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Fundamental principles forgotten
Rating: 2.3 / 5 (30 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Aug 24 - 00:19

Hometown Voices

Keith Goodrum

I propose to constitute a new political party consisting of veterans and seniors, bringing back the hitherto forgotten social, business, work ethic and academic standards in an age where technology and fundamental principles of living have been given the backseat.

The days of the Ivy elites are over and the days of the technological incumbents are here. No longer will academics and those who represent the public through the auspices of their wealthy families be allowed to legislate, adjudicate, obfuscate and procrastinate on important matters of state.

Most veterans with longevity and experience in both the military and the working environment bring to the table a great wealth of understanding and many seniors with professional backgrounds have a plethora of knowledge hitherto untapped; latent, but ready to be enabled when called upon. The pool of ideas and professional acumen can be likened to a bank, which has never been tapped, but its resources available and ready to open for business.

Many details of my proposal of necessity will have to be tabled and debated by a quorum of veterans and seniors and mission statements, Constitutional charters and many other agreements would be published for the general public to critique and make cogent suggestions.

Engineers, scientists and people, both male and female who have worked in the technical trades, whether directly hands-on or in the administrative capacity, would be welcome to the membership.

The name of the party would be debated and finalized in a democratic way and would hopefully portray that which it would ultimately define.


Veterans and seniors across the United States of America are realizing that their extensive life and work experiences are in total contrast to the dilettantes and pseudo-academics in Congress who hold the inimical and uncontestable control of the lives of the American people.

Who ensures the survivability of the freedom enjoyed by the American people? The freedom that at this point in time is being eroded at a rate, hitherto unimaginable. Only the fortitude of the American spirit and the implacable U.S. military, prevented the insipid encroachment of the rabid socialism currently displayed in parts of Eastern Europe.

The longer the erosion of people's rights is allowed to continue, the further the progress of socialistic inevitability, a canker which hitherto pervaded the earth through the auspices of the likes of Marx, Lenin and the Bolshevik elites, who are the role models for the regressive ideologues who now sit in the halls of power.

Through intelligent debate and conscious collective effort between the nations afflicted by this malevolent disease, the spread of socialism, communism and totalitarianism was mitigated after WWII, only to be revived in the most recent years following the advent of the Democratic Party of the USA and their persistence to 'spread the wealth,' consequently creating a nanny state where the indolent and those without drive and initiative can languish at the behest of Congress and ultimately destroy the fabric of society, allowing the regressive pernicious slippery slope back to the depths of deprivation and an unpredictable future.

Let the "Ancients" with their professional and lengthy experience provide the basic human traits, the prerequisites of any community, applying a copious amount of common sense and a sense of acceptable social standards and practices, commodities which are a distinct rarity in this modern day world.

While Western Europe and Scandinavia have made diligent efforts to keep away the raw socialist tendencies inherent in the more rustic impecunious eastern parts, the struggle to maintain the status quo can only be maintained without undue influence from the extraneous liberal vagaries of political and religious intervention. It is imperative that the United States of America lead the way in a demonstrable display of unity and conservatism and eradicate the Marxists doctrines of the present regime.

Military personnel, who have served their country, many of whom in diverse theaters of operations-adapting to different environments, interacting with many ethnic peoples, carrying out their daily tasks in circumstances that are hostile and life-threatening these people have a grasp of life that others in the insular world know nothing of. This character-building scenario allows a comprehensive dimension to understanding people and social behavior, a dimension that is totally lacking in our present leaders and representatives

Seniors, active and retired, in and having been in professional employment, can empathize with the general public knowing the implicit reactions to the commercial marketplace, which in time of great hardship is imperative. Many seniors know the meaning of "need" and "want" and accepting the difference, is a particular trait of these who have "been there and done that."

High standards of personal morality, integrity in the work place, financial stability in business and commerce and fervent patriotism in all Americans with an expectation of every immigrant to fulfilling their obligations to their adopted country without reservation, is the basis of a stable republic.

That has to be a clear starting point for all enterprises and although it is difficult to wipe the slate clean, an effort must be made to bring about a solid foundation from which to progress.

Discussing the nation's economy, unemployment, security and strategies of war, global warming, corruption and malfeasance in government, all of which are subjective, at this point in time, would be superfluous, there must, however, be a united concentrated effort to stabilize a foundering ship.

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