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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.4 / 5 (35 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Aug 10 - 01:15

Re: black on black crime

This is in response to a man who wrote about black on black crime in Fort Pierce. Well, he talked about how the city and police have to be more involved in this matter of young kids getting shot, and he even criticized local clergy about their lack of attention to this matter.

Well, what my question about all of this is where are the parents? Gangs are formed out of the lack of leadership or male personnel at the home. These are merely replacement families (gangs).

Now I go to various places in the city, the libraries, and when I see young adult women pushing around young children in strollers and they may have a few kids in tow, how are they able to afford these kids? It's called the welfare system.

These people don't have an education but they sure know how to work the government welfare system. Then once these kids grow up they hang out on the streets and then the street takes over because the parent lacks the responsibility to fully take care of these kids then it falls into the streets.

So why does the city have to be held responsible for all the chaos that started with the single mother having kids just to get that mighty welfare buck?

Truth hurts doesn't it? By the way people on the street butcher the English language as well. Go to high school and you'd know when was the last time dis, dat and dem, was the correct pronounce way of saying this, that and them. Makes me sick.

Missing Mr. Tucker

I just wanted to say how much I miss James Tucker. I wish we could still read his things. There's nothing in the paper like that now.

First amendment or hate?

I've really had enough with this Chick-fil-A nonsense. At first, I didn't really think much of it. It was another conservative shoving his first amendment right down everyone's throat. So he supports straight marriage. Who cares? Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if they are archaic.

I enjoy the greasy chicken sandwiches and waffle fries that are undoubtedly clogging my arteries and adding inches to my waist.

What finally got on my nerves was when lines and lines of people showed up to "support" this guy and his support of anti-gay marriage. If this is his personal opinion, why is he using his business as a platform?

And then comes along (Sarah) Palin and (Mike) Huckabee throwing their two-cents worth in. I thought, as a country, we'd let them know that their opinions didn't too much matter? I wonder if all those lines of Americans, who are adamant in the better good of their country by supporting what they believe to be Christ-like, would show the same support for the homeless or the hungry or the needy?

Are they waiting in line for hours to donate to a cause that actually helps someone out or are they only interested in pouring their money and time into a cause that pours millions into hate groups?

Stop texting and driving

My dear friend from Coral Springs, who just went through breast cancer, was finally coming to visit me last Thursday. She was very excited. She hadn't been anywhere in over a year. She had the oil changed in her car and the tires rotated.

Just as she pulled out of the gas station, a 21-year-old boy smashed into the back of her van. He was texting on his phone. My sweet friend was not able to come and visit.

Yes, she was OK, but this young man ruined a wonderful and well-deserved trip for her. When will we learn to keep our eyes on the road when we are driving? It takes only a fraction of a second to ruin a person's day (and yours).

Thank you for letting me sound off about this. I know I speak for many people.

Enough with the signs

The politicians have completely junked up every corner around with their political signs. They don't even take them down when the elections are over. They are taking advantage of it. It's everywhere and it's hideous.

What about third party information?

It would be great if Hometown News would give the public some information about the different third parties that will be on the ballot in November. The stories could tell us what their platforms are and how we can contact them.

We know we can't get the facts from Fox News or CNN. They just prattle on about tweedle dee and tweedle dumb and we get screwed every election.

No race card

I'm a black man and I'm appalled that the black community always uses the race card. Stand up for yourselves.

Post office compassion

I work at a local post office and I'd like to share a moment of kindness and compassion a few of us witnessed.

I wasn't privy to what had happened, but a 6- to 8- year-old girl was standing on a chair we have tucked into a corner by my station (for folks who need to rest their bodies) and the man next to her leaned over to speak to her and said, "And now, I have to do this all over again."

The large envelope he was holding in his hand was completely addressed but torn open.

"OK, so, instead I have to..."

They were looking at each other, and the products in his hand, with such kind and excited eyes that I assumed he was her dad or grandfather.

My attention was then turned to the customer in front of me who was approximately 36 years old good looking, very good looking, male. I finished his transaction and he left the lobby.

Fairly shortly, he returned, to speak to the man who had been speaking with the little girl. He asked, "Weren't you with a little girl?"

The man looked at him dumfounded. He then continued, "I mean, didn't you come here with a little girl because I don't see her anywhere out here."

He answered, "Oh, no. She came here with her mom. I was just talking with her."

The other guy said "Oh, I'm sorry," and he quickly exited.

The four of us were left standing in the room with mouths slightly agape and stunned silent. I spoke up and said "Wow, such a loving and caring man!"

Everyone else in unison said, "I know. Wow!"

Citizen's benefits only

All benefits should go to U.S. citizens. I see too many people who have food cards ready to go to their homeland in India on vacation, yet our taxpayer money is being used to their advantage.

