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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Martin County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.73 / 5 (60 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Jul 06 - 00:58

In response:

To the authors of "Public schools are failing us" and "What's happening in schools?" Teachers can't do it all in school. There must be support at home, a quiet place to do homework and study, for instance, and parents must make students understand the importance of an education.

People are mean

What happened to saying hello to people on the street or in a store? If I say hello to a stranger, I'm looked at as if I have three heads.

There's a lack of manners and niceties. Kid's don't hold the doors or give up their seats. Why? Because their parents are lacking. They don't teach them the skills needed to be a decent human being. It's all very well that people are busy and have their nose to the grind, but we all need a smiling face once in a while.

Be nice when answering the phone

What's with the nasty women who answer the phone at doctor's offices? Why do doctors hire these women who are so rude? Why do they tolerate it? People will continue to change doctors until they find a respectful staff as well as a doctor.

Living is no longer affordable

The reality is that we will soon be living in a third-world country with widespread poverty.

Telephone calls have gone up. The power cost adjustment costs as much as the total kilowatts used on the electric bill. Garbage pick-up is more now than last year. Food prices have done through the roof.

And gas prices? I only drive when I have to, but there is little public transportation to get around on.

I'm over 50 and have no nest egg, no retirement, no pension and no job. I was told there were no jobs available to someone at my age and with my skills.

The future looks bleak. We must all help each other out during this time.

I would let the construction worker who wrote about being homeless live at my house in exchange for work. We need to barter.

A positive approach to driving safety

There are many rules to being a good driver, but the following are a good start.

Always leave a safe following distance. It will get you out of more jams than anything.

Slow down. Calm down. Obey speed limits. Speed turns a fender bender into a fatality.

I go nuts (when) people won't get out of the way of an emergency vehicle. Pull over when the emergency vehicle is within sight and put on your flashers. Some drivers are playing loud music or have impaired hearing. The flashers wake them up. Don't worry that someone might pass you.

Yellow lights are stop signals, too. If it is too late, fine. However, red light means full and immediate stop no matter what. Stop signs are full stop. A "rolling stop" is not a stop, but a yield, and requires that yellow yield sign.

Courtesy on the road decreases stress, so be polite. Let someone cut in if they are trying. Change to the left lane if someone is merging onto a freeway. If someone catches up to you, let them pass.

On a freeway, if you are going slower, ride in the right lane. Let the speed freaks have the left passing lane. If you are on a two-lane highway and have to go especially slow, pulling a trailer or something, when you get a line behind you, pull over and let them all pass.

Stop before a cross walk and always behind that wide stopping line. If a trucker tries to turn a corner, give the guy or gal a break.

You have to stop if a bus is taking on or discharging children. Be extra careful of the children.

I do not approve of under-posted areas set up as speed traps. This makes people lose respect for all law enforcement and should be beneath the dignity of all officers of the law. It also causes resentment and anger that becomes a traffic hazard

Cops should share

It is up to us, the people, to manage and elect those who best serve our purpose. It is therefore up to discussion, in this time of a sagging economy, how to best spend money we no longer have.

It is, of course, to spend where it is necessary, and eliminate that which we can't afford.

My neighbor and I were brainstorming over the backyard fence. We both contribute time to law enforcement in the county. He faithfully watches city council meetings and has a keen knowledge as to what is going on in our community. I feel there is waste in some community projects, and he may think otherwise. I respect his opinion, and we mostly agree.

One observation that he made is that police officers, by taking their police vehicles home at the end of their shifts, are not making the best use of our limited motor pool. I thought, like you, it is a deterrent to crime if you have a neighbor with his police vehicle in the driveway.

It could be, but it is taking a vehicle that could be used by the next shift. It amounts to more than the gas, etc., on the bottom line.

I only know of one officer, who uses his vehicle this way. There is another area in which I have lived, where an officer has three vehicles parked in his driveway from three different cities.

So, let's share a ride.

Cut instead of cry

Florida State University President Eric Barron is still moaning about budget cuts. Rather than crying, he should look to identify places where his school could be more efficient.

Increase the teaching load for professors? Reduce the number of administrators? Reduce the red tape? Increase use of technology? Or, God forbid, reduce salaries, employee benefits and pensions?

No, it's always the cry that, "we need more."

Benefits should go to Americans

I am not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican, I am an American who was born here and worked here until I got hit and had to file for disability. I was turned down. Now people who come from another country, who are not American, who are not even citizens, file for disability and they get it on the first try.

I know at least one person who does not even live here in this country and he gets disability. I don't understand how this is possible. It is time this country of ours wakes up and stops this.

I have already reported this person and nothing has been done about it. This was more than a year ago.

We need honest people in government positions to start to care about our own people here. We need to stop the ones who are in office only to fatten their wallets off of hard-working Americans and give it to other countries and to people who come here and file for these benefits.

Heading for more recession?

The Congressional Budget Office has reiterated what many observers already knew. Warning that the U.S. is headed for a "financial cliff," it indicated that President Obama's big spending programs are dangerously increasing the national debt and taking us in exactly the wrong direction. Because of slower economic growth, it reasons, there is little chance of much-needed job creation. Worse yet, it may be too late to change course abruptly.

The CBO concludes the current administration is "pitching the nation into a recession in the first half of 2013.

Editor's note: This is from the CBO's website. To read the full draft, go to www.cbo.gov/publication/43262. "In fact, under current law, increases in taxes and, to a lesser extent, reductions in spending will reduce the federal budget deficit dramatically between 2012 and 2013 - a development that some observers have referred to as a "fiscal cliff" - and will dampen economic growth in the short term. CBO has analyzed the economic effects of reducing that fiscal restraint. It finds that reducing or eliminating the fiscal restraint would boost economic growth in 2013, but that adopting such a policy without imposing comparable restraint in future years would have substantial economic costs over the longer run."

We must stay vigilant

How scary can it get? A cargo ship from the United Arab Emirates docked at Port Newark, one of our nation's busiest ports, with 2,000 containers.

The manifest said it was carrying machine parts.

However, authorities believe some containers could be carrying people.

If we don't remember the terror of Sept. 11, we might well experience it again. In the war on terror, we need even more vigilance to keep us safe.

Be nice, buy American

It would be nice if people choose to buy American.

Usually, the quality of American-made goods is better than things imported from foreign countries.

And, often the price is the same, even lower.

The Price of Freedom gift shop in D.C.'s National Museum of American History sells only U.S.-made products. E-retailers such as American-Aisle.com and MadeInUSAForever.com are easy to find.

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