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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (24 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Sep 14 - 00:46

Re: Leaving the Treasure Coast

I can understand why people would want to leave the Treasure Coast, especially St Lucie County. I have found the local governments throwing around so much power and not caring about the people who pay their wages.

Where I used to live, our government was made up of aldermen that represented the people of their neighborhood. Here you have a council who has let their power go to their heads. And if you try to speak out they just bypass you or talk over you or force you to leave.

We have roads that go to nowhere built on the backs of our taxpayers and then never told the actual truth about the details of that road. Why doesn't the city tell everyone who actually owns the city center? We built it on our tax dollar I think we deserve to know the truth about that.

I had to go to Pennsylvania to find out my medical problems because the doctors here never took the time to run tests, but they sure like collecting that payment.

For someone who just had a skip in his heartbeat, it ended up being a heart that was only working at 15 percent, COPD and sleep apnea. Thank God we have caring doctors somewhere.

I have to profess, they are not all bad, but that heart doctor should not be practicing medicine.

I have found the county police to be rude and disrespectful and the courts, well let's just say the scales are not too well balanced in St. Lucie County. If you got the bucks for a high-priced lawyer, you're OK, but if not they will milk you dry.

To me, it seems like the large corporations have treasure under their wing. Mega stores on every corner as mom and pop stores just keep closing and once a place that was cheaper to live and had an easier life is now just as expensive.

When people always ask where you live and I tell them Florida they get the opinion that you get to go to Disney World every weekend. Heck, I tell them I am lucky if we get to go to the beach. Unless you're ready to die or spend the rest of your life in God's waiting room stay where you're at, it sure isn't any better here.

I have to laugh at the slogan for Port St. Lucie, as they call it a "city for all ages." It sure is. The older folks spend all their time at the doctors, the middle age spend all their time working and the young folks spend all their time at the probation office.

And, no, for your information, I have never been in trouble. Just look and see something the politicians should be doing. Look around, we are turning into a ghost town as we speak. Hopefully, we will not get hit by a hurricane because if we do we will be in trouble as most of our contractors have flown the coop. There is no work and no, I don't feel like being a door greeter. It only takes a matter of time for a town to self-destruct. When the cash cows stop coming, the people start moving, it will only take a matter of time.

Another response

To all the unhappy people living here on the Treasure Coast who plan on leaving: just go, and please leave soon. We don't care about your goodbye letters so don't waste the free ink in our beloved paper. Most of us love it here and chose our paradise.

More about leaving the Treasure Coast

Just want you to know that it's not the southerners you think that's in power who live on the Treasure Coast. We southern folks are a laid-back, no-hurry people, and if you see a confederate flag. I guess, "ya'll will know ya'll is in the south."

You say you and your husband have experienced a lot of bigotry, prejudice hatred and more dishonesty here in the Treasure Coast, but did you know that just about everyone here is from some place up north, or some other country?

You go into a grocery store or most any other place and the people open their mouths and the way they walk and block the aisles you know they're not born and raised in the south.

Also, you sound like you should move back to your goody-goody state, just one more car off the crowed roads. Florida used to be a really nice place, now you look around and it's nothing but cement.

More response to leaving

To the "[...] white, hard-working, middle-age, college-educated couple from the northeast: this is what I and many others would like to say to you: goodbye!

It has nothing to do about prejudice, confederate flags, or being Republicans. Did you ever ask yourselves maybe it's you?

I'll deduct by your inflective word usage that you're a liberal. You used a stereotype of the south in order to justify your actions. For a college-educated person, that was pretty ignorant in itself.

You exemplify what another writer opined on the same page as your diatribe: too many handouts.

As to your claim about Republicans, (and yes, I am one), Barack Obama carried the state with 50.9 percent of the vote to McCain's 48.4 percent.

You may want to take a look at demographics of Democrats to Republican ratios, especially here in St. Lucie. You may be surprised. The doctors I go to have pulled me through cancer and my dentists have cared for me. If you can't shop for a good dentist and think that dentists up north are any better, well I'm sorry but you may be lazy or just plain nuts.

For more than 10 years I have not seen any hate outside the same stuff you see day in and day out anywhere in the country.

Again, stop looking for so much to be handed to you and give you what you expect. Maybe if you were tolerant of others and their history, they would be tolerant and pleasant to you.

Oh, by the way, I am from Brooklyn, N.Y. I am white. I am Jewish. And I have two college degrees.

Re: Obama must go

First, the writer finds it "difficult to comprehend how any American could be undecided about this year's election." This is Tea Party speak, meaning anyone who would vote other than their way is un-American.

Second, the writer wants to "get Washington out of our lives." Would that include letting women make their own decisions about birth control and abortion? Would it include allowing people to make their own decisions on whom to marry?

Third, the writer concludes with yet another Tea Party standard phrase "If we value our freedom Obama must go."

Republicans have managed to restrict voting in 31 states. Shouldn't all Americans have the freedom to cast a ballot? Oh, I forgot, we're not all "Americans."

Great speech, Mr. Obama

I sat surrounded by my children, with tears in my eyes, as our president, Mr. Barack Obama, spoke to the country and the world as he accepted the bid for president. What an exceptional man. What a family man, a man for every soul in the country. We can only hope that those who have witnessed this great man take strides to bring this great country back to where we were 15 years ago re-elect him. We will only suffer more loss if Mr. Romney and his band of thieves are elected. This nation, under Obama, will once again shine.

All for the wrong reasons

It amazes me how this election for president is not for the best man for the job, but rather, let's gets Obama out of office. I have yet to hear a solid plan on how Romney plans to get jobs. I do hear that they want to cater to the large corporations. Why so we as taxpayers can foot the bill for them to get started and then they leave to China like everyone else?

I have yet to hear him or Obama say anything about stopping the free trade with China. One thing that scares me with Romney is his views on Iran. We do not need another war. Iraq and Afghanistan have already help put us in debt and Iran is not going to be an easy piece of cake as Iraq was.

Maybe since the Republicans are so into wanting to sign these so-called guarantees why don't we see if Romney will commit that his sons will be the first sign on the dotted line to go to war?

And I don't mean West Point as they did in the Vietnam war. Heck, Ryan is a young guy too, and since all he has ever done is politics maybe he could sign up too.

I don't especially like people who are afraid to get their hands dirty once in a while. To me Obama is not presidential material and never was as he just came out of the woodwork, but Romney is a money man and money and politics only means power and greed and he has shown he has those qualities with Bain Capital.

Like I always say "voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil."

I think I will just pass on this year's election or maybe vote for Ron Paul anyway. He is the only one who stands for the Constitution.

A nod for Ryan

Our generation finally has a very welcome spokesman in Paul Ryan. Too many politicians are content with the status quo. Too many of them rationalize kicking the can down the road. What that means, however, is they will selfishly continue their out-of-control deficit government spending on themselves. When they are gone, the debt will be dumped in our laps.

Good riddance to them. Welcome Paul Ryan.

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