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Letter to the editor
Rating: 2.56 / 5 (41 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Aug 10 - 00:35

Dear Editor:

President (Barack) Obama promised “nothing will change for people who like their health coverage, except it’ll become more ‘affordable.’” Unfortunately, facts don’t back him up. He continually ignores facts and history in so much of his rhetoric. Obamacare will cost taxpayers over 1 trillion dollars!!! And even non-taxpayers will pay or be fined by IRS.

America’s health care system needs reform, but NOT the sort of changes enacted under this health care law. It is moving our health care system in the wrong direction. This highly unpopular tax asserts federal control over health care benefits and financing, establishes a complex one-size-fits all health system and centralizes America’s health care decisions in Washington, not with your own local doctor. It has been described by many economists as a ‘poison pill’ for every American. Costs escalate every time CBO does estimate of its costs. Not good law.

The Republicans have proposed a plan that empowers individuals and families – not Washington – to control more of their health care decisions. Most people I know believe strongly in personal responsibility, don’t you??

Impact on the uninsured is really bad for majority. Florida has a pilot program, which it wants to set up in five large counties in our state for people on Medicare, but the Senate (Harry Reid, inc.) won’t allow it to move forward. It passed in House.

Seems they don’t think rationally about “what is good for America,” but instead rubber stamp whatever comes out of White House, because it’s got B.O.’s approval.

Do we have a republic or a dictatorship??? Since when did Obama become a ‘healthcare’ guru??? He’s never even worked in the field. He’s never read bill.

Those who gain coverage will be enrolled in Medicaid – the welfare program for the poor – or in a health plan designed by the government. We have that now. Trouble is, present administration is adding millions more to this program, indiscriminately.

Even with Obamacare, millions, who remain uninsured, will still depend on overcrowded emergency rooms for routine care and they will be mandated to pay the tax, whether they use service or not. Have you read how the government is intimidating businesses, which follow Christian principals??? How can we allow this to happen?

. Republican solution: give seniors greater choice of doctors, private health plans and services under Medicare.

. Obamacare impacts doctors adversely. They have to hire full-time staff to fight Medicare/Medicaid to get paid for work they've done. Obamacare expands government's role as the primary payer by adding 18 million to the Medicaid program, which reimburses doctors only 52 percent of the market rate for procedures.

. Due to increased regulation and less reimbursement, 68 percent of doctors will no longer accept government health programs. This is happening now.

. Republicans believe that by allowing patients to choose coverage that suits them, costs of care will be more predictable and sustainable for providers.

. By 2019, over 80 million people will be on Medicaid, requiring billions of dollars from state budgets and taxpayers!

. Twenty-one State Attorneys Generals, including Florida's, have filed suits to protect their citizens from being forced, in violation of the Constitution, to purchase government-approved health insurance.

. Republican solution is to promote federal-state partnerships to accommodate the unique and diverse health care challenges facing the states.

. Obamacare imposed $105 billion in new taxes on businesses by mandating employers provide health insurance.

. New IRS reporting requirements and other regulations will penalize growth and success, which could push us into a deep recession.

. Republican solution is to encourage portability of health insurance, so that workers own their health care plan regardless of job or job status, and allow employers to decide how much they wish to contribute.

. Obamacare adds a trillion dollars in new health care spending, creating prohibitively expensive new entitlements and a subsidy scheme that discourages work and penalizes marriage.

. Obamacare will impose over a half a trillion dollars in new taxes and will increase the deficit by $500 billion within the next 10 years, a massive burden on the next generation of taxpayers.

. Republicans believe the solution is to rein in runaway spending; cut out fraud and waste; implement sound fiscal policies to avert crisis facing America's existing programs.

You and your family will ultimately receive better quality health care at lower cost if Republicans could enact their sound policies to healthcare problems.

Republicans would not take millions out of defense and put into bio fuel companies owned by 'friends' and contributors of the administration. Do you remember what Solyndra cost each of us???? How much of this fraud can we tolerate??

I'm praying that everyone remembers how the current occupant of White House is ignoring the Constitution and the basic principals, which made this country great, when they go to the polls on Aug. 14 and again on Nov. 6.

A good local website to go to is: eyeonbrevard.org and another good one is www.heritage.org. Your choice will impact the future of our freedom and our liberty. Its time to stop the assault on what has made America great!

Alice Kreitz, Melbourne

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