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Rants & Raves
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Posted: 2012 Aug 24 - 00:35

Fairness vs. chaos and corruption

We find ourselves living in a post-Constitutional and lawless time.

The Supreme Court just showed us that an obviously unconstitutional law was upheld simply by calling penalty a tax. A tax, by the way, that cannot be defined and the tax itself may be unconstitutional.

This is the same

Supreme Court that finds rights "emanating from the penumbra" of the Constitution. When people no longer understand what a law means, chaos ensues.

We also have a lawless executive branch with a president that picks and chooses what laws that he will enforce or not and a department of justice attorney general that was held in contempt of Congress.

Where will this corrupt government lead? Many people accept this corruption in the name of fairness.

If the current Marxist is re-elected, the equivalent of the Titanic being put in reverse to hit the iceberg again, I predict that he will create the Department of Federally Administered Income Redistribution.

The new department will ensure that those with too much money will have it taken from them.

When they die, the department will also take 55 percent of their money.

In keeping with this policy, the department will also ensure that those with too many calories will have their excess calories taken from them as well.

When they die, the department will also take 55 percent of the calories in their pantry.

This new program will be called "fat and furious."

Finally, the department will reimburse past immigrants for their years of waiting and fees that they paid to come here legally.

That's only fair, right?

Whose plan destroys Medicare?

Mitt Romney has charged that President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act will cut more than $700 billion out of Medicare.

But Mr. Romney's running mate's budget, approved by the House Republicans and Mr. Romney himself, would cut Medicare by the same amount.

The big difference is that the Affordable Care Act achieves these savings by reducing Medicare payments to drug companies, hospitals and other providers, rather than cutting payments to Medicare beneficiaries.

The Romney-Ryan plan, on the other hand, achieves the savings by turning Medicare into a voucher that does not keep up with expected increases in healthcare costs, thereby shifting the burden onto Medicare beneficiaries, who will have to pay an average of $6,500 per year more for their Medicare insurance.

This is according to an analysis of the Republican plan by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

The Affordable Care Act uses its Medicare savings to help children and lower-income Americans afford health care and to help seniors pay for prescription drugs by filling the so-called "donut hole" in Medicare Part D coverage.

The Romney-Ryan plan uses the savings to finance even bigger tax cuts for the very wealthy.

If this is true, you decide which side you should be on.

Right about the system torturing the disabled

My granddaughter is 27, has cerebral palsy and has been having the worst time in getting medical treatment because of the cuts in her services.

They even took away her means to get to work with the cuts. They figure sooner or later they will die without treatment and care and that will take care of their deficit.

She hasn't had any therapy since she was 21 and is having all kinds of problems with her back, hips, etc.

When she left home, she was an independent horseback rider and could walk on her crutches, and now she's stuck in a wheel chair.

When I think of all the years of therapy it took to get her up and going; and then the politicians, through their selfishness, just threw it all away.

It took almost 20 years of my life. They all make me sick to my stomach.

When a country can't take care of its own people, then it's time for the people to do the job. It's time to take away all the perks and privileges of the politicians.

'Go and sin no more'

It is always wonderful to see people quoting the Bible and Jesus; however, it would be even better if they understood what Jesus taught about marriage and homosexuality.

Jesus affirmed every single one of God's doctrines in the Old Testament: "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished." - Matthew 5:17-18.

The book of Deuteronomy, which is part of the law, includes God calling homosexuality and all sex outside of marriage an "abomination."

Jesus also affirmed that marriage is between one man and one woman: "But at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female.' (Genesis 1:27) 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.' (Genesis 2:24) So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." - Mark 10:6-9.

While God's love is a free gift, it does require that the individual make Jesus the lord of their life by adhering to his teachings and repent from any behaviors that are contrary to God's will.

To repent in God's eyes means to turn away from sin. Jesus gave his forgiveness and love to all who sought him out but he also told everyone to "Go and sin no more." - John 8:11.

Do you know 'the truth?'

After reading the misguided letter from another female liberal criticizing Ann Romney and praising Michelle Obama, I am always amazed at how little these people know about the truth.

In the first place the taxpayers, which are us, did not pay for Ann Romney's horse or her blouse; and the horse was a way to help her treat a very serious disease.

Now we can look at the 17 vacations that Michelle Obama took in three years at a cost to the taxpayers of $10 million.

I have said so many times that the dumbest letters are from women who have no clue about the actual truth behind these stories.

We have the most corrupt administration in the history of our country. This White House does whatever it wants by going against the Congress, Supreme Court and our Constitution and no one seems to care.

Fast and Furious lost, holding Eric Holder in contempt, because the president did a special privilege for him; and then the Black Panther case, where they carried clubs to a polling place to intimidate the voters, also was never prosecuted because Eric Holder would not file charges against them

Now we have two new incidents when (President Barack) Obama forgave millions of illegals from being deported and undid President (Bill) Clinton's work to welfare reform.

No one can find any records on President Obama at either Columbia University or Harvard, and no one remembers him. Passport records (are) also concealed, and every single record has been covered up.

What is it going to take to wake the people up to the fact that we are losing our country to socialism?

I realize those on the dole, which now accounts for about half the country, do not want things changed; and half the population pays no income taxes, and a high percentage of illegals get welfare and food stamps. So, if two thirds of this country agree we are going in the wrong direction, then how is (President) Obama still leading?

