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Rants & raves
Rating: 2.56 / 5 (41 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Jul 27 - 00:14

Leeper sculpture at City Hall not the first in public place

For the past two or three issues, the Hometown News included articles concerning New Smyrna Beach's 125th anniversary. In mentioning the sculpture by Doris Leeper, it was stated this was the first public showing. This was even mentioned in the program for the dedication.

However, there is a Doris Leeper sculpture on display at the New Smyrna Regional Library. It has been there since the building was built and open to the public.

Response: Pat Kuehn, Community Information Specialist for Volusia County Government, said the 6.5 inch-Leeper sculpture is believed to have been purchased by the Friends of the New Smyrna Beach Library after 1997 when the new library opened on U.S. 1. The sculpture, called "Celebration of Color and Surface," is under glass in the reading area. The large outdoor sculpture near City Hall, "Garden Sculpture 1," is 100 inches tall.

How can a church endorse gay rights?

Just wondering, how a church can endorse gay rights. In doing so, they may as well stomp on the 10 Commandments because by endorsing one sin, you are endorsing them all.

Ads let us know about services offered

We read the rant by one of your readers in the July 6 edition who was complaining about the number of advertisements in your paper.

We completely disagree with his comments. We believe these ads are the best way to alert us to local providers of goods and services. Ads not only support the paper, but also help the local economy by encouraging us to purchase within our community.

Also, a healthy ad revenue means your paper will have a better chance of surviving in this age of electronic media. The paper has improved so much in the past year and we look forward to reading each issue.

Thank you for providing our small community with quality journalism.

Town should get rid of businesses

Let's hope the DeBary government can get rid of those ugly businesses and signs that clutter up DeBary.

DeBary should consist of wide avenues and a few lovely homes and bike and walking trails. Industries and businesses should be forced out of town, except for one ice cream parlor and one tearoom. Their signs should look like monuments.

Restaurant needs more parking

Joe's Crab Shack is great, but there needs to be more parking. They should look in to having a patron's only lot.

Thanks for your honesty

To the lady who found my debit card on Nova Road in Holly Hill/Ormond Beach, thank you from the bottom of my heart for turning it in. How wonderful to find an honest, moral and helpful person. There's hope for this world yet.

Business name has meaning

I was very disturbed about Cecil Brumley's comment about Mel's Diner in Port Orange not having a Mel, Flo or Alice. He should get his facts straight. The diner is named for the owners' daughter Melissa. That was a bit negative. The diner has been done in a lovely setting and it doing very well.

Brochures are misleading

I don't know what offends me more, the fact that a political committee is handing out brochures that deliberately mislead the public about the electric system referendum in South Daytona, or the fact that the city itself is distributing these brochures on the committee's behalf.

Recently two "off duty" firefighters visited my house to hand me the brochure and tell me why I should oppose the referendum. I was told my support for the referendum could trigger a huge fee payable by the citizens. The problem is that this claim has already been shown as false. There can and will be no fee triggered by the referendum, because there is no contract calling for such a fee, there will be no contract prior to the vote, and if we vote Yes on 1, there may never even be the need for a contract. It's these kinds of misleading tactics that lead me and others to support the Take Back Our Power effort. If we can't trust our city to be honest with us, how can we trust them with such a huge and expensive decision? I urge you to vote Yes on 1. Give citizens the opportunity to decide for themselves who should provide electricity in South Daytona.

Response from Jeanne Willard, city of South Daytona public information official: The City is not distributing brochures on behalf of any political action committee. City employees enjoy the same First Amendment and freedom of speech rights of any American citizen, including the person who wrote this rant. Election laws do not prevent an employee of a local government from expressing an opinion on any issue at any time. The Firefighters Union endorsed the acquisition of the electrical utility and is taking the initiative to educate residents. While on duty, employees may educate residents on the merits of an issue, such as the benefits of a citizen-owned electrical distribution system. While off-duty, employees are free to distribute political information, join political groups and advocate for an issue without fear of reprisal or harassment.

FPL's proposed Separation and Transfer agreement clearly requires the City to pay a breakup fee of $11.5 million in liquidated damages if the City does not acquire FPL's assets and that language is tied to the Referendum. The wording is as follows: "If Buyer has breached its obligation to pay the Transfer Price or any of its other obligations under this Agreement or if the Referendum results in a Rejection and as a result Seller terminates this Agreement . . . then Buyer shall pay Seller, by wire transfer of immediately available funds within five (5) business days following the date of termination, as liquidated damages, an amount equal to $11,540,000 (the Breakup fee)." FPL has filed one document with the City and now wants its customers to believe something else. If FPL does not intend to impose a breakup fee why is it included in their proposed agreement? The City has not attempted to negotiate the wording of this fee, because it considers any breakup fee as inappropriate. FPL should retract or modify this request instead of trying to convince citizens that they will not do something they have demanded be included in the agreement.

For a full copy of the Separation and Transfer agreement go to the City website at www.southdaytona.org and click on the Electric Negotiations light bulb icon on the home page. Then select Separation and Transfer Agreement from the Frequently Requested Documents box. Go to section 8.3 on page 22.

Who is in charge of lighting?

Just wanted everyone to know that the new boardwalk and restrooms on Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach look really great from my seventh floor view.

My question is who pays for the lights being left on all night long in the restrooms, and wonder why they did not use sensor lights?

Also, they removed a streetlight in front of the beach patrol station next to the restrooms. Women and children walk this every night, and they just disappear into the darkness. The Wild Dolphin Motel just added some lights, which helps a little bit.

City needs sweeping

Guess we no longer have the street sweepers in South Daytona, and it is beginning to show, as the residents or some of them are not cleaning the area (gutter) in front of their homes. Some of the grass and the weeds are in need of attention as it is a real eye-sore.

Another thing is those who have moved their furniture (chairs/tables etc..) out in front of their garage or on the side of their home. What's up with that?

South Daytona is a very good city and it does not take much to keep your area clean. If help is needed, call the city as they have avenues to help those who really need it, or I have been told.

C'mon South Daytona, get with the program and clean up your area in front of your home.

Response from Jeanne Willard, city of South Daytona public information official: While our code enforcement officers do regular checks throughout the city, they cannot catch everything and we encourage residents to report code violations through a number of easy methods. On the city website at www. southdaytona.org. citizens can select the Mayor's Action Center icon on the home page to submit an anonymous complaint that includes a method to track the status of the complaint. Residents may also call the Community Development Department directly at (386) 322-3030 or send an email to cadd@southdaytona.org or drop by the department in person or send us a letter at City Hall, PO Box 214960, South Daytona, FL 32121. Whatever method is chosen, residents can always request that their complaint be kept anonymous. The Public Works Department does street sweeping on an "as-needed" basis and before and after storms. It takes all of us to help keep South Daytona a beautiful, clean and safe City and we appreciate our residents support in being good caretakers of their property.

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