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Jeffrey Urcan
This Week | Archive

Diet, exercise key to getting in shape
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Posted: 2011 Aug 05 - 02:53

This article is part one of a series to get you in shape.

OK, here we go with "get in shape in the middle of summer" Part 1. I want to ask all of you if you feel you are in shape for the summer even though it is the middle of the season? I bet there are quite a few who say I am not happy where I am at this point. Well here we go!

There are many things you can do to get in shape in the middle of the summer. One thing you can do is get out and take a good brisk hour walk. Even though it is hot, start in the early morning and work up to the middle of the day.

For an example, start your first walk at the sunrise, about 6 a.m. and work up to the middle of the day in slow increments. Walking daily will burn calories which, if done correctly, will burn the excess fat off your body. Try not to spend to much time in the heat and drink plenty of water. I walk every day for 4 miles and I use three bottles of water each being 24 ounces. Keep hydrated.

It's very important to keep from getting dehydrated. If you do dehydrate a clue to look for is getting tired and your legs feeling like they are going to give out. This is not healthy for your body and for weight loss. Your metabolism will slow and the fat you have that you're trying to get rid of won't come off.

Also, when you drink water it helps you flush out the fat cells that you break down. Try not to jump in all the way and walk 4 miles unless you feel you can do that. Just keep working up to the goal of about 4 miles little by little.

Another part of losing weight is eating right. If you consume too many calories or empty calories your cardio (walking) will not offset the excess calories you put in your body.

Remember "eat to live not live to eat" Your body is like a fine-tuned sports car. If you place the wrong foods in your body it would be like putting the wrong gasoline in your car. You will feel sluggish and not motivated to do anything. Some people try eating little to nothing for the day and then eat a large meal for dinner. Wrong. When you don't eat, your metabolism slows and you will not lose weight the proper way.

You will lose muscle and some fat, but the worse part of this kind of diet (starvation diet) is you will yo yo, which means you will lose weight on the scale and then gain it back and then some. If you lose muscle, then you are reducing your calorie-burning source.

Keep as much muscle on you as possible, so your calorie-burning source is high, thus reducing the fat on your body. This is done by eating right and training the muscles.

Besides most people say that it seems like a lot of food they are eating; it's not a lot of food, but it is eating balanced so your food is fuel for your body to function efficiently. This also keeps you from being hungry. This is the big key to keep from failing at the diet. You may want to consult a trainer at your gym or myself for guidance in a good program that is customized for you.

Every time I walk, someone always says to me that I am in good shape and asks me how old I am. They are completely blown away when they find out my age. They ask me how I got this way and the first thing I ask them is please give me an example of what you eat every day?

Usually they are not eating right although they think they have been. I am not alone in this statement. I know for a fact that most personal trainers who are approached by people in the same circumstances get the same complements.

Even people who are not trainers, but are in good shape due to the guidance of a personal trainer, get the same compliments.

Remember, the key to longevity is exercise and proper diet. You may want to consult with a personal trainer to get you on track not take the trial and error method. Many of my clients use the same program that has been around for many years and it always works. I have clients from the ages of 13 to 80 who follow this program and everyone has the same good results so age is not an excuse!

If you feel it is to hot out and would rather not walk even in the early morning heat then you can use a treadmill inside where it is cool or even an elliptical trainer. It is better to consult with a professional trainer for the best advice.

Well, good luck and think positive. Once you start, never look back, just keep forging ahead and before you know it you will be to your goal. It's never to late to start.

Jeffrey Urcan is owner of Two Fit Pros Training a private training facility in Stuart. Contact him at (772) 221-3551.

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