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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.16 / 5 (19 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Oct 05 - 00:38

Help the economy here, not abroad

Why is it that even though we (Americans) know full well that our economy is in jeopardy and falling behind other countries, we still try to help other countries economies by buying their cars?

I've heard "I'm proud that I have a foreign car, and I am better than you are."

Well, I don't think so, because Americans were the first ones to roll out a wheel in this world, and others followed.

Think if we all buy just made-in-America brand products and be proud of it, we will be on top of the world again and let others borrow money from us.

Now, there is nothing wrong with Nissan or Toyota and others, but when you watch TV, have you seen any Ford or Chevy or other beautiful American-made cars in their shopping centers. I have not! Why is that, you ask?

It is because they would rather improve their own economy than anybody else's.

So, would you do your "American" part and be proud of your country and help the economy "here," not abroad?

The debt bomb

As I sit here, staring into the distance trying to divine the future, my mind drifts oddly to the national debt.

I ponder the number, 16 trillion, and wonder, "How did it get so large?"

Of course, the simple answer is that "It's Bush's fault!" but I wanted to search for a more satisfying answer.

In 1971, the national debt was $484 billion. It took 200 years to accumulate that staggering amount.

What happened in 1971 that caused the debt to balloon?

Going back to 1913, Congress created the Federal Reserve. They were supposed to manage the money supply and manage the business cycle for stable growth.

This worked fairly well until 1971, when President Nixon took us off the gold standard.

Without the price of gold to restrain government spending and printing money, the annual deficits grew larger and larger, resulting in today's enormous national debt.

In addition to the national debt, there is also around $120 trillion in un-funded liabilities, such as Social Security and Medicare to name a few.

So, how do we pay off this debt?

It is not something that either party can resolve; it is now just a simple math problem.

There are only two options, default and hyperinflation.

It is easy to stop payments on Social Security and Medicare, and the Supreme Court has stated that the government has no obligation to pay these debts.

Hyperinflation will quickly eliminate the debt in addition to all of the country's accumulated wealth.

Ben Bernanke has recently put us on that path with infinite quantitative easing.

At some point, it appears that there are going to be a lot of unhappy people in this country. When will this happen?

Nobody knows for sure, but I suspect that today's children will find out.

The biggest one-day declines in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

My prediction:

I'm certainly not a "Nostradamus," but I do believe that I can confidently predict the future based on history and current events.

If (President) Barack Obama is reelected on Nov. 6, it is with a high degree of certainty that I predict a complete collapse of the United States economy.

Actually, if (President) Obama leads in the pre-election polls in October, the collapse will begin as early as Oct. 1.

How can I make such a bold prediction with absolute certainty?

History has recorded the following facts prior to the last election involving (President) Obama:

Since a high mark of 14,000 points (under G.W. Bush) in October, 2007, the Dow index began to tumble in 2008 when it became evident that Obama (and his liberal agenda) would win the next election.

The Dow was at 13,026 in May 2008 and suffered huge losses through November 2008 when it had dropped to 7,449. Of the top 20 biggest one-day declines, 11 of those days occurred in 2008, and all of the huge losses came after (President) Obama was clearly leading in the polls.

American businesses and investors (including myself) saw the 'writing on the wall' and began to prepare for the coming economic disaster.

Large and small business owners started downsizing, initiating massive employment layoffs and huge reductions in business investments; all in anticipation of "Obamanomics."

We all knew that government bailouts, tax increases, "Obamacare" and regulations unfavorable to business growth were about to be implemented.

Within the first two months of (President) Obama's administration, the Dow had dropped to 6,594 a loss of 53 percent from the Bush high of 14,000-plus.

Clearly, as evidenced by the 2008 economic results, a 2012 vote for (President) Obama ensures our financial doom.

Our troops are being slaughtered

Rats, I say, rats! Where the heck is the great (President Barack) Obama, while our poor troops are being slaughtered by the same people we are trying to help?

Even children are participating in the slaughter of our defenseless men and women. Where is (President) Obama in our hour of need? Campaigning, attending many fund raising dinners, making noises about everything except the war.

