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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.56 / 5 (32 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Aug 10 - 00:34

Teach skills that carry kids through life

The reason the rant writer ran into a 27-year-old who couldn't read "cursive writing" is because they don't teach it in elementary, middle or high school in Brevard County. Unreal.

They can't sign their names, some of them. They can't read the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution. Perhaps that is the plan?

They don't want kids to read their history. They also no longer teach typing, which is also unreal.

Kids use computers left and right, yet they mostly "hunt and peck," as typing skills are not taught in our high schools, nor elementary or middle schools. Why?

The things that provided me survival skills out of high school were cursive writing, typing and consumer math, which is also not taught.

In consumer math, I learned to amortize a loan, balance a check book, trade stocks, read a stock chart and much more - things I have done throughout my life, since graduating in 1967 from high school.

Brevard Public Schools should be ashamed.

I have taught my son cursive writing. I have taught my son typing or keyboarding skills, so he no longer hunts and pecks.

I have taught my son consumer math skills, as well as algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry. Yes, together we learned or relearned them all. What he uses all the time is the consumer math skills.

Now is the time for the School Board to wake up and teach skills that carry kids through life, not just out the door at the end of the school year.

We are missing the boat in our schools, big time.

Voter fraud, business community and citizen direct democracy

Blackboxvoting.org is America's watchdog election group, founded by Bev Harris; who, in 2000, came to Florida, dumpster diving into Supervisor of Elections dumpsters after results evidence and spread sheets.

What she found was results altering taking place. She also discovered that "Diebold," a Republican-owned electronic accounting system company closely tied to the "BANKS," owned the electronic voting systems.

There are three to four such companies in the national voter accounting system, and the word is "Diebold" secretly owns 90 percent of these systems under different company names, all which can be result altered in many ways and stages.

For the past 15 years since Lawton Chiles died in office, the Republican business community has dominated every level of representative government in Florida, except the U.S. Senate, until (Mel) Martinez was elected, and now (Mario) Rubio.

I personally am fed-up with Republican-style government, what representative government is and the wealthy business community, who, with bribes and law firm lobbyist puppet-mastering, have everything their way.

The money, power and wealthy all end up with the well-connected few; and the average citizens gets to be fleeced as a consumer and taxpayer or entirely left out of the money loop facing what poverty has to offer.

My choice of change would be bust-up this kleptocratic republic combination of wealthy elites and stooge lawmakers lining their pockets first in priority, or better yet outlaw the two forms of capitalism and representative government.

I would prefer to have real true citizen direct democracy, where the citizens directly rule and control over money, business and government.

If you go vote in November and aren't happy that representative government has been bribed or paid off to keep up the fleecing of citizens, then vote to fire that lawmaker.

FCAT is a joke we can't do anything about

A 70-year-old man wrote in about the FCAT and how absolutely sickening it is. I say kudos!

I have a 7- and 12-year-old. My 7-year-old begins third grade this year; and when I asked her if she was excited that summer is just about over and she will be an official third-grader, her response threw me off. She said "I am scared, Mommy."

I asked her why, and she said "Because I have to take FCATS this time and they're hard, and the teachers get all mean."

My heart sank. The truth is, the kids are pressured, teachers are stressed and schools, even the best, see dollar signs.

They get a pretty penny for those who score 3s, 4s, and 5s. A child can swing it all year with a D average, pass the FCAT and be promoted, and a child with an A average can fail the FCAT and be retained? Really?

I do agree that parents are not as involved with their children and their studies as they should be.

I do not agree with your statement, "Don't touch my child when they misbehave in school," It is part of the problem.

I don't put my hands on my children. Why in the world would I allow anyone else to?

Children have a lot of rights that you, considering your age, did not have growing up.

My children are honor students, the youngest is in the Gifted Student Program, and my oldest was accepted into a Science and Technology Choice Program.

It takes an involved parent and open relationships with them, as well as their educators. We don't have to smack their hands with rulers or take away their rights.

FCAT is a joke. It stresses everyone out, and I'm sure the people who made the test couldn't pass it themselves.

Unfortunately, we can't do anything about it. We prepare them the best we can and wait all summer to get the scores.

