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Star Scopes, Week of Jan. 6, 2012
Rating: 2.83 / 5 (46 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Jan 06 - 05:51

Aries-March 21-April 19

Count your blessings. This is a New Year. The past one has given both challenges and blessings. This year will be better with the rewards outweighing the challenges. Make an accounting on a regular basis about how much good is coming your way and you will increase the odds of success and put them in your favor.

Taurus-April 20-May 20

Making wise decisions based on your instincts will keep you focused on the main issues that need to be addressed. You are at your best when you follow your heart not the head. Stay firm in your basic beliefs. Others around you may not always agree, but they will respect you for your firm resolve.

Gemini-May 21-June 21

You are a creative free spirit. Use your powerful gift of communicating when life gets sticky or begins to slow down. Be sure to make quality time for yourself each week and keep your mental batteries charged. The beginning of the year is no time to start feeling burned out. Strong concentration on your main objectives will bring positive results.

Cancer-June 22-July 22

This will be a good year for you. You are more relaxed, your mind is clear, your heart is open and your visions are strong. This balanced life will help you expand your goals and help them grow earlier than usual. It's good to see you taking better care of yourself. You are well known for taking care of everyone else first.

Leo-July 23-Aug. 22

You have the power of positive influence like few others. Why? Because of your fiery nature. You get a good idea and you put it into action. Two thousand twelve will be a year of continued action and many new adventures. Your good nature and encouragement is a large part of your success. It's part of your natural leadership

Virgo-Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You have done a lot of healing, changing and growing the past year. The key to success is to get a second wind when you begin to tire and use it to help you finish your projects in a timely manner. Your desire and visions are focused and strong. Stay on this edge and your life will be so magical that it will surprise even you.

Libra-Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You have created many new exciting changes in life. Your spirit is strong and your attitude is positive. Keep your life tools honed and sharp. The main one is balance. You are our leader in this area. You have the patience, faith and trust in spirit. Stay focused on your passions and get ready for an exciting ride all year.

Scorpio-Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your self-confidence is growing. You worry less. You live a day at a time. You are happier. Why? Because you continue to release the past and plan for the future. You are creating your own reality. You are a player in the game of life, not a spectator. The greatest is your open heart to receive and give love. In the game of life you are a winner.

Sagittarius-Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Where do you get all the energy? You amaze your friends. You have a never-ending supply of determination. You know what you want. You usually get what you desire. The key for stamina is to pace yourself. Make a list of your top priorities every day, and take care of the most important ones first.

Capricorn-Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You have a rare universal blessing. This gives you a highly-focused mirror into your own inner universe. The greatest thing you could do would be to meditate every day and listen closely to this rare guidance. Then, take action to create a great reality in the days and months ahead.

Aquarius-Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Few can keep up with you at the beginning of the year. Your sign is coming up next. The anticipation and joy of achievement is the fuel that fires your soul. The timing is perfect to launch your new projects. Your hard work has paid off. Nothing can stop you now.

Pisces-Feb. 19-March 20

It is time to show gratitude every day. Say this out loud every day. "I am continually fed by the unlimited good in the universe. I am thankful for my many friends who bring me great joy and love. I see good in everyone I meet. I am thankful when they see it in me. My heart is filled to overflowing. Thank you, universe."

Have a starry week everyone.

- James Tucker

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