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Alan Horowitz
This Week | Archive

Physical signs of structural imbalance
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Posted: 2007 Jun 07 - 23:07

There is a new emerging identity for physical medicine treating disease, but what is the diagnosis? This subject plays a critical role in health. A stressed-out nervous system is the cause, with resulting constrictive, inflammatory and degenerative consequences and is more serious than previously thought.

The physical signs of structural imbalance represent the tug of war between the internal environment and external environment. Your posture is a reflection of how your nervous system has protected you in survival. Fear, control, educated mind, stress and tension are related issues sensed and negotiated, with no right or wrong, by your body/mind.

Slumping posture holds the world on its shoulders. Too straight or military posture suggests rigidity and control. Thickening of muscles decreases life, but creates stability. More thickening is protection. You are a blend of these characteristics. Have you ever seen a sick person with a healthy spine? How you carry yourself is who you are, what you're about, and a health indicator.

People experience traumas and stress related to every aspect of life. This challenges the nervous system through the stresses and strains of everyday living. It starts in the womb and over time is the dominant cause leading to physiological dysfunction.

Many adults and children who are sick today do not seem to be getting better. Physicians on the front lines of health care will tell you that the clinical picture has changed from years ago.

In the past, patients appeared with acute and chronic pains that were persistent with minor debilitating effects - one case, few symptoms. Nowadays, patients present themselves with syndromes - neck pain, back pain, stomach trouble, headaches, jaw pain, extremity pain, anxiety and depression - one case, many symptoms. This is most alarming!

Today, there are so many labels such as attention deficit, auto-immune, hyperactivity, hypereverything, as well as multi-causational stress disorders, which suggest that the patient has health problems due to chemical imbalances resulting from drug deficiencies.

You are all hyped up on imbalances in your nervous system, neurotransmitters and hormones. You know your nerves are stressed to the max. You may live with a sense of impending doom and have a sense that you are degenerating, but you do not know what to do as symptoms progress. The fact is that you have the greatest drugstore and physician within, with the ability to assemble innate forces needed for healing with the infinite wisdom and intelligence of the universe.

You may have an even bigger chemical imbalance than you know. Your stress levels are literally beyond words because your nervous system is not able to handle the load. This is seen through posture exhibiting the signs of dysfunction in survival, resulting in stress-related syndromes. Scientifically speaking, most syndromes are of unknown origin and have become a major clinical concern.

You've internalized all your stress and are symptomatic; and your body/mind is talking back and crying for help. The good news is that a common built-in biological code for human transformation, be it radiant health, stress and trauma liberation or spiritual growth, has been found, and alternative, natural help is available.

Health care providers are usually too busy putting Band-Aids on problems rather than embracing more of the knowledge they studied to bridge the gap to stop suffering and prevent disease. The need today is to emphasize that physical signs of structural and nervous system imbalance can cause multiple health problems. The brain/body, nervous system, posture connection can be seen as objective physical signs to realize an approach for correction. This is applied physical medicine.

Many times with physical diagnosis, more is missed by not looking than not knowing.

Practitioners who work with these signs know the important role they play in health and wellness. Since it's difficult for people to stop by their doctor's office to get checked, below is a checklist for the easy viewing of the physical signs of structural and nervous system imbalance. Rather than trying to get small groups of people to heed this health alert, this is now being sent to all the community households - 50,000 evaluations or opportunities to educate and change people's lives.

Posterior observation (back view):

1. Lateral (side to side) deviation of the spine

2. Tuft of hair or skin discoloration to small of back

3. Unlevel shoulders

4. Unlevel gluteal fold

5. Angling gluteal crease

6. Unequal flank angles

7. Imbalance to opposing muscles masses

8. Wing scapula (shoulder blade)

9. Unlevel ears

10. Prominence of one cheek from behind

Anterior observation (front view):

1. Chest deformity

2. Rib inequality

3. Imbalance to muscle mass (asymmetry)

4. Head tilt

5. Umbilical deviation from midline

6. Leg bowing

7. Knock knees

Lateral observation (side view):

1. Increased curve to the small of the back

2. Head carried forward

3. Rounded shoulders

4. Tilted pelvis

5. Flattening of the spine

6. Pendulous abdomen

7. Knee contracture

8. Knee hyperextension


1. Low foot arches

2. High arches

3. Toe deformity

4. Unequal size of body and muscle structure

5. Abnormal internal or external arm/hand rotation

6. Duck walk

7. Pidgeon toes

8. Uneven hems, waistline or pant legs

9. Uneven shoe wear

10. Loss of range of motion

11. Clicking joints

Recognize that overloads from the accumulated stress and tension from your lives causes much of your health and disease dysfunction.

Understand that you are projecting your stress and tension to your children, and they likely are going to wind up like you.

Become aware that physical signs of structural and nervous system imbalance need to be taken more seriously.

You are not human beings; you are human becomings. The opportunity to evaluate your health is in your hands. This checklist originally was put together for parents and teachers to check children, but it applies to everyone. The cause of structural imbalance is nervous system imbalance and degeneration.

This is a health alert, and it's up to you!

For questions, call Dr. Horowitz at Advanced Chiropractic in Edgewater at (386) 423-4444.

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