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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.21 / 5 (34 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Jul 27 - 00:56

A lesson about flags

To the letter writer on July 20 about less fireworks and more flag flying on the 4th of July:

You said you saw debris from fireworks on your bike ride on July 5 and you noticed there were no flags flying. Well, do you not think that they were taken down before sunset on the Fourth? If flags are left up overnight they are supposed to have a light shining on them.

You may hope our flags are made in the U.S. But like the fireworks, they are more than likely made in China, like the shirt, pants and shoes you're wearing. So, until all the U.S factories come back to that U.S. we have to buy whatever we need that's made in other countries. Unless of course you just go naked.

Make voting fair

There is something suspicious about people who object to efforts to clean up Florida's voting lists.

Perhaps they are aware that illegals have been permitted to vote here. With a wink, some election officials have been looking the other way.

Congratulations to Gov. Scott. Purging non-citizens from our voting rolls is one way to assure that our elections are fair. Being a state where the majority could swing either way, makes this urgent.

Get rid of the FCAT

The FCAT is given to certain grades every year and should be abandoned. A nationally normed test should be substituted and given to certain grades every year. The hated FCAT does not test students' knowledge.

No lessons learned

The year was 1932. It was 80 years ago that President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched the New Deal, an unprecedented government stimulus program. It failed utterly.

Almost four years ago, President Barack Obama, having learned nothing from history, announced an even more massive spending program. As with the FDR plan, it, too, has been a total disaster.

Will voters ever learn?

There are nice ones out there

I have to agree with the writer who talked about nasty receptionists at doctor's offices. My husband and I stopped going to a doctor because of the way the secretary treated us.

Are these doctors unaware that their helpers don't seem to care? Maybe this column will wake them up.

I will tell you about four very good doctors we have found with wonderful secretaries: Dr. Farrell, chiropractor; Dr. Keller and Dr. Hirt through Martin Memorial system and Dr. Tom, our dentist.

We should all try to smile a little more and be kind to one another, don't you think?

A problem with the president

Here comes Obama to Florida, again. He's really hammering down on us for our votes. We are one of the states which have illegal immigrant problems up the ying yang. Watching him talk about his childhood memories, etc., makes me ill.

Hope most of you watched Cspan1 just before his televised oration. Republican representatives told Janet Napolitano, secretary of Homeland Security, they intend to take her to court for violating the Constitution in allowing 1,000 illegals amnesty without proper screening. She was really red faced and one could easily see she was protecting Obama. She admitted to doing this on her own, giving the impression she was doing the right thing without consulting Obama, as the Republicans continued to ask her to the point questions.

There is no way she is going to get out of this one. Of course, Obama knew and knows what she did. Her red face became a bright purple as she really became ensnared in her answers. Of all the interviews, including Watergate, never have I seen and heard such blatant, but stupid, responses to legitimate questions.

Watching Floridians clap, cheer with wild admiration for this man makes me sick. Not so long ago a person wrote Rants 'n Raves saying, "Let's not go the way of Europe." This person is probably one who cheers Obama.

What does this person think the word "global" being poured down our throats is all about? The Euro? How many of us over 70 would have thought this would happen? How many thought we would be fed and clothed by China 25 to 30 years ago?

It takes more than one to make a conspiracy and Americans are being kicked to death by these socialists. The person who wrote this statement has no clue of what's happening. Can't really blame him or her, though, as it happened quickly after Clinton came back from China during his presidency. Like the rug was pulled out from under us. Obama is bragging how GM is doing great as well as Chrysler, etc. Right! He owns them all! He is actually taking credit for the finding and killing of al-Qaeda. He recently gave $1.5 billion to a country in that area. Do any of you know which one? Why is there such mass hysteria over a pathetic liar, who made the statement, "I don't have to wear the flag in my lapel to prove I'm an American," just after his election in 2008.

Well Mr. Obama, keep all the illegals coming from wherever plenty of work here, plenty of water, lots of land. To hell with the men and women who fought and shed blood for the American dream. Just keep going after all those "rich b...s...t...d....s" who earn $250K a year and tax them to death. Is that your idea of entrepreneurship? I personally, would like to know your idea of the socialistic American dream.

Editor's note: Janet Napolitano, secretary of Homeland Security, testified before a House Judiciary Committee on July 19. Despite reports on some websites, including the Examiner, that President Obama "allegedly gave $1.5 billion to the Muslim brotherhood" without Congress approval, the president has done no such thing.

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