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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.56 / 5 (70 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Jul 06 - 00:37

The use of executive privilege

I guess that Liberals just can't help themselves. Their multiple excuses explaining President (Barack) Obama's failed presidency always seem to mention G.W. Bush.

Again today, "Bush did it, too" is their lame excuse for our current president's use of executive privilege.

Yes, Bush claimed executive privilege to withhold information from Congress in reference to the dismissal of U.S. attorneys. It's something that Presidents do.

President) Obama is using executive privilege to obstruct an investigation into his Justice Department's complicity in multiple murders. Get the difference?

To vote, or not to vote

The letter stated that the letter writer is voting for no one and implied we do the same. This is asinine. Don't vote?

Does the letter writer understand the privilege and honor we have as Americans to vote, not to mention what women suffered and went through to get the right to vote?

It absolutely makes a difference if you vote or not. Without your voice and your vote we could risk losing funding for many things: local jobs, for example.

Everyone must vote. It is your right to do so. The current administration has a proven record of achieving many things in the last few years. I, for one, am pleased with their accomplishments so far.

I am part of the 99 percent.

Humorous, but terribly ill informed

Two weeks ago, I read one writer espousing our "leader" as this wonderful individual, who is such a great speaker, who needs no use of cards during his speeches.

This in itself is almost funny enough to roll over with uncontrolled laughter.

Having been involved with the Secret Service and knowing some agents (who are) still active, it is more than slightly well known that (President Barack) Obama, without a teleprompter, is no better speaker than a rank high school amateur debater during his first season of competition.

The first obvious sign of that was during his disastrous primary debate with (now secretary of state Hillary Rodham) Clinton in Pennsylvania, where he was soundly beaten and looked a fool.

There are also numerous clips on YouTube clearly showing his inadequacies on his own. Notice how his eyes always flicker off temporarily on both sides and the middle while he speaks.

Secondly, I am concerned about the writer from last week who stated, as an elder on Medicare, how untrue the ads are and how they talked about the president, who cares so much about us, and all the rubbish in certain ads.

Well, unfortunately for we seniors (of which I am also), if this plan goes through as written, we are in big trouble.

Not only does Medicare receive a huge decrease in funding, but that part of that decrease includes those at 75 and older; and if we come down with a condition that needs addressing, an "ethics panel" of who knows who reviews each case and decides who receives assistance and who will not. That's it! Decision made is final.

I will not have some group unknown to me deciding on whether I should be allowed to have surgery, have stents placed, therapy and so forth.

Sorry, this is not the pie in the sky as purported for us seniors. Dr. K and worse IMO and with no recourse or requesting. This is embedded and dictated by the legislation.

The Obama group is, at last, showing some wisdom

Our plan to draw close to Vietnam is a wise one.

Cam Ranh Bay can prove to be a vital post for our Pacific fleet.

The future of America without doubt is threatened by the growing might of "Red" China.

History tells us that our future existence depends on the changing strengths of world "dynasties."

We must stop focusing on Middle Eastern religious battles, between Jews and Arabs. We have given $200 billion to Israel since 1947. Israel should go it alone.

Now, our entire civilization is threatened by an expanding China.

If Afghanistan was a unified nation, it could be helpful. But it is not, and our effort there is stupid and costly.

Our relations with the Philippines and India must be strengthened to counter balance the loss of unreliable Pakistan.

I perceive a smart move by the administration, the first one, I might add.

Which America do we want?

The GOP primary election attack ads were much more vicious than any I've seen lately: more on the informative side, I would say.

Of course, these brief bits of information, while loosely based on facts, are not to be taken wholly to heart.

I do, however, find them scary.

Analyze the one that tells us that (Mitt) Romney has shipped jobs to China, Mexico and India; and I find that (Mr.) Romney represents "big business:" "big" oil that wants to drill off your shores; pharmaceuticals that want to keep selling their expensive brand name drugs through longer patents; corporations that laid-off thousands of workers while holding billions of dollars in cash; and those businesses that send your jobs to foreign countries because they'll do it cheaper.

Is that the "real" America we want?

Response to 'Talk to your neighbors'

I couldn't help but roll my eyes after reading this nonsense!

Maybe, your "beautiful daughter" should have some common sense and realize that there is a home built on that lot now, and her dogs don't care where they "do their thing," so it is up to their owner, your daughter, to make sure her dogs are using the bathroom in the appropriate areas.

Also, why are her dogs roaming free anyway? They should be on a leash. If they were, then neighbors wouldn't have to put up signs or come knocking on her door.

Owning a dog takes some knowledge I suppose, very simple.

Do not allow your dogs to roam on other people's property, put them on a leash and pick up after them.

No one should have to tell your daughter this. It's common knowledge. Maybe she isn't ready for "furkids" just yet.

The system that has tortured us continues

Our son suffered a traumatic brain injury eight years ago. Now that he has turned 21, Medicaid and Medicare have taken away all his nursing and have cut benefits.

On top of losing our home, car and every penny we had, we are now full-time 24/7 caregivers.

