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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.38 / 5 (29 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Jul 27 - 00:33

A rebuttal about President (Barack) Obama

I think that the person (he or she) should return to middle school for a refresher English course.

When the president called the White House his, do you not think that he was using a rhetorical expression?

People need to use their minds, not their emotions. I would have said their brains, but it is evident some people are brain dead when it comes to politics.

I say this of both parties. God bless America!

Mortgage people

How do people get 3-1/2 years behind on their mortgage?

What gives them the right to live for free for that amount of time?

As I watch my neighborhood just pack up and leave I am angry that this is allowed to happen and how little regard people have for the ones that have to stay in the neighborhood.

I understand people falling on hard times, but three years of free living? Who picks up the pieces when they leave? Not the bank!

Everyone wants someone else to be responsible. How about before you buy a home you secure a job, you have 20 percent to put down and you are proud to be a homeowner?

If you do not have these requirements, stay out of my city.

I am not above 'tooting my own horn!'

Back in April, I submitted the following letter to numerous opinion forums in the media:

President (Barack) Obama has choices to make this summer. He can debate the issues, conduct a positive campaign and run on his record, or he can completely ignore his record and try to demonize his opponent instead.

Personally, I don't think that the president can run on his record and failed presidency, so be prepared for the most negative campaign ever. We are about to hear what a horrible person Mitt Romney is.

His only hope for reelection is to convince you that (Mr.) Romney would be worse than he is.

Rather than debate the issues, the "left" will attempt to discredit the opponent by ratcheting up the rhetoric.

Liberals will shift into desperation overdrive in an attempt to demonize (Mr.) Romney. Don't be surprised if you hear (Mr.) Romney described as a bigoted racist by Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

The president and his comrades would have voters believe that (Mr.) Romney is the most inept, corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.

Their personal attacks should now fall on deaf ears. Voters should demand that real issues be at the center of the debate.

The audacity of some people!

I have had two occasions to be eating breakfast at a local fast food restaurant recently and observed the following.

At one location, a lady saleswoman was with a younger lady in the large circular booth (obviously meant for larger guests) displaying/selling real estate or similar material with several brochures on the table. The only evidence that they were customers was an unopened bottle of water on the table. They stayed for a considerable amount of time.

The second occasion was at another location. While my order was being taken, a lady was asking for refills for two coffee cups with condiments. She was with a man (again sitting at the circular booth) with newspapers strewn all over the table.

During my stay for my breakfast, she again went for a second refill for each cup and again went back for condiments. These two were obvious senior people of financial means.

I wonder why management doesn't do something about these clods, or what would happen if I went in with my wife and four kids and asked to be seated there?

Average electric usage?

If your electric usage is 1,000 kilowatts a month or less, please raise your hand.

This is the "average" electric bill in Brevard County, as reported over and over again by Florida Power & Light. Please!

If you have gas for cooking and clothes drying, you still use more than their "average" amount of electric.

FPL must have a lot of customers with no TV, washer, or air conditioner, and who cook on a charcoal grill and hang their clothes outside to dry.

Even then, 1,000 kilowatts per month?

FPL continues to print this information when they are raising our monthly bills.

Also note that using more than 1,000 kilowatts is calculated at a higher rate. Try multiplying their proposed average increase by two to three times what FPL is telling you.

I spoke with more than 20 neighbors and friends, and none of them has a monthly bill for 1,000 kilowatts or less.

Maybe some of the FPL executives who have the "average" 1,000 kilowatts-per-month bill can share their energy saving advice, so that their customers can get their monthly FPL bill down to their published average?

Cable and television

I am surprised I have not seen letters to Hometown News regarding the latest problem the cable company is having with trying to negotiate a contract with WESH-TV of Orlando.

I am not interested in the news or weather from PA. I appreciate that we can view the nighttime shows, but the daytime ones are gone.

I do not have any extras, other than a digital box, and I am paying just under $90.

If you call customer service, you usually get someone from Mexico, who you cannot understand.

Occasionally, a person from the USA will answer.

I urge the cable company to settle this and bring back the signal from WESH-TV.

I also urge others to call the cable company to complain.

Something needs to be done.

Supporting teachers and schools

Wouldn't it be great if the American people supported public schools and teachers like they support professional sports?

Renounce your citizenship?

I see in the news that another wealthy American has renounced her citizenship rather than pay any taxes, which pretty much underscores the real Republican message.

They don't give a damn about this country; all they give a damn about is their money.

I suspect that if (Mitt) Romney isn't elected, he will probably renounce his citizenship and move to his tax havens, maybe like Bermuda, the Cayman Islands or Ireland, or Australia or Spain, any one of the half-dozen places where he keeps his money.

I guess he thinks that their banks are stronger than ours, and that their money is a better bet than ours.

Why do we need a president with nine or 10 tax havens all over the world?

Big insurance companies behind the negative ads

After watching all these negative ads about the so-called Obamacare, I can't believe that nobody has even figured out that the big insurance companies are behind a lot of these ads.

The money that they are spending to run these ads, they could be using in a better way to cut insurance costs.

It is trying to scare people. It is not giving the proper amounts of what is going to happen. And Bill Nelson does care about the people. He cared, and that's why he signed the bill.

Anyway, if people will really look into it and really see the money that is going to be saved by this plan, rather than the absurd priorities that are being bandied around.

