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Rants & raves
Rating: 3 / 5 (32 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Aug 31 - 00:45

Re: Leaving the Treasure Coast

I was blown away by the Viewpoint letter "Leaving the Treasure Coast," printed on Aug. 24. I wish the writer only the best of luck in all future endeavors and congratulate them for moving out of this area and moving on with their life. Wake up, people! Everything that was written is true. Only, it is actually worse than what was written and worse than what most people know or believe possible.

Ten years ago, my husband and I moved to the Treasure Coast. Since living here, we have had experiences that were real-life nightmares. The worst offenders are the people in power. I personally saw this first hand from a high-security job I held, but unfortunately cannot elaborate, or the repercussions would be unbearable. I cannot live through that again, nor do I think they would allow me to.

Webster defines a bigot as: A person obstinately and unreasonably wedded to a particular opinion, party, religion, etc., and bitterly intolerant of those who believe differently. In other words, if you aren't from the south and proudly own a Confederate flag, or aren't a Republican, or aren't white, or you happen to be a college educated professional, you are not like "The Powers That Be" on the Treasure Coast, and therefore you are a threat and they hate you! They want you out of their tiny, tiny world built upon bribes and payoffs, and they will push and push until you must relocate to preserve your way-of-life and your own sanity.

My husband and I will also be leaving the Treasure Coast. We have experienced more bigotry, more prejudice, more medical and dental incompetency, more hatred, and more dishonesty then we ever imagined could exist in this country in this day and age. The natural beauty found on the Treasure Coast is over-shadowed by the ugliness of its people.

FYI: We are a white, hard-working, middle-aged, college educated couple from the northeast. Surprised? Don't be - we're not like them and I thank God we're not!

Must love dogs

These days, seem that almost everyone has a dog. I am not a dog hater by any means, but do not have a dog due to the responsibility that come with dog ownership. Normally, in my neighborhood, you will see people walking dogs at any given time. That being said, my yard is not a toilet for your dogs. My yard is private property, and is well maintained by me. We like to keep it that way. Rarely do I see any dog owners with a plastic bag, or any means to pick up after the dogs. I guess they think it's ok to let someone else pick up after the dog leaves refuse on someone's lawn. It's not ok, and I have no problem to tell people to keep their dogs off of our property. Dogs also don't belong in grocery stores, restaurants or any other public place. Just because you love your dog and think it's the cutest thing on earth, doesn't mean everyone else does.

No smooth sailing

For some parents and students, the first day of school was not a smooth one.

I am voicing my opinion on behalf of several students at a local elementary school and their concerned, frustrated parents, who on the first day of school, had to find out that their usual school bus stop of eight years has been cancelled, taken off the route and not being available any longer. Parents are angry and upset and don't think that their children should be walking to school. The sudden change in the bus transportation system is causing a lot of frustration and confusion.

In response to many of my phone calls to the transportation department, I have been told different variations of why the bus stop has been cancelled. Responses varied from "Not our concern"; "two mile radius" to "budget cuts." Honestly, it very sad that there is less state money available for our schools and the reality is now trickling down to school buses/routes/stops. Is this the future of our school, our country?

I have further received answers concerning the safety of "all our students." How much safety can the school system assure when some of our children, age ranges 6-10, are forced to walk to school and/or back home along a busy street, and in a matter of fact, have to cross that street in order to get to and from school and back to their homes. Who will be held responsible if something happen? Would it be the parents' fault for not being able to drop off or pick up their children from school? Would it be the schools' fault for not providing adequate, safe transportation? Many parents feel that the district is putting students' safety at risk by forcing kids to walk in areas that don't have sidewalks or adequate crosswalks. The most upsetting, however is, that the current bus route passes by the bus stop and only needs to make one simple turn. How much money can the school district really save by cutting off one single turn?

The families affected by this decision have been greatly impacted in their daily lives and routines, costing them lots of wasted time, extra money and changes in work schedules. Most of the parents have relied on the bus for three years or longer. The change in the transportation system proves again how much our educational system is failing in so many aspects. Thanks to budget cuts on the wrong ends.

Cutting off our children's bus stop is simply the craziest way I have heard of for the state and school district to save money. I am disgusted. State and local school systems should really weigh in the factors of safety for all students.

In response to the superintendent's statement that "it was a great first day and everything was well-organized," this may be true to some students and parents. It has, however, left many others angry, frustrated and upset. I am very much concerned about our children's safety, their well-being and their future in a school system where it seems that cutting off money from the budget is the first priority over safety, security and responsibility. The ones who are negatively impacted by it are truly our children. It is sad but true.

Thank you U.S. Education Department. What comes next?

Romney's views

Mitt Romney believes that his business background is excellent preparation for creating jobs.

President Obama believes that more government will help create jobs.

If that were true, we've had more government (much more government) over the past four years. We've had no significant job recovery over the past four years.

Apparently our president has been able to save only one job - his own.

Power hungry president

Americans, hopefully, are starting to recognize the need to supervise the bureaucrats and politicians. For far too long, they have been grabbing the power to supervise us. They seize every example of what they call "market failure" and use it to expand government laws, demands, mandates, rules and regulations. President Obama is a painful example of a power hungry politician. The power of effectively supervising government varies inversely with government size. Voters beware!

Irresponsible government

Under President Obama's weak leadership, our nation's future position in the world is threatened. Our standard of living, our national security and even our domestic tranquility have been put at risk. Irresponsible government spending is the cause. Unbelievably, federal liabilities are growing at a rate of $10 million every minute! All this under President Obama's watch. We have a boy doing a man's job.

Obama must go

It is difficult to comprehend how any American could be undecided about this year's election. It is a clear decision, a referendum on president Obama's philosophy and his performance over the past four years. This country will either go down the path of big taxes and big government or we will reverse course and move to get Washington out of our lives. Anyone who fails to grasp the choice must not be paying attention.

If we value our freedoms, Obama must go.

Too many handouts

While we work hard and try to pay our own way for our families, too many Americans seem to be on the take. The Heritage Foundation calculates that 70 percent of government costs go to those who are dependent on some type of government hand-outs. To make matters worse (and more expensive), the Obama administration is making it easier to get welfare benefits. Until now, applicants were required to make at least a pretense of seeking a job. Now, they don't even have to pretend. We can't go in this direction if we expect to continue to be a free republic.

Editor's note: The writer seems to have found this information at http://blog.heritage.org/2012/02/09/morning-bell-dependence-on-government-highest-in-history.

Jobs at risk

If the economy is vital to election, recent polls are a harbinger of bad news for President Obama.

A new Gallup poll finds that only 36 percent of Americans approve his performance on economic issues such as job creation. We wonder which planet these people come from. All around us we see employers downsizing. Our jobs are at serious risk.

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