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Four ingredients for spiritual healing
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Posted: 2012 Apr 20 - 02:54

It has been said for a long time, that laughter is the best medicine. I believe this to be true. The happiest people are able to deal with stress and other life-robbing factors much better than those who are burned out and have no reserve of joy in the soul.

Comedians and musicians traditionally live the longest lives because of this healthy inner glow and sense of well-being.

My discoveries about living a spiritually based life begins with doing things daily that psyche you up, put joy in your soul and make you laugh. This is the first ingredient: Do you want to be healthier? Of course you do. Start with lightening up your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The best way I have found to make these changes, is to find something humorous about life, maybe starting with yourself. It's healthy to sometimes poke a little good-natured fun at our selves. Then share this healthy humor with someone else and give them a laugh and a boost.

Now, here is the revealing truth: When we do this, it gets the self out of the way. The sweetest news is that everyone loves an underdog and people are endeared to us because of our humanity.

A joyous spirit flows upward and opens the heart, so that love has an easier pathway and channel.

The second ingredient for healing is an open, loving heart. People who allow the heart to shut down are the unhappy ones living without joy. Life without joy and love is a sad, painful way to exist. This can't be called living. If you dam a stream, it will become polluted, and the fish will die.

Every thing in life, to be healthy, must flow freely. Think about it. The quickest way to open the heart is to practice the first ingredient mentioned above, and then do something for someone that lets you share your joy and love. It comes back multiplied to the giver you know.

There are hundreds of ways this can be done. Put your imagination to work and discover this. Then take action and make it happen. True motivation comes from the heart.

A joyous spirit and an open loving heart bring renewed hope to the mind.

The third ingredient is hope. It is a sense of well being that gives us the inner feeling that all is well and maybe our dreams can come true after all.

Hope comes from surrender of the lower will or ego. The surrender creates patience, trust and faith in the higher will or the power and light within. This is hope at its finest and is not of the earth or the lower mind. I believe that true genius is placed in and lives in the soul of every living person on earth.

There may be exceptions to this rule because of genetic or physical damage at an early age that takes this gift away and leaves a person unable to find and use the genius. We are supposed to live a healthy, loving, abundant, faithful, joy-filled creative life.

Can you just imagine what this world would be like if every one on earth found these divine gifts and birthright and used them to share the awesome power of joy, love and hope? The whole earth would be a Garden of Eden.

Does this sound like a fairytale? I can dream, can't I?

The fourth ingredient for healing is purpose. When joy, love and hope live in the soul, heart and mind, it moves us past the fear of commitment, and gives rise and focus to a worthy purpose.

Then, when the world begins to sidetrack us, or get us stuck in the past, or worrying about the future, the purpose and focused commitment is what pulls us back and gets us moving forward again.

A person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. It goes around in circles, drifting aimlessly and ends up on the rocks.

My belief is that all permanent change begins in spirit. The four ingredients of spiritual healing are inside you right now, yearning to be set free.

My greatest wish is that you find this great treasure vault of joy, love, hope and purpose, bring them out, move them forward and let this high magic bring you life's richest blessings no matter what form they take in reality. You can do it. You were born to do it. Then help other's searching to find their truth and healing. This is a great life well lived. The sweetest news is the best is yet to come.

Until next time, never give up on your dream, your purpose and your passion. Keep on keeping on.

James Tucker

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