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Clutter can stand in the way of success
Rating: 2.94 / 5 (166 votes)  
Posted: 2008 Feb 15 - 02:55

Do you feel as though you are always running in circles, running a little late or behind? When arriving in one location, are you already thinking about where you are going next and the 20 other things due next Tuesday?

Is your home, workplace, calendar and thinking on clutter overload? Is clutter not just a "sometime thing" but rather a distracting, debilitating, discouraging "all the time thing?"

Is clutter casting negative energy on your ability to be productive at work, to have calm and peace at home or be able to deal emotionally with a hectic day-to-day schedule?

Step one: control your clutter

The first step in dealing with clutter is to take control. It isn't just about organizing it, filing it and putting it into a pending folder or box. It is about controlling it. From a feng shui perspective, you can determine if something is clutter by asking yourself a few simple questions.

. Do you need it?

. Is it functional, do you use it, wear it or consume it?

. Does it make your life easier or better at work and at home?

. Does it provide positive energy because it is beautiful or was it your grandmother's?

. Is it an event on the calendar that will make you a better person or be essential for reaching your goals in the work place?

Essentially, things in life should give supportive, uplifting energy that leads to lowered stress and increased productivity in the workplace and calm, peace-filled surroundings at home.

In the workplace, control all paper clutter by organizing it. Sort it, file it and toss what is no longer relevant or you don't need.

Toss old dead plants, empty boxes and stacks of stuff you will never read. Maintain an empty in-box and organize active paperwork in a way that makes it easy to retrieve. Your productivity will increase.

At home, determine how to best deal with the daily bombardment of wanted and junk mail, magazines, stuff on the counters and in corners. Deal with all that junk mail the first time you pick it up. Do not pick it up and put it down thinking you will get to it later. Get rid of it the first time you touch it.

The home can become a reservoir of the attitude "things I'll get to sometime" or "I may need that someday."

Ideally, a home should be a reservoir of peace-filled supportive energy that leads to calm, peaceful surroundings that nurture good health and improve relationships.

Energize your success

There is a tendency, both in the workplace and the home, to over-do everything.

In the home, overstuffed and oversized furniture is often purchased for rooms that are too small because they are the "in" thing.

In the workplace, desks and credenzas are often stacked high with so many folders, papers and pictures of family members that there is no room left for someone to be productive and creative at his/her desk.

The same holds true for date books and calendars, too much stuff.

One little known key to productivity and success is to allow for breathing room. The old saying "less is more" is an extremely good rule to live by. Positive, uplifting supportive energy needs empty space before it can move and flow throughout your home, workplace and life experiences.

When clutter stands in positive energy's way, there is no place for it to enter your life and there certainly is no place for it to go even if it could enter.

Once you've cleared your clutter, do not fill up that space with more stuff.

There are many other feng shui techniques for energizing space so you can achieve your objectives in life but the first two always are: control clutter and allow new uplifting supportive energy to flow throughout.

Pat Heydlauff is a feng shui consultant, public speaker, columnist and artist. For feng shui consultations and energy design work in the home or office call her at (561) 799-3443, e-mail her, balancingenergy@bellsouth.net or visit her Web site, www.energy-by-design.com.

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