Sad, but true.

Gay marriage in Boston

When Chick-fil-A owner Dan Cathy defended his company's support of "the Biblical definition of the family unit," Boston mayor Menino and other progressive liberals who champion gay marriage, advocated a ban on further Chick-fil-A restaurants in Boston.

Isn't it amazing that liberals can have an opinion, but Conservatives cannot?

Liberal hypocrisy abounds when mayor Menino was at a ribbon cutting a for city-subsidized mosque that teaches "death to gays."

The mayor also effectively gave away city land valued at $1.8 million to the Islamic Society of Boston's mosque, and then gave a speech at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Does the Mayor support the Muslim teaching, "death to gays?"

Well, since it doesn't sound like Muslims are opposed to gay marriage, I guess that Menino has no reason to "keep them out."

Can you spell hypocrite? Sure, M-e-n-i-n-o.

The Biblical "end of days" must surely be approaching quickly.

Cut the budgets now

What do the following have in common: millage rate increases, property value "rollback," previous "critical" school board, 25 percent sales tax requirement, current "critical" .50 percent sales tax requirement?

The above have resulted in higher property tax bills.

After last year's increases were passed by the county commissioners, county manager and school board, they "found" $1 million for beach sand, and have transferred more than $25 million in tax collections to reserve accounts.

If they had $26 million unaccounted for, why did they all vote on raising our property taxes?

According to the proposed school budget, there is a surplus of more than $77 million.

The taxpayers have cut corners to pay their housing, food and higher taxes over the past three years. It is past due that elected officials do the same.

Close under populated schools, and stop bussing to over populated schools.

How many school administration employees make more than $100,000 a year? Why? How many employees at the largest companies make more than $100,000 a year?

The county commissioners, county manager and school board need to cut the budgets now and reduce property taxes for everyone. The private sector voters are all out of money.

Let us eat cake

If we want real change in America, perhaps the government should only tax those of us who are poor, then the rich could again afford homes.

The rest of us could sit outside and eat cake. That sounds like the way to go.

Print the movie schedules

I don't know how the paper is run, but I really enjoy it every week, thrown right in my driveway.

Why don't you print the movies?

We only have one movie house here on beachside, and I think they need the help; and besides, it is so much easier for older people, like me to go to that movie.

I would like if you would print the movies. We need their support.

I hope this can help.

Mail delivered late here, too

I am calling about the Post Office in Aurora, Colo.

The man who killed those people sent mail into the Post Office three days beforehand.

Is it up to postmen or post women to decide who they are going to deliver to that day or which mail they are going to wait a couple of days (to deliver), because we have that problem in Florida, too?

We don't get mail when we know we are supposed to get it.

Everybody doesn't have email. A lot of the seniors don't have it. I'm one that I will never get email.

It should not be up to the postmen and women to decide if they are going to wait a couple of days to deliver a letter.

$402.5 billion spent on illegals

I have been doing some studying on our deficit and on how much money we spend in different areas.

I came up with a very disturbing picture.

And that is, all total, we spend more than $402.5 billion on incarcerating illegals, spending on illegals for different things, for different programs they have.

We are giving them free health care, but we don't even take care of our own people.

If anybody really believes that this new healthcare bill is going to be healthcare for them, they are wrong. They probably won't see a bit of it.

I'll tell you what they are going to see. They are going to see that they going to be further controlled. They are going to be paying some taxes on stuff they never even dreamed of in the first place.

But the point is that the President, now, wants to take $500 billion out of welfare. He wants to take $500 billion out of national defense. But it's OK if he spends $402.5 billion on illegals just for a few votes.

Children living in cars

On "60 Minutes" recently, they had a episode on "kids living in cars in Florida."

I am usually not easily moved by tragic episodes on TV or in the papers. Usually, people have brought the tragedy on themselves.

But Sunday, they had a segment on young children living in cars with a parent, because they (the parent) had no job and had used up all their other resources. There was no space for them in the shelters. This was in Florida.

I was touched by how upbeat the children were in spite of their circumstances ... young, bright children forced to wash up and use toilet facilities at gas stations and other public restrooms. They are relating their resourcefulness in adjusting to the variable situations.