We should take care of our veterans. We should take care of those who are citizens first. It starts at home. They should at least work here or be in the service. They should at least pay their own way.

Remember Socrates?

"Crito, we ought to offer a cock to Asclepius. See to it, and don't forget."

These were the very last words uttered by the great philosopher of whom the Oracle at Delphi once proclaimed: "...there is no man wiser than Socrates."

But even as the poison (whether it was hemlock or some other concoction we just don't know) crept through those venerable old veins, the noble Athenian couldn't help but to pay homage to his pagan past one last time as he pulled the cover from his own hideous head.

Apparently, what the wisest man on earth knew all along and ironically admitted, perhaps with a smile: "I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing."

But we know that he knew one thing, at least: that there is a God (or gods) who is not only capable of healing the sick but, if we are to believe the dying philosopher, raising them from the dead, the ultimate cure for man's mortality!

It's difficult, if not impossible, to draw any other conclusion. And knowing what we now know of ancient Greece, not only was that possible but, as in the case of Asclepius who was himself killed by Zeus only to be resurrected and transformed into a major deity, was actually quite common.

To the modern atheist this is all nonsense and superstition, the stuff of myths and legend. Who ever heard of a god (or gods) raising anyone from the dead? It's ... well, it downright Christian! It's morbid, too, and as pagan as Pan.

There's a difference, of course. One day the myth became real and death, as the old Athenian once observed, became not a curse but the greatest of all human blessings.

Perhaps one cock was not enough...

I'd rather stay in jail

Do we need further proof that life is too easy for those society puts in jail?

An inmate who'd just been released has been arrested again, this time for refusing to leave his jail cell. He had been behind bars since May 22 but said he would not go.

For some, it must be an easier life there than it is on the outside. Pretty cushy with three squares, a nice, clean bed and you don't have to work.

Caught red-handed

The United States Department of Agriculture has been caught red-handed.

They are tasked with promoting farmers and ranchers. That, of course, means supporting American beef. However, they have now admitted that they attempted to ban meat from being served in USDA cafeterias. Sounds like evidence they bowed to green demands from radical environmentalists.

Once exposed, they have backed off, but the entire episode makes it clear that two-faced government officials are not working in the best interests of the general public.

Editor's note: The USDA briefly flirted with the idea of instituting a "Meatless Monday" in its cafeterias. It was first reported in an in-house newsletter. But the idea was quickly quashed. "USDA does not endorse Meatless Monday," the department said in a statement. The information on its website "was posted without proper clearance and it has been removed."

Read more at: www.sanluisobispo.com/2012/07/26/2159203/industry-beef-with-usdas-meatless.html#storylink=cpy

No salute for creator of Planned Parenthood

They say you can't know where you're going, unless you first know where you've been. That goes for pro-choice America, as well. So, what better place to begin than with our own illustrious leader, Margaret Sanger, who gave birth, if you will, to the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Now the word eugenics, which means well-born, was coined in 1883 by Sir Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, another great pioneer in our godless quest for human perfection.

Among its stated goals was "to improve" humanity by eliminating, through force if necessary, unfit people such as the sick, the poor, the disabled, the feeble-minded, the idiots and morons (precluding himself, of course), along with the insane. This was called negative eugenics, and was later popularized, quite successfully, in Nazi Germany.

Needless-to-say, Ms. Sanger embraced this form of eugenics, almost as much as she did drugs and alcohol, realizing (notice how ahead of the times she was) the need to eventually merge eugenics with birth control, stating: "Eugenics without birth control seems to us a house built upon the sands..."

In other words, there was a method to her madness.

Like all other progressives, Ms. Sanger had a novel, albeit prejudicial, solution to this age-old problem. She instigated the 'Negro Project' to weed out the 'unfit' from the black population, which is precisely why Planned Parenthood is so accessible in our African-American communities even today.

Naturally, Martin Luther King Sr. would've been an ideal candidate for our fearless feminist's pet project back then but, fortunately, he'd already been born.

And, so we're here today to celebrate Margaret Sanger, the mother of modern infanticide, along with the tens of millions of aborted fetuses which, in her own maternal and nurturing words: "should never be born at all."

Editor's note: It appears that some of the above rant was taken from the website Live Action, which calls itself "a new media movement for life." The "sands" quote can be found there, as well as several other pieces of information. Go to www.liveaction.org for more.

Eugenics is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "the science of improving population by controlling inherited characteristics."

Ms. Sanger was in favor of negative eugenics but denounced euthanasia for the unfit and the Nazi project. We could find no references to her abuse of alcohol or drugs.

The Negro Project was an effort to deliver birth control to poor African Americans. We must assume the ranter is referring to Martin Luther King Jr.

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