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Ways to take control of chaos and stress
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Posted: 2007 Aug 31 - 02:55

With fall fast approaching, children going back to school and returning to a "normal" schedule; now is the time to prepare for the more hectic busy season ahead.

Does your fall routine create a calm more peaceful time in your life? Or do you, as millions of others, have so much to do that the additional fall events creates chaos and stress by setting a frantic pace?

Does this sound all too familiar? Does volunteer work, networking groups, children's after school activities and social "musts" get in the way of work, home and personal life? Does it feel as though you are spinning out of control and don't know where the stop button is?

Push the stop button now

Once fall sets in, it is too late to push the stop button. Now is the time to evaluate commitments so you can stay calm and in control. Now is the time to determine whether various organizations you give time and money to are of value and should stay on your fall list. Now is the time to commit to a set amount of after school activities. Now is the time to plan to stay in control and not let chaos and stress enter.

People have a tendency to be super heroes with their time. They think they can have it all and do it all. They join groups, go to meetings, attend religious services, go to all of their children's events, run errands, work eight or more hours per day and wonder why are they exhausted. They are exhausted because they over commit and over- extend their personal energy level. A daily exhaustive routine, such as this, creates chaos, an unbalanced life and lots of stress.

Five steps to help you create calm

This type of self-created stress can be totally controlled and even eliminated. Take steps now to not only calm your chaos and stress but prevent it. If you are ready for a change try the following.

No. 1. Make an "activities list" today of all of the anticipated events that begin again in the fall. Be sure to include everything. Then rank each item with a number, with one being the most important. Eliminate everything that does not provide positive energy or is not mandatory. You will feel more "in control."

No. 2. Always take care of items one through three first. If you do not have time for the others, at least you will have always taken care of the three most important things. You will feel a sense of accomplishment.

No. 3. At the beginning of each day, make a short list of the most important things you must accomplish that day. Rank them in order of importance and again, focus on items one through three. Do those first. You will all but eliminate stress.

No. 4. Whether at work or at home, take a 60 second energy break at least twice per day. Close your eyes and slowly take three long breaths. Draw the fresh air in through your nose and slowly blow it out through your mouth. You will feel refreshed.

No. 5. Review your "activities list" at least every 60 days to allow for changes and additions. This is the time to be careful. If you add something important, take something less important off the list. You will stay in control so chaos cannot enter.

Planning ahead so you can live a calm, balanced life guarantees you will keep stress to a minimum and stay in control. When you are in control, your life is calm and for the most part, chaos free. Your "activities list" becomes your owner's manual for preventing exhaustion and maintaining high energy levels.

Rather than allowing the fall season to dictate a hurried lifestyle filled with chaos and stress, push the stop button now so you can be in control.

Create your "activities list" and follow it closely. With you at the controls, not outside events and organizations, you will replace chaos and stress with calm, balanced more peace filled life.

Pat Heydlauff is a feng shui consultant, public speaker, columnist and artist. Feng shui and self- discovery painting classes begin September 10 in Palm Beach Gardens. To sign up, call (561) 630-1100. For feng shui consultations and energy design work in the home or office call her at (561) 799-3443 or e-mail her, balancingenergy@bellsouth.net or visit her Web site, www.energy-by-design.com.

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