Obama, Obama, the war and the lives of our troops are important. Where the heck are you? Leave your Hollywood friends, they won't help our troops. For crying out loud, do something!

You let Iraq go down the drain, now Afghanistan is making fools of us. Do you really believe for one second that the Afghan president is really trying to help us. Forget it. He's helping his country, not the United States.

Turtle patrol

At the corner of Golfview Avenue and Fay in Port St. John, another turtle met his death by a car.

It looked like it was a large turtle that just stepped off of the curb and was intentionally run over.

I hope the person or persons involved are proud of themselves.

I hope you see this and ask yourself why, he or she was just trying to get across the road.

Maybe you were scared that it would have snapped at your vehicle and flipped you over.

Please let the turtles live.

Media a disgrace

The American media is a disgrace to their profession.

I am speaking of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and USA Today, to mention a few.

They have taken the Journalist Creed, ruffled it a bit and used it as toilet paper.

Why, do you ask, that I say this? The answer is simple. They have printed innuendos, hearsay, gossip, fantasy, half-truths (which are half lies) as facts, when in reality they are basically lies.

They take the news and slant it to their beliefs and philosophy. They do not report the news at face value and let the reader decide for themselves.

They will spend more time investigating the background of a conservative to pull up anything to denigrate the individual.

The liberal media is trying to find anything to ruin Mitt Romney's run for the white house. They are more concerned with his tax returns than the economic blunders, socialistic philosophy and dictatorial (39 csars) nature of (President Barack) Obama.

We know Romney is rich because he worked to become rich. His tax returns were correctly filed; and, like all of us, he took the tax breaks available to him.

His charity donations are more than double what Obama and (Vice President Joe) Biden (he gave $300 in 2011- shameful amount) gave.

Why isn't the media investigating (President) Obama's college transcripts. What is Obama hiding?

Government's 9/11 account fraudulent

Earlier this month, more than 50 people gathered at the Melbourne Library to watch the new documentary "9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out."

Produced with the support of more than 1,7000 licensed architects and engineers, the DVD exposes how our government cherry-picked the facts to be included in its 9/11 investigation.

As the video reveals, only by excluding such crucial evidence as molten metal at ground zero, sounds of explosions and a building collapsing as fast as if it fell through only thin air, could they justify their pre-determined conclusions.

To exclude evidence is to falsify, and falsification is evidence of fraud.

Thus, to say the official 9/11 story is a lie is not inaccurate, since it was clearly based on a fraudulent investigation.

There exists no such comparable organization to AE911Truth, which supports the government's account of 9/11, simply because the official story includes at least nine instances where the facts defy the established laws of science about which there is no dissent or disagreement.

In other words, to believe the official 9/11 story is to believe in miracles.

What am I to do?

We have a neighborhood watch out here, and the other day a little neighbor girl came over six or eight weeks ago and gave me big container of instant tea with lemon in it and the sugar.

Well, we don't drink much tea, and just now as I moved it around, I turned it upside down, and the date had expired way back in July.

I'm not going to fix it up with water. I can't pour it out on the ground. I'll have ants from here to the space center.

So, I would appreciate it if someone would tell me what to do with it. I am sure the lemon must have gone bad in it. That's why they put that on the bottom.


How to save money

Thank for continuing to put out my favorite newspaper.

I have some suggestions to put to use.

How to save money:

Presidents should always serve two terms and can't be consecutively. They must skip one term between each. Secret Service should be discontinued with the last day of the presidency, along with the president's salary and health insurance.

Other politician's office can only be two terms also, and the salaries and insurance stopped the last day they are in office.

Have only six weeks for campaigning, either June and July or July and August.

Both parties will use the same amount to spend on their campaigns. They can't spend more.

Six campaign ads can only be positive, only about themselves as they qualify and nothing about the opponents.

Thank you. It would be nice if this were to happen. I doubt it, but thank you for letting me speak.

Nobody is trying to 'kill capitalism'

I am responding to the 'Killing capitalism' rant.

Nobody is trying to kill capitalism, but leaving capitalism unchecked is not a good thing.

