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Jeffrey Urcan
This Week | Archive

Day-by-day workout planner
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Posted: 2009 Oct 16 - 02:53

This month I would like to talk to you about training and what I have found over the years to be very effective in developing muscle.

When I started in the gym, I took a look at the personal trainers and watched what they were doing with their clients. I also looked at the condition of their clients to see if they were making any progress and how they looked physically.

The most effective way I found is the push pull method. This method is effective because it balances the body by exercising opposed muscle groups while the other muscles rest.

For example, a good upper body large muscle group training method is chest and back, two large muscle groups in the upper body opposed to each other.

There are several ways to train all of these muscle groups giving many variations to use the push pull method.

Day 1 of your training week: Chest and back.

Working a large muscle group, upper body the first day of the week is a good choice. Your body is rested from your weekend off and you can put as much energy into your workout as possible.

I try to do at least four to five different chest and four to five different back exercises the first day of the week. Try some of these exercises with dumbbells, not just machines. This will help straighten your core, which is also important.

After repeating each round of eight to 10 exercises, get on a cardio machine for 10 minutes to give your muscles a chance to recover for the next round of weight training. If you repeat these exercises four times, you have trained your large muscle group upper body with 16 chest and 16 back exercises, which should take you about an hour.

Day 2: Legs. Large muscle group, lower body.

Again, choose exercises that work one muscle and then the opposing muscles. There are many different muscles in the leg group, so make a plan of your workout routine before you start your workout. Again try to pick four to five muscle groups to work the front of your legs and four to five for the back of your legs. After each round completed, let the muscles recover by walking on a tread mill for 10 minutes. Repeat this workout routine four times, which should take about an hour.

Day 3: Arms. Small muscle group, upper body.

The reason we work arms so late in the week is because on the first day, you work upper body large muscle group, chest and back. The arm and shoulder muscles are secondary muscles to the chest and back on day one, so they are getting somewhat of a workout. It is best to let the arms and shoulders rest until later in the week so when you work them out they have recovered and you get more out of that workout.

Again, pick five to six exercises with opposing muscles to balance your workout. After each round, let your muscles recover by walking 10 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical machine. Then repeat this workout routine five to six times, which should take about an hour.

Day 4: Shoulders and abs. Small and large muscle group upper body.

When picking exercises for your shoulders, make sure you pick the right weights for the muscle you are training. Don't use a weight for a large muscle on a small muscle. As a trainer, I have seen many people over the years with shoulder injuries. Start low in weight and gradually increase the weights over time to a limit.

Also, good form is very important. Try not to copy the average person in the gym.

Again, pick a workout that will weight train your muscles and balance your shoulder routine. I recommend four to five shoulder exercises with opposing muscles.

Pick a group of ab exercises but do not work them too hard. The reason is this is a large muscle group and they will get bigger in size if you work them too hard, thus making your waistline larger.

Again, when resting the muscles, hop on a cardio machine for 10 minutes and let them recover. Repeat this four to five times, which should take about an hour.

OK, I am sure a lot of you are questioning why I say hop on a cardio machine while you let your muscles recover. Well, when you work out, your heart rate goes up and that helps burn calories, so why not keep it up by doing cardio while your muscles are recovering?

In the beginning, it may be somewhat hard, but your endurance level will come up and it will get more tolerable soon enough.

Remember, calories in and then more calories out will make your body lose fat. Actually, it is 3,500 calories out in a given period of time over what you put in your body in the form of food that will make your body drop 1 pound of fat.

Do not try to starve the weight off, as you will lose muscle and muscle burns the calories you put in your body. If you try to starve the weight off you then you will yo yo diet. I will talk more about yo yo diets in my next article.

Also, change your workout routine about every four weeks of training to help develop the entire muscle you are targeting.

It is also wise to use a personal trainer in the beginning to get a good productive workout program together for you so you do not get hurt and you balance your body during your weekly routine.

The next article will be on what we eat to get in shape and what eat to maintain our physique as a personal fitness trainer.

Jeffrey Urcan is the owner and director of Two Fit Pros Training, a private fitness training facility. Contact him at Twofitpros1@aol.com or call (772) 221-3551. Two Fit Pros is located at 2201 S E Indian St., building H-4 in Stuart.

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