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Jeffrey Urcan
This Week | Archive

What does 'eating clean' mean?
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Posted: 2009 Nov 27 - 01:53

This month I would like to talk about what we eat as personal fitness trainers to get and to stay in shape.

I am sure you have heard the phrase "eating clean." OK, what does that mean? It simply means eating foods in the right quantities and the right types to make are bodies run more efficient.

There are three food varieties that our bodies need to function like a fine- tuned machine.

The first is proteins. There are only a few proteins that are acceptable to eating clean. They are: egg whites, lean red meats, chicken breast, white fish and protein shakes. Let's look at egg whites.

Egg whites are a very clean protein. No fat or carbohydrate; probably the best source of protein. Next is lean red meats. What are they? Simply, red meat that is low in fat. If you check at the market or online what is the lowest in fat I am sure you will find sirloin, New York strip and lean ground beef.

Chicken breast is a lean and easy to metabolize meat. This is a good meat for very overweight people and for your evening meal.

Fish is another clean protein to eat, it is very easy to metabolize and a good choice for your evening meal.

Protein shakes are a good source for your morning meal and a late evening meal. You can also use this protein during the day for meals between breakfast and lunch and diner. Remember, in the right qualities you will feed your muscles and not store fats.

Why do we eat protein? Because protein feeds our muscles the necessary minerals and nutrients that are required to keep and build muscle. If you think of it this way, for an example, if you have plenty of sun- light on your lawn and no water, then your grass will not grow. The same is for the muscle and protein. If you exercise your muscles and do not feed them protein they will not grow.

Let's look at carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are used by the body for more than one thing. One is energy.

Carbohydrates give our bodies energy so we can function. It also speeds our metabolism so we burn calories.

To give you a good example of what we eat for carbohydrates: green beans, broccoli, asparagus and other green veggies, rice cakes and rye bread. Remember, in the right quantities you will feed your body the energy that is needed to function. Too many carbohydrates will result in weight gain.

There are many types of fats out there, but without going into all the different types, let me tell you the best choice would be to stay away from saturated fats. Why? Because this is what causes our cholesterol levels to go up and what clogs coronary arteries. There is enough fat in most proteins to feed your body what is necessary to function. But if you eat a protein that has no fat in it, such as egg whites, then it is necessary to add a fat to your diet with your meal.

Why do we need fat? Because fat is what keeps the carbohydrates stable during the time periods between meals. It also helps in the digestion system with processing your food. Remember again, in the right quantities, you will feed your body what is necessary so your body will function like a fine-tuned machine.

Well, we have touched on all the food groups that personal trainers eat to keep fit. On a normal day I eat about seven meals a day. To give you an example:

Breakfast: Ten- to 12-egg white veggie omelet, with two pieces of dry rye toast.

Three hours later I will have a protein shake.

Lunch: After three more hours I will have a 6-ounce lean hamburger patty with two pieces of rye bread.

Three hours later I will have another protein shake.

Three hours later I will have a 6-ounce lean hamburger patty with 2 rice cakes.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast and two rice cakes.

Three hours later I will have another protein shake.

That's my day. If you notice there are no sugar or heavy starches. This is eating clean and I feel great all the time. You will too.

I also wanted to alert you about an article about obesity being linked to specific cancers. I actually missed it, but one of my clients gave it to me. I must say I am not surprised, but glad to see it published. It was in the Nov. 5 issue of "USA Today." Find it at www.usatoday.com/news/health/weightloss/2009-11-05-obesity_N.htm?csp=usat.me.

This is all the more reason to get the fat off of your bodies. It does take time, about 3- to 4-pounds a week, but what we are talking about is quality of life and your ability to survive without some sickness that may cause you to lose your life.

Jeffrey Urcan is the owner and director of Two Fit Pros Training a private fitness training facility, located at 2201 SE Indian St., Building H-4, Stuart. Contact him at Twofitpros1@aol.com or call (772) 221-3551 for a free consultation.

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