When you leave capitalism unchecked, you get what has happened to this country. That's way regulations were in place, to make sure capitalism didn't run rampant.

I love capitalism. I'm a small business owner. I love making money.

As for us turning into a socialist country, we are already a socialist country. We have Social Security. We have Medicare. We have Medicaid. We have a police department. We have a fire department.

We have roads. We have bridges. It is all taken care of with money from the government, which is a socialist program.

I don't know where these people get off that we aren't socialist. We are not actually a communist country, but we do have socialist programs.

Anything, schools, etc. It's all socialist.

People just need to wake up and check their facts before they speak.

I just don't understand how they think the president is going to change this country; it would take more than a president to change the country.

Actually, it would take all of Congress to change the Constitution, which is never going to happen.

No matter what anybody tells you, nobody is going to change the Constitution.

They are not going to take your Second Amendment away. They are not going to take your First Amendment away. They are not going to take any of you amendments away. It is political suicide.

For the last four years, I have heard nothing but hate for our president. He has done nothing to deserve this hate.

Since he took office, the Republican Congress and the Republican Senate had a meeting to try to figure out how to make him a one-term president.

I am so mad at the Senate and the Congress for not working together to fix the problems that are here in the United States.

The 11th Commandment

What is wrong with the 11th Commandment?

The 11th Commandment should say "Honor Thy Child That You Make When You Are Having Fun."

If that 11th Commandment was honored, there would be no kids being beaten today because nobody would want to break the 11th Commandment, right?

"Honor Thy Kids That Thy Make When You Are Having Fun And bringing Into This World."

Time to move on and stop the lies

I am still amazed at the number of liberals, who still don't get the picture.

We have a president who had no experience at anything but union organizing, no foreign policy, no knowledge of starting or running a business; and it is very obvious with the dire situations in our country and the Middle East.

President Barack) Obama is still apologizing to the Muslims for every thing that happens. If three-fourths of this country thinks we are going in the wrong direction, then don't they still get it as to why.

Listening to the lying ads on TV would make you brain dead to believe any of them.

If the seniors are so sold on "Obamacare," then try reading it to see that all the things that the Democrats blamed the Republicans are in "Obamacare."

The biased media is not telling the public any of the truths, because they are going against the Journalist Creed that they are all aware of by lying and concealing the truth.

We are heading into another four years of the same mess we are in now because this administration has no clue how to get people back to work and help small businesses.

Because they cannot run on their failed record, they keep harping about Romney's taxes.

Get over it. The Kennedys were rich, as where many other elected officials, so Harry Reid with his terrible record of donations to charities needs to find some other lies to take the truth off the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi is rich, as are many other Democrats.

Time to move on and stop the lies.

It is time to fix the lights

Two years ago, I tried to get the city to do something about a number of wrong things with signals. I met three times, wrote a detailed list with copies to the council, but nothing was ever done.

They still make you stop at signals where they do not need to, and sometimes stopping at signals because there is no car in your adjacent lane.

A single car on a side street gets priority, while 20 or more on the main road are stopped.

There is no synchronization of signals. The sequence may change depending on the time of day.

Some intersections have lead lefts, some use trailing lefts and most intersections prohibit a left turn on a full green.

Some signals are done by the county - to a different standard - which is even worse.

In some places, you can save time by going through, making a U-turn, and then a right, rather than waiting for a left arrow.

Far too many intersections prohibit right on red, wasting even more gas.

Just to add another laugher, the state does not follow the national standards for a red right turn arrow.

I really cannot blame observant drivers for being frustrated. Every needless red signal costs you about 90 seconds. How often do you complete a trip without stopping at more than half the signals?

My take after meeting the signals people was that they are incompetent, lazy or possibly just sadistic.

The newest trap observed gives all the traffic in one direction on a main road a red light - when a single opposed vehicle moves into the left turn lane. The solution is to stay close to the vehicle in front of you so they do not detect some fixed gap.

Lately, I think the county has been making things worse. Have observed more locations where traffic does not clear on one signal cycle. This is in the middle of the day. I suspect it is even worse in high traffic mornings and evenings.

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