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Sal Martignetti
This Week | Archive

How do you know when you got it?
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Posted: 2010 May 14 - 02:59

Over the years, how many times have you said "I've got the golf swing?" If you're like most people, you've said it many times. Since the golf swing is elusive and there's so many different ways to swing a golf club, how would you even know if you got it?

Everyone makes good shots from time to time, some more often than others. What about the guy that sets up to the ball so unusually you almost want to laugh. The ball is way out beyond his feet, his shoulders are pointing in one direction and his lower body in yet another. Then he swings the club and it's the ugliest swing you've ever seen, but it goes right down the middle. You can't help but shake your head. Is this guy a golfing genius? Probably not.

So, the question remains, how would you know if you got it? First, let's define, "got it." If you can honestly say you know where the ball is going 90 percent of the time, and you strike the ball consistently well, with predictable distance, then you probably have it. Knowing what your body is doing from setup to the completion of you swing is very important, but are they the right things. There are many ways to swing a golf club, but it doesn't mean they are correct, predictable or repeatable. There's several key elements to a sound golf swing that should be followed in order to hit relatively straight and predictable golf shots.

First, you have to be aimed and setup properly if you ever want to hit your target. You also have to swing the club back in a consistent and predictable way every time you swing the club. The simplest way I know is having your upper body lead the back swing while your lower body coils and withstands the winding up of your body. On the down swing, your lower body must unwind first, while your upper body follows, simply reversing the winding up process. This is the only consistent and predictable way to keep the club moving from inside the target line (on the down swing) to briefly along the target line to back inside the target line on your follow through. Can you hit the ball different ways? Absolutely, but can you do it again and again?

Is this an easy task? No, but what's the alternative? You could simply keep doing what you've been doing forever, but don't expect different results. The golf swing is like winding up a spring until it can't wind up anymore, then it simply unwinds. It's that simple, but difficult to do consistently well and with predictable results. However, following these key elements will improve you golf swing. You have to be willing to stick with it because the alternatives are much more difficult to master. Trust me, I've tried them all.

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Sal Martignetti is an independent golf instructor and can be reached at elusivegolfswing@gmail.com or by calling (603) 986-3376. His free e-book is available at elusivegolfswing.weebly.com.

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