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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2012 Oct 12 - 00:16

Stop soliciting

I have a no soliciting sign right by my door just above my doorbell.

I have this sign there to stop people I do not know from knocking on my door to bother me when I am home.

I have bought my home. I pay my taxes, and I feel that I have the right to enjoy the peace and quiet of my home. Still people ring my doorbell to talk about their God, to offer to cut down my palm trees or mow my grass. I am constantly being bothered. I have tried everything to get these people to stop bothering me. I would have a much easier time picking up my SUV and carrying it down the street. I have gone outside with Windex and paper towels and in front of the offensive person cleaned the sign and asked if they can read it now. I have read them the definition of solicitation, and they will argue with me that they are not soliciting.

Just exactly how much money do I have to spend to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of my home. Should I install a very large sign saying no trespassers? I have threatened to call the police to have the people arrested. I work six days a week and when I come home I do not want someone to pound on my door or ring my doorbell to bother me with whatever they are selling or to tell me about their God.

If I want to know about someone else's God, I will attend their church. If I am interested in some new product, I will contact that company, and If I want a truckload of people to trim my trees or mow my yard.

So, if anyone out there can tell me how to get these people to learn to read or how I can get them to stop bothering me, please let me know.

Let's get our neighborhoods back in shape

I never thought I would live in a neighborhood that I was ashamed of, but here I am. There are those nasty papers that are thrown out to every house on the street; most of them are just left there in the driveway or the road. People drive into their driveways and walk right by the mess of old papers, telephone books, spilled garbage and anything else that might be there. They don't pick up the garbage cans from the side of the road for days.

Yards go unmowed and untrimmed. There are vehicles parked all over the place. People seem to think that because they live in a concrete house they don't need to keep them painted. They drive the property value down on the whole neighborhood. People who rent take no interest in keeping things looking nice and people who own aren't much better.

I thought there were codes to protect us. Where are the code enforcement officers? I thought garbage cans were not supposed to be stored in front of the house.

Come on people take some pride in your homes. Let's get the neighborhoods back in shape.

Support the new tax for schools

I would be willing to support the increase in the school tax rate for religious schools if the churches start paying property taxes on all church owned land. After all, my property taxes support public schools, so why shouldn't they contribute if they want the funds.

I cannot believe that all these properties are taken off the tax rolls. Cities and counties should charge taxes on all new churches and church property.

Was it not the lottery that was supposed to pay for the schools? If they would cut down on their administration costs and cut out all these advertisements and new scratch-off games, think of all the time and money they could save.

Crossword size is nice

To whoever made the decision to print the crossword version in its current format, I am sure I speak for many when I say I could just kiss you.

Store needs better seating

We have been shopping at a Walmart Supercenter in Ormond Beach for a lot of years. The only seating the store has is some garden benches. Seniors who have medical problems can't get in or off of the benches without assistance. The benches are not good for seniors. The store used to have chairs with arms that were easier for seniors to get in and out of. I have called the corporate office and they said it was the responsibility of the local manager. When I call the local manager, it seems to fall on deaf ears. Couldn't the management consider this?

Check your courtesy meter

Volusia County residents check your courtesy meter. Pick up after your dogs. All dogs need to be restrained when off your property. Call animal control or check ordinance online, you can be reported.

A picture is worth a million words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Recently, I saw the movie playing locally called "The Last Ounce of Courage." Really, it was worth a million words. Bringing the hope of Jesus to the light of Christmas, but not only there, but to everyday lifestyles. If you go, bring a lot of tissues. It was great.

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