The women who believe these lies that the Republicans don't want women to have birth control is another joke.

Religions who do not believe in contraceptives should not be forced to pay for them.

Come on women, wise up.

At last someone has vision

The lady asked why the school year can't start in January through September, and she gave a few reasons the change would be welcome.

I wrote hundreds of articles on the subject and presented my thoughts to (Gov. Charlie) Crist when he was education commissioner, (Jeb) Bush as governor, the head of the teachers union and a Democrat monthly meeting. And I feared for my life when I said privatization would save millions.

The state would save $6 billion. If Brevard listened, they would have saved more than $200 million, and we would not have the billion dollar 25-year debt.

Traditions have built through the years that are no longer valid. In fact, traditions have hampered education advancement, actually reversing the system that made this a great nation.

The people have a choice to make.

My solution is to use our schools year-round. By putting our students on a four-season quarter system, 18,500 would be on vacation all the time. Siblings would have the first choice of four tracks.

The only objection I have heard is it breaks with "traditional" summer vacations.

By not spending the recently approved (2000) $46 million COP money on a 3,500-student high school in Brevard and going year-round, the district will realize a savings of about $100 million the first year.

Florida schools are air-conditioned, year-round, so this is no longer an excuse.

It is time to break with traditions and go year-round.

The 'Harry and Bobby Show' is a flop

I've read and heard some pretty stupid comments during this election cycle, but (President Barack) Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs' statement concerning Romney's release of his federal tax returns takes the cake.

Mr. Gibbs asked if you have ever seen anybody go to such great lengths to not put something out? And when you generally don't put something out, isn't it because you're generally hiding something?

Well, Bobbo, I have!

President Obama spent millions of dollars to hide his birth certificate and then submitted a piece of nonsense with too many errors to mention.

Then there is (President) Obama's refusal to release various transcripts, his ability to travel on an Indonesian passport to a restricted country, his associations with hate mongers and radicals and his overall hiding of his past.

While we're at it, let's include Harry Reid's incredibly stupid statements accusing (Mitt) Romney of not paying income tax for 10 years.

Yes, Harry and Bobby, the word is out about your stupid comments. And it's not good.

Praise to 'Casino industry needed to fix our problems'

Hurrah! There is intelligent life forms out there!

Most states in the Union have caught on. Facts are, casinos bring in excellent revenue to pad our tax structure and open up the job market, and land-based is the way to go.

Casino ships are a nice novelty, but between the cost of fuel and the Port charges, it's a losing battle; and without competition, the greed grows.

Hey, politicians, are you listening to the voters of Brevard? Give us an industry that will not only supply jobs but also can offset our outrageous tax base.

We have an abundance of suitable vacant areas ready to serve. It wouldn't hurt to spread the wealth to our hotels. Put a few slots in the lobbies, game room, whatever. There's plenty to go around.

It's time to get your heads out of the sand and do something to benefit the people who you are supposed to be serving.

Let's go, Brevard - truly make it happen! Give us jobs, fill the hotels, get the cruising tourists to stay and spend some money in this area instead of Orlando. Fill the shuttle buses to reduce traffic.

Get on with the future of Brevard. Get this on the ballad ASAP, before Brevard is just "lost in space."

As the saying goes, "Just do it!"

Chinese surfboards

One of the last custom-made, handmade objects still made in the U.S.A. are American-made surfboards, which are the finest in the world; but at the rate of the Chinese invasion with their Chinese junk imported into this country, the American Surfboard Company will not be in business in another 10 years.

If that's all you want is Chinese surfboards, keep buying them, because that is all that is going to be there.

So, buy American, and stop buying this Chinese junk.

No more imported TV shows

Have you noticed that there are different TV shows coming from foreign countries that are showing on our channels?

Most of them are coming from Canada, and it's not fair, because we have hundreds of beautiful TV shows made right here in the U.S.A.

The TV stations are not buying American.

Tell them to get rid of these Canadian imports and start buying American, because that is the way that its "gotta" be.

We have to start supporting American industry, everything made in America.

Mandating that you must have health care

I'm calling to respond to the "Why don't you want us to have health care" rant.

This person says that they don't understand why Republicans are against all Americans having health care.

As a former Democrat, and now a Republican, I would just like to say that, yes, I would like to have all Americans have health care.

I don't have health insurance at this time, and I would love to have it; however, what I don't like, and maybe a lot of Republicans and right-minded people would agree with me, is that I don't like the government telling me I have to have it.

That's what it is about. It's an intrusion, another government rule breaking the Constitution.

To me that's the bottom line.

The government does not have the right to mandate that I have health care insurance.

Seniors, wake up!

The primary elections are over. I will address myself to the most important issue.

First of all, I must say, "Seniors, wake up!"

Just ponder for a minute. Have you ever seen such a divided country?

Health care will be the predominant issue.

If you haven't heard about Paul Ryan's plan, educate yourself.

Citizens, 55 and older, are not affected. You keep what you presently have under Medicare.

Don't listen and believe what any Democrat says to the contrary.

About a year ago, or so, the top Democrat in the Clinton administration found Paul Ryan and said he was incredibly smart and informative and full supported his plan.

OK. Now, as Floridians, we must do our part. We have to recapture the Senate.

So I urge all you seniors to vote for Connie Mack.

Bill Nelson was good for the space program, but he became a foot soldier for (President Barack) Obama. He can hold President Obama's right hand, while John Morgan holds his left.

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