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Star Scopes, Week of Dec. 24, 2010
Rating: 2.94 / 5 (185 votes)  
Posted: 2010 Dec 24 - 05:58

Aries-March 21-April 19

You know what you want. Stay centered on your main goals. Listen closely. You are in a very positive energy pattern right now. Find a little quality time for yourself. Do a few deep breathing exercises when you first wake up. It's better than drinking two cups of coffee. Now you are running on your own steam. Good luck.

Taurus-April 20-May 20

Let go of the past and move on. Don't expect others to do things your way without a commitment. You can't rescue the wounded. Stop trying. Your place in this world is to keep a steady pace, move forward and live an exciting, inspired, joy-filled life. You have all this potential. Make the best of it. It's your destiny.

Gemini-May 21-June 21

You continue to shine in wonderful ways. Why? You listen to your inner guidance. You move forward when it feels right. Many friends are proud of you. Stay focused on your three top priorities. Less important things can wait. Keep this plan going in 2011 and you will have the best year of your life just ahead.

Cancer-June 22-July 22

There is much more to life than basic survival. All the earthly pleasures will not sustain you until you feed your emotional and spiritual needs first. Take it one day at a time and trust your very first impressions. This is possible for you because of your extra large heart. You can do it. Your personal happiness depends on it.

Leo-July 23-Aug. 22

Recent successes have motivated you to want even more. Just be sure to not take on too many things at once. No reason to get scattered now. You know what feels right. It's good to make a written plan or agenda every day. Be flexible but follow it closely. It will move you forward and insure success.

Virgo-Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Continue to keep a loving, open heart during the holidays and beyond. It puts you closer to the source and helps guide your life toward positive results. Do something really personal and creative for your true love and it will be fondly remembered for all the coming year. You will be surprised how much will come back to you.

Libra-Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The universe is going to bless you with all the energy you need to make it safely through the holidays. Contact a few relatives and friends you haven't talked to in a while. This spreads joy to the world. Find a little time to exercise, as well. This will keep you in top shape and raring to go when the New Year rolls around.

Scorpio-Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Give yourself a little extra time during the holidays. You work hard all year. Let this be a present to yourself. Take an inventory of your life and make new plans for next year. It is a time for saving and being resourceful. Clean out the hallway closet. You never know what you will find; maybe some hidden money.

Sagittarius-Nov 22-Dec. 21

Compassion and idealism along with a keen sense of humor best describes your attitude toward life. You have serious goals and high regard for the universal laws, but you wish to enjoy yourself while you work. Your cheerful attitude inspires others and makes them feel good. This wonderful gift is the rarest of treasures.

Capricorn-Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your time is becoming more valuable. Stay close to your positive inner circle. Then, take this new energy and use it to manifest your special projects. This plan will keep you moving in the right direction and please you with the results. The universe blesses you because you bless it with "balance."

Aquarius-Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The focus you have been giving to your main goals is working. You are on a positive roll. Your spirit is strong. Your mind is clear and your desire is great. Much new learning is coming soon. Continue to release the past of old habits, attitudes, events and things that no longer serve you. A higher level is on the way.

Pisces-Feb. 19-March 20

Your home life is better now than in a long time. Why? Because you have the courage to stand up for your true beliefs. This is the path of respect. Continue on with this natural high. This resurgence of your spirit and truth will now spill over in your professional and social life. I predict a fine year coming ahead for you.

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