Are the insurance companies scared to death they are going to lose their big profits when this goes into effect?

I think so.

Anyway, people, don't be afraid. This is for the betterment of all of us.

Just check the figures. Make sure you know what it really is before you panic.

Have I lived too long?

Now businesses have barricaded themselves behind phone systems with mechanical voices with programmed questions that don't address your reason for calling.

Even worse are phone calls routed overseas to someone who has an accent you can hardly understand, and whose culture is such that they can't relate to your problem.

You realize they are reading from a pre-programmed paper.

As an example, our local cable company has an advanced list of questions that verge on the exasperating.

By the time you can get to a department and someone claiming to be human, they claim they can resolve your problem.

Our problem is we haven't received a bill for services, on time, since February.

Before a penalty can be attached, they quote that the fault lies with the Post Office.

But the Post Office has had no trouble in delivering all our other mail, including the businesses' over-abundant promotional mail.

Next, they take all the necessary information, promise a quick resolution, without a penalty assessed ... and that it will arrive the next day.

Since February, I have gathered nine different names with that exact promise, but no delivery.

It is exasperating.

Let's change the school year

Let's forget all about politics for a couple of minutes and consider this.

Having just watched the Weather Channel and seeing how every afternoon is scheduled to rain and rain, I was just thinking that Florida has such beautiful weather October through December, why can't we change the school year to run from January through September?

That way, all of the Floridians would be here in case of a hurricane. They would all be here to take care of their lawns through the summer, and then when the cooler weather came, they would be free to travel to other places and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and the coolness of it all, and go to other countries, where all their kids are still in school, and there would be not the traffic that we would experience when everybody is on vacation in the summertime.

I think it is a great idea. Why would it not be feasible to have the school years run From January through September?

I think all Floridians would agree with me in thinking that it is a great time to sit at home and watch all these storms come and go.

Wild hogs will get you!

On the night of July 13, the early morning of July 14, vandals knocked down mailboxes on a road in Sharpes.

This was obviously done intentionally, not by accident. It was clearly done with force to my neighbor's stand and box, itself, that completely is on the ground.

My stand was sturdy enough to withstand whatever bat they took to it, but the metal container of the mailbox itself is on the ground with the nails bent so badly that a handyman is going to be needed to repair and replace the mailboxes.

I'm an old lady living on a fixed income who can hardly afford daily and monthly living costs.

I cannot afford an expense of a handyman who you are causing me to get.

How dare you, for pennies of pleasure, cause me pounds of pain?

You'll get caught. I wish the wild hogs that are coming out of the woods at night had been out when you were here. They would have put a horn up your butt.

But you'll get caught. You probably don't read, or can't read, for whatever reason.

What goes around, comes around.

The best first lady we have ever had

In the sense of our first lady, Michelle Obama, I take exception to the writer of "The worst dressed first lady in history."

You sure ruffled my feathers.

I think she is the best first lady we have ever had, and probably will ever have.

She has gotten out among the people and made her mark in history like no other first lady before her.

As for her bare shoulders, she is beautiful. If you've got it, flaunt it.

She dresses beautifully.

If memory serves me correctly, I believe Ms. Kennedy wore sleeveless outfits.

As for the 23 assistants, I'd say that she needs them, with all she does away from the White House.

Casino industry needed to fix our problems

It is awful that the people in Brevard County are hurting so much, and that our politicians have no big fix for any of it.

What would be good would be to create a new job industry.

They could create it in Port Canaveral.

Bring in a couple of big casinos and run them like Atlantic City and Las Vegas does.

It would create a whole new industry. Thousands of jobs would be created and be ongoing.

For those who say that it would increase drinking and gambling problems, we already have those problems.

We have no job industry here in Brevard County.

Politicians, make it happen.

Happy and well with the new healthcare law

I hear everybody down here in Florida say, "Oh, the new healthcare law is horrible. It's going to destroy everything. It's going to destroy jobs. It's a 'job killer.'"

That's a phrase that the Republicans came up with in the 1950s. I thought by now they would have a new one.

But if the healthcare law is so terrible, how come nobody in Massachusetts is crying about it? Only the idiots outside of Massachusetts are crying about it.

The people inside of Massachusetts are happy and living well.

Voter registration debacle

Having officially filed for absentee ballots some weeks ago, we received a "thank you" electronic email communication from the local Brevard County Voters Registration office, along with suggestion to review our official registration status on the Brevard County Voters Registration website. Surprise, surprise!

Every attempt to authenticate proved to be unavailable: "not registered," followed by instructions as to how to officially register.

A phone call to the county office with details of the problem this morning resulted in a totally unacceptable response/excuse.

Quote: "Sorry about the mix up, this is a glitch in the system which gives us problems time to time."

Further efforts by the "clerical genius" finally found, indeed, that we were both duly registered for absentee ballots.

During this exceptionally volatile election period, with all the hype about voter registration authenticity being in the forefront; I, for one, and many other citizens, would expect something or some elected officials to get it right once and for all, please.

Make the crossword puzzle larger

I am just agreeing with the person in last week's paper who wrote that crossword fans need more space.

We need the crosswords larger for our eyesights and our arthritic fingers.

I love crossword puzzles, but I can't do the one in your paper; and I know you need the space, but could you make the squares and the letters bigger?

Thank you.

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