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Now browsing: Hometown News > Religion > Finding New Life

Rating: 2.49 / 5 (403 votes)  
Posted: 2008 Aug 07 - 21:56

A few days ago my wife (Mindy), my two sons and I were riding down the road, almost home. Mindy and I were talking about something, I can't remember what, but it seemed quite important at the time. Suddenly, out of the backseat came a stream of rock n roll, and I mean the loud kind, out of my 7-year-old, Elijah. It went a little something like this: "You're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker, don't you mess around with me."

A 30-year-old 1980s Pat Benatar rock anthem had somehow survived a generation (or two) and was being sung with vigorous enthusiasm at the top of his lungs by my son, in the back seat. Mindy and I couldn't help but smile as he ran out of the lyrics that he knew. There was a brief moment of silence in the car as we regrouped, and then Elijah broke the silence with this question about his previously sung lyrics,.

"Dad, what's a heartbreaker?"

I immediately thought to myself, "Son you don't want to know." But of course, eventually, I had to answer his question.

For most of us who have lived a few more than seven years, we don't need much explanation as to what the definition of heartbreak is. We know it, have felt it, are feeling it right now and most likely, in some way, will encounter it again before long. It is trouble and it can injure our lives, relationships, future and even our legacy if not properly dealt with.

The title alone to the Rolling Stones hit in 1978, "I'm Shattered," can explain the way that most people feel, most of the time. Shattered. It's sad, but true and the good news is that there is help. We just have to look in the right place. Hundreds of years before Jesus came on our earthly scene, there was a prophet named Isaiah, who said that one day, "One will come to bind up the brokenhearted."

When Jesus does enter our world, several hundred years after that prophecy, he proclaimed that he was the One who had come to do just that, among other things. To bind up the brokenhearted.

In the Psalms, it is said that, "He heals the brokenhearted."

Jesus came to fix us. Of course, there will be trouble in this world. There will be heartbreak, but it doesn't have to keep us broken forever. There is healing for our hearts. The Bible makes it very clear as to the most important things to do in life in order to please God. Here it is simply said, "Love God and love people." A man once asked Jesus "Of all the commandments, which one is most important?" Jesus answered, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength." The second is this: "Love your neighbor as yourself."

The first few words of his answer keep me busy about guarding and fighting for my heart.

Love the Lord with all your heart, not just part of your heart. I really believe this is why we are so encouraged and helped in binding up our hearts, not losing pieces of them along the way of life because we really need all our heart in order to love God the way God deserves to be loved and to love others as we are meant to, not to mention loving and forgiving ourselves. Listen, we all have pieces of our hearts that get lost, broken or even forgotten along the way, but your heart is worth the fight, and God is on your side healing you from the guilt of the past, the pain in your present and putting every part of you back together, fixing your future. This is life. Don't stay broken.

Jason Linkous is the executive pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship, 6755 S. Washington Ave. in Titusville. Contact him at www.findnewlife.com.

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