I read all these stories about people getting help for crazy things, but the people who really need it get zero.

I am so fed up with this political game of people's lives. There is less and less for the elderly and disabled.

Their answer when we asked what are we are to do was quit your job and take care of your son. In other words, fall into the very system that has tortured us through all this pain.

It was not bad enough having your son disabled, watching him suffer and all the pressure associated with that. Now, they want to add more complications.

We work and pay into a system all our lives only to be told "to bad" when we need help.

Now we will be homeless: no car and no care for our son?

What does it take to get our story and the story of hundreds of others concerning this?

When we read stories about poor verbally abused bus monitors who can raise $700,000 for their vacations, it makes me bitter.

What is this world coming to?

Let's ask England to govern us again

I think I might have a solution to the apparent demise of our political system.

Let's ask England to govern us again.

It would make the brainwashed Rhodes scholars joyous, also all the adulators of the Queen and her soap opera-material offspring.

Our media broadcast and print is already dominated by twits and their superior interpretation of what is the right slant on everything.

They wouldn't have to bother to manipulate us to fight their wars anymore. They could nullify the politicians over here by making them lords and ladies, which I think is the way they do themselves anyway.

And Lordy, women could start wearing "kookie" hats again. Think of what that would do for the hat-making industry.

And the best for the last: They only spend one month "politicing," and even then, only when the populace gets dissatisfied or discussed with the current policies.

Why are the multi-millionaires donating money?

You have to wonder what all these multi-millionaires who are donating millions of dollars to (Mitt) Romney's "superpack."

What do they want for their money? What are they being promised for the millions and millions of dollars they are laying out?

What's in it for them? Do they have your best interest? Is that what they are paying for?

If you believe that, then you better vote for (Mitt) Romney.

No respect for the elderly, or anyone

I just watched on my favorite TV station, FOX News, concerning a 68-year-young lady.

She was on a school bus, and had these middle school kids bully her.

I'm afraid I wouldn't have sat there. I would have gotten up and slapped every one of them.

What is the matter with these parents?

If (the children) were taught in the home to respect older people, people in general; this would not have happened.

The parents need to be fined for this. I am appalled at this.

Anyway, something needs to done about these unruly brats.

Thank you.

Too much bitterness, bigotry and negativity

After reading the latest issue of Rants & Raves, I was amazed at the bitterness and the bigotry and the terrible negativity of people living here in Brevard County.

I just can't imagine people just constantly knocking somebody down.

If you don't like the person that was elected, or you feel that your guy should have gotten in, that's an "Oh, well."

Anyway, our president is elected; and if you can't back him or help him, don't try to hurt him.

We have a free election coming up. Your vote will count, but the bitterness and the name-calling, I just don't understand it.

If your life is so miserable that you have to pick on someone else to feel better, maybe you should take a good look and see what you can do to improve your way of living.

Anyway, I think we have elected officials, the majority of them are trying to do their job, and it's a hard job.

If you are not happy with the way they are doing their jobs, maybe you should run for office and not be negative - and forget Satan - come on.

The current generation does not care

I just read in the Rant & Raves "The way it used to be," and I doubt very much that the current generation would give two hoots about the past generations.

They are only concerned with "me, me, me."

They have been referred to as "the Entitlement Generation."

They believe we should give them everything, and they shouldn't have to work for it.

If you would tell them about the Great Depression in the 1930s or World War II, they probably would only roll their eyes. They are disrespectful, little brats who have not been taught manners.

The death of an institution

For more than 40 years, my wife and I would go to the bank and buy United States Government Bonds for our children and grandchildren.

On the first day, we would go to the bank, tell them what we wanted. On the second day, we would go to the bank and sign the papers.

Two weeks later, we would receive the bonds in the mail.

As of December 2011, our president's regime does not want people to invest in the United States of America. You can't go to the bank to buy bonds. You must go online. Big deal.

Is this government service, to go online and give your credit card number into space?

Thank you.

Tired of buying things made in China

Thank you for the Hometown News, and I have something to say.

I am sick and tired of buying things that are made in China.

I bought an electric can opener that I needed. I took it home, and it didn't work.

I took it back to the store and bought another one of a different brand. Took it home. That didn't work. "Made in China" (was what it said).

Then I needed a toaster oven one day, and I looked all around and could not find a toaster over that was made in the U.S.A.

So, I had to buy one that was made in China, which I didn't want, but I had to buy it.

I am sick and tired of buying things that are made in China that do not work, and I don't know why we can't make these things in our country. They last longer, and they are not cheaply made, as they are in China.

Isn't there anyone who can figure this one out?

The Supreme Court vs. the president

I am sure most of you are aware of the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the Arizona immigration law.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled, in three of the four parts that they were looking at, in favor of President (Barack) Obama and his administration.

They did, however, rule in one part for the Arizona law to become legal. That is: if you have a right to stop somebody, you have the right to ask them to produce some type of verification that they have the right to be here. OK. Great!

But President Obama, acting like a dictator now, said to the Supreme Court that he was not going to enforce that.

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