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Janna Hogan
This Week | Archive

Be who and what you are created to be
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Posted: 2009 Mar 27 - 02:57

By Pastor Janna

While away in the midst of the majestic mountains of Gatlinburg, Tenn., I observed the statesmanship of the grand settings and wanted to capture, through my eyes, pictures to store in my heart. The wonder of each breathtaking site, of what God did to display formations of His creations, made me begin to note that all around me were varied, colorful, textured expressions of intensity.

The earth, in its natural state, stood at attention under the heavens where God watches over all to perform His pre-determined will for each of us.

I considered how God made each of us to be contributors to His plan and how there is purpose in the uniquely different designs of each of us.

Still gazing on the grandeur of the mountain tops, I was comforted to note the solidness of God's plan for every living thing. No matter what level of life each had been given, each has a purpose and, therefore, holds value within itself.

Tall and stately trees stood erect, as protectors of the space their trunks were stationed on, while adding beauty to the mountains, along with the power of purification elements in being what they are, trees. The trees filter the surface of the mountains and set depths for seeking eyes to probe.

I was impressed by the worthiness of all that was around me, how all were created by God. Each seemed to be so submitted to Him in all they were and in their contribution to support His planned intention. There was no struggle to be what they weren't.

That is not the case with man. I was reminded of the scripture found in 1 Corinthians 15:10, where the apostle Paul talked about being who he was, by the grace of God. Paul said: "I am what I am, by God's grace."

How wonderful it would be for us to embrace who we are by God's grace and not let intruders make us dissatisfied with our God-given design.

I looked at the mountain that stood majestically, where untold mysteries of expressions awaited those seeking to experience the uncommon benefits of remote places; places that are somewhat protected from the soiling of too many people who, if given a chance, would try to alter what stands perfect, as is, with no alterations.

The grounds were pregnant with living creatures, yet few, if any, could be seen at a glance. Deer and bears, wild turkeys and rabbits, as well as other creatures, walked those paths. They had a place there along with thousands of birds and insects.

The wind dancing through the trees made a melody with the birds. Some sounds were distinct and others were a background, yet there was no conductor for their harmonious masterpiece. At intervals of silence, no one applauded their song. Birds, just being who they were, gave freely their contribution.

Noting how the surroundings stood and functioned in their calling, I thought, "Isn't that a key for us, that we live in a manner worthy of our Creator's design, not allowing our lives to be devastated by damages that come our way?"

We can choose to honor our Creator over what creation has done to us. We often let flammable times in our lives leave us barren, unbecoming and uninviting to others. Why not choose to let the tree of our lives have a chance to flourish and bloom again? As long as there is life in us, we have great potential being who God has made us to be. We know forests are consumed by fire and, yet, a season later, they're revived and flourishing. Why can't we?

We have value and worth to offer that does not depreciate. We have what we need to be a contributor to our families, churches and communities. The generation we live in and leave behind needs us.

Through God, the streams of our lives are to be as fresh as sweet spring water, not bitter water that get polluted by travelers who have tampered with what is not theirs to violate. Why let anything make our sweet waters bitter?

We're here to please God, our creator, maker and designer. By doing that, we'll please others and ourselves. Let us be true to the truth of who God has called us to be. His plan and design of us is perfect. Let us make no apology for who we are, by the grace of God.

Let us live according to our designer's plan.

Pastor Janna Hogan leads Jesus is the Key Church & Ministries, 1701 South Babcock St., Melbourne. Call (321) 724-8434, e-mail pastorjanna@jitk.org or visit www.jitk.org.

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