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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.33 / 5 (40 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Aug 24 - 00:47

Puzzle pleaser

The enlarged crossword puzzle feature is very much appreciated by this Hometown News reader! Thank you!

Kudos to columnist

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy Sean McCarthy's column on computing. Keep it coming.

Leaving the Treasure Coast

Well, Treasure Coast, I really, really tried but I've got to say goodbye or adios.

When I decided to open a branch of my business here in 2006, I really thought this would be a great place to live, work and raise my kids. But, unfortunately it's not.

Between the traffic, the city officials who make doing business a bureaucratic nightmare, or expect a "perk of the job" to get things done, the nasty old bigots with their white pointy hoods and Confederate flags, the lack of quality in the schools, though not the teachers who seem to be at the brunt of it, from the state, district and mediocre parents, who all seem to think their little darlings are all budding Einsteins, when really most, if they even graduate, will be lucky to find a job flipping burgers.

The poor choice of shops, restaurants, though I will make an exception for Bonefish Grill and Pueblo Viejo, and theaters, plus the general undercurrent of anger and mediocrity, means I have to move.

The fact I'm making about 40 percent more with fewer employees than my main office out west, is neither here or there, it's a quality-of-life issue, something most people here are clueless about.

On the plus side, seven of my 10 employees and their families have decided to also move west, (which I am paying for). Nothing like treating your employees like human beings, eh? That's a novel concept here in "paradise."

So, all you bigots can rest easy for a while there will be 33 less legal Hispanic people in your grocery store lines, and even worse, some of them have to use food stamps. Oh the nerve of those taxpaying citizens. But don't forget to be on your guard all you bigots. I'm sure, in your minds, there are swarms of brown-skinned people massing at the borders wanting to take their place, lock and load Florida, lock and load!

So, next week as we head through the Panhandle and the Treasure Coast and Florida is a speck in the rear-view mirror, I can only hope that one day some of the nasty racists who make the Treasure Coast home will eventually find some love in their hearts for their fellow human beings of all races and colors.

If not, then hopefully, with the onset of global warming (though most of you are in denial) Florida will go the same way as the legendary city of Atlantis, though trust me no one in the future will either miss or even bother looking for Florida!

Problems with power surges

Been having power surges from FP&L for over a year and have called them several times to complain but to no avail.

Well had another one the other night and woke up to a fridge that did not work. Had a company come out and say that my computer board was fried. So I called FP&L again and it was sent to claims department. So they just called and said we see that it happened again, but sorry, it looks like an animal did it so we don't have to pay. How convenient.

Removal of freedoms?

Mr. Morgan was 100 percent correct. For many years, Washington has been subtly and clandestinely removing our freedoms.

Remember how the mid-west farmers were family men, not corporations and we didn't have salmonella nor e coli? Do the American people remember how Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Bank manipulated the economy to cause the farmers to go bankrupt?

Perhaps we should go back a few years to 1933 when George Bush's grandfather was a gang leader to overthrow the Roosevelt administration, including assassinating president Roosevelt if he didn't abdicate. The Bush gang members were American-born terrorists, Henry Ford, HJ Heinz, the Harrimans, Kuhn & Loeb, etc. The story is on YouTube.

In 1953 the U.S. also had the duly elected leader of Iran deposed and then installed the shah as the torturer. I wonder why Iran hates us and does not trust us?

Let's come up to President Kennedy's presidency. There was a proposal to load an airplane up with college students and fly it over Cuba and shoot it down. Now, this is extreme politics. Oh yes, President Kennedy refused to permit an act like this and the clique were mad. Another reason for Kennedy's assassination. So today we can expect anything from Washington to further their agenda for global order.

Yes, I do believe this government should never be permitted to interrogate or investigate itself. They recently gave Goldman Sachs a free bill of health yet, these people control much of the economy. Sept. 11 was a setup to war. It had to be a setup, but you can see how bloodthirsty and vicious the government can be when it, too, is run by a massive pack of sociopaths.

Yes let's have a full investigation of the Kennedy assassination and the entire Sept. 11, but this time with civilian assigned judges and investigators, before they have passed away or have been removed by the world's most powerful mafia.

Our government is at a crossroads. Either we depend on a top-down, all-powerful government or we go for an America which prospers and grows with sound money, low tax rates, limited government and fewer government regulations. Government versus freedom. We pray voters choose wisely.

Editor's note: To watch the YouTube video of the alleged plot to overthrow Roosevelt, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_NDJYUb4Ag. Operation Northwoods was the plan in question that was rejected by the Kennedy administration. Use "Operation Northwoods" as key search words for more information.

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