I developed a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. The reporter also was holding back tears as he was asking questions and relating circumstances.

I grew incensed at an earlier newsbreak where (Mitt) Romney was in Israel, making promises and taking orders; and I remembered that we sent Israel $6 billion a year, along with Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan; and we are feeding the political coffers of both parties with millions of dollars a week to feed us, hour after hour, with empty promises.

How much lower can we get? Why do we lust to rule the world, when we let beautiful, bright, innocent children sleep in cars?

Mitt) Romney has five homes. (Herman) Cain has seven at last report.

I remember (Barack) Obama being given a fancy house in Chicago before the election.

George) Bush has at least two houses ... and a bicycle, and Chaney has an underground burrow somewhere.

I'm sure all our politicians, big and small, sleep well at night, as do the money changers on Wall Street ... how, I don't know.

I wish CBS would run that episode every day until after the elections.

Signing up for school

I went to register my child early. I had all the paper work filled out. Then they asked for ID to prove where I lived. Never had this been done in the prior eight years.

OK, here are four pieces of state of Florida ID. Sorry, only the drivers license is on the Board of Education acceptable list. The other state of Florida ID's were not. But if I went home and came back with a private utility bill, that would count.

So, when does the private sector billing statement take precedence over state of Florida identification? Since the Brevard Board of Education says so.

I said what if I had no ID to show you? The clerk was perplexed.

Is the Brevard Board of Education promoting homeschooling, if you can't show proper ID?

What galls me is the state of Florida, who's ID I carry in my wallet at all times, is not acceptable - only a Florida drivers license is acceptable. But private utility bills are acceptable.

Common sense is not common, not with the Brevard Board of Education anyway.

Response to two things I read about in the rants

First, about the Trackster app, that is an extreme invasion of privacy and therefore a violation of human rights. This is especially true for employers.

There are businesses out there that will fire a person for being gay, so many people stay in the closet if they work for those companies.

If those employers had Trackster, they could "out" their employees by spying on them during off hours, and then fire them for being gay, even though they would never had known that without Trackster! That is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Second, to the person who complained about having to buy things made in China. I hate that, too, but for a different reason.

I can't understand why the United States continues to conduct business with China when they continue to violate the human rights of their own people and while they continue their illegal occupation of Tibet.

In support of traditional marriage

I enjoyed the best chicken sandwich in the world today (along with the waffle fries) at Chick-fil-A - joining thousands of other Central Floridians in the defense of free speech and supporting their pro-traditional marriage stance.

There's a right way and a wrong way to protest. I believe that I am part of the "right way," and am proud to say so!

I could not find a single person who was there that was against anything related to the marriage issue. They were there in support of their side of the issue.

It was probably a nationwide record sales day for the company. Congrats & keep it up.

The only "hate" on display was from the five gay supporters and their signs opposing anyone who disagreed with their viewpoint.

Apparently, their version of free speech does not include anyone who opposes them. Gays have yet to learn how to "Win Friends and Influence People."

Dear Governor

First, you are doing a great job. Fiscal responsibility is excellent. You make the federal government look like California. Shame on them. Keep it up.

Property taxes are a pain. I called on the new appraisal that Brevard County just put for my house on their website. I asked for a reduction as the only house near me is a twin and is 20k less. Also they only use home sales, not foreclosures, in coming up with value for tax purposes. So that one didn't get to count. Ouch!

State law will not allow them to count bank foreclosures. Huh?

Palm Bay is mostly foreclosure sales. It's time the law was changed. We have corrupted values as a result, especially in cities like I'm in, where half the house sales are bank foreclosures.

I do write my state representatives and senators, but nothing has come out on this for more than five years I've been in this house. Two things that hurt us are property taxes and inflation.

Did I mention citizens insurance? Ouch!

Now my back porch is no longer insured, and my "hip house" lost its "hip ins" discount. But will the price go down? Not.

The Bahama storm shutter discount will go, too, as the discount I got for them years ago, now is suspect.

They are hurting all the retirees in Florida. This used to be a nice place to live. The cost factor is killing us.

Appreciate what you can do on these issues.

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