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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.14 / 5 (22 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Sep 21 - 01:01

Bear hug anyone?

How awesome was it to see the president of the United States right here in our own backyard?

He not only made his way through the Treasure Coast, he made a stop to visit one of our local heroes. Scott Van Duzer has done so much for the community. It was only fitting that he had the privilege of a visit from our commander in chief.

What I don't understand is why some Republicans have taken such offense to what happened? Why are they trying to boycott Big Apple Pizza? This guy does so much for everyone, not just Republicans, Democrats, whites, blacks, gays or straights. He does for every single person who is in need regardless of what or who they are. These so- called Republicans, who scream and shout about small business, should be appalled at themselves. You go, Scott! You make us all proud of you!

Bigger and better

Thank you so much for making the crossword puzzle larger. That makes the paper so much better! Thank you.

Vote carefully

I'm a senior and things aren't getting any better for us. I went to the grocery store and spent about $100 and came home with three bags. We have to be careful who we vote for this year.

Just wondering

I saw one of Mitt Romney's (out of his own mouth) ads on TV that if he was elected he would create 700,000 jobs for Florida.

Here's my question; are those the same 700,000 jobs that Gov. Rick Scott promised when he was running for governor?

Stop bashing the president

I am tired of the constant Obama bashing and am very afraid of a Mitt Romney presidency.

Remember that trickle-down economics under Bush led us to a recession. People panicked in 2010 and voted in the Republicans, who then obstructed every effort of the president to improve the economy and create jobs. That is why the recovery is slow.

Remember that jobs have been created under President Obama. It is just that so many were lost as a result of Bush's policies.

Remember the housing crisis was caused by greedy, get-rich schemers not by President Obama.

Be grateful that many more people have health insurance and your child or grandchild won't have to sit in class beside a sick child whose parents don't have healthcare.

Be glad that Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.

Consider again the choice ahead. Who do you trust? The man who you know is a committed and concerned leader or the one who isn't sure what he himself believes?

The president, who will save Medicare and Social Security, or the candidate who doesn't understand that many people live on that alone after retirement and cannot just get some cash from their Cayman account?

The man who will try everything before he takes us into war or the one ready to attack Iran etc.?

If your wife is raped or your 14-year-old daughter abused by her uncle, do you want at least the choice of termination of a pregnancy?

If your parents are aging and unable to live independently, do you want the assistance of Medicaid if a nursing home or homecare is needed but they cannot afford it?

Do you want all schools to get better or just waivers for a few lucky students who get to go to a school out of their district?

Do you want the party who managed the Republican convention or the Democratic convention running our country?

I just don't trust either Mr. Romney or Mr. Ryan and I don't like the party much either, especially Mr. McConnell, who has had it out for President Obama since day one.

Remember that even George H. Bush talked about a kinder, gentler nation, one that cares about all people, and not just survival of the fittest.

If a kinder gentler nation is your choice, you need to vote Democrat across the board.

One thing is clear

After watching Mitt Romney's reaction to the bombing in Libya, it's clear that this buffoon has no business leading the country. His "shoot first aim later" manner is embarrassing. He has no idea what he's talking about. I know I don't want him as the figure head of our country.

This great nation is supposed to represent freedom, diversity and respect for every citizen. I just don't believe Mr. Romney stands for those same qualities.

Quiet at the convention

The Democrats in Charlotte, N.C., did not talk much about freedom. They were strangely silent about preserving and protecting traditional American values. And we are still waiting to hear how they feel about studying hard and working diligently.

Freedom is never more than a generation away. There are always hucksters out there who will offer security if we will cede to them a portion of our liberties. The current crowd in Washington should be replaced with real leaders.

From bad to worse

A change was made; we jumped out of the frying-pan and into the fire. What a change! When promises are made and blatantly broken, people become cautious, if not deaf, to what is said thereafter, "once bitten, twice shy."

What two areas should be the priority of our next president? I would say (No. 1) one who would maintain the godly principles this country was founded on (which includes moral judgments, law and order, charity and other humane precepts) and (No. 2) one who has the ability to improve the job 'blight' (famine) that is devastating the country.

Work is the backbone of economic existence. A famous quote says: "If any would not work, neither should he eat." So being able to create jobs so that people can work is vital.

Rhetoric and nitpicking isn't going to get the job done, because to every accusation, there is a bulls-eye rebuttal, whether from one's opening their mouth and putting a foot in it, or from what was, or wasn't done as promised.

An advisory panel of 26 (or 29?) has been created to implement job growth. The panel is made up of CEOs who have down-sized companies, have monies in foreign banks and have shipped jobs overseas in order to generate profits for their shareholders to whom they have an obligation that's been corporate America people!

And it did not add 5trillion to our debt.

Now there is this CEO with a record of creating jobs, rescuing companies from the brink of disaster, is ready, willing and capable of taking on the task of creating jobs for America, with the same zeal he gave to his shareholders. But he is being vilified for having done the very same things members of the assembled panel have done or, are doing. He doesn't need an assembled panel and he knows how to budget money, not spend it like a kid in a candy store.

Who are you going to choose?

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