now giving marching orders to our president and Congress.

No matter who is in the iconic seat, things will go on as usual, but without my vote.

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