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Alan Horowitz
This Week | Archive

How do you know if you are healthy?
Rating: 3.17 / 5 (185 votes)  
Posted: 2007 May 25 - 02:53

You may not be as healthy as you think you are. The problem with the health care system in America is that we have too many sick people. It's not only how you feel, but how you feel about what you feel. There are quality of life indicators that assess the quality of your health, not your disease.

Ask your doctor for his criteria and quality assessment of your health. Under his or her care, whether for a routine visit or for some major or minor procedure, do you feel more joy, more connected, more whole and focused to life's purpose? How do you and your physician know if you are healthy? No state board licensing exam for physicians asks how you know if someone is healthy.

There are two health care models in prominence today. The Biomedical Model represents Newtonian, material and objective thought, whereas the Social Science Model represents Einsteinian, quantum and subjective realities.

The former has been studied and quantified over the past 400 years, and the latter is a more recent development of the last part of the 20th century that is revolutionizing health care and healing now and for decades to come.

Although science is pure, the Biomedical Model is an allopathic perversion of science in that there is no indication that physical deterioration and clinical findings have a consistent relationship with symptoms and are not consistent with prognosis. This does not mean that this model has no value, but symptoms could go away and you'd get sicker. Symptoms are just a small health indicator.

The Social Science Healing Model has recently emerged as one of the hottest topics in the health care arena. It works to improve function and change perspectives of the world, giving rise to joy and wellness, and represents a change in consciousness in the healing arts, which suggests lifestyle management can create tissue changes. If you help the person, disease manages itself.

Leading edge scientists in the fields of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and modern physics agree that living biological systems are energy systems made up of subsystems that negotiate with their environment for the utilization of life energy. The more active or reactive these energy subsystems are, the more likely you will assess high for quality of life health indicators.

Now, having mismatched expectations, many of you grew up thinking that our society/culture was infallible since it was based on scientific fact and seemingly wonderful achievements. The prospect for health care in the future is being able to assess and create parameters for quality of life, which is the cause of health.

Health is not just the absence of disease or infirmity. It is when your energy systems are free flowing and responsive to life's needs and desires.

The neurospinal - musculoskeletal system is a holographic representation of your life. The tension, tone and position of your structure dictate the quality of your life, your experiences and your consciousness.

These body tensions are adaptive to life's forces, which changes the way energy flows by blocking it or storing it. Blocked and stored energy creates dis-ease, which becomes disease. This is not the old two-dimensional paradigm but a more advanced, multidimensional model for more life, healing and health.

Our health care or disease care statistics are a proverb of repeating lessons. Health care should be a phenomenon of helping the human body reorganize, redistribute and release (dissipate) blocked and stored energy. We are multidimensional beings.

What has been left out of the Biomedical Model is a thing called "life" - a product of your nervous and emotional energy subsystems. Objective assessment to normal is not enough. Normal is a setting on a washing machine. The Social Science Healing Model has lots of indicators for health. It is clinically driven by seeing clinical changes (health-related quality of life indicators) with patients self-reporting these changes.

You, as a biological system in a process to attain health, are limited by the models with which you work. If you are not functioning at your highest potential, you may not be aware that more exists. This is not an attack on biomedical consciousness, as everything has its time and place. However, for the future health and welfare of your families, communities and planet, working with and understanding biological energy systems and health-related quality of life indicators is imperative.

This is a glimpse into the future, and it's up to you!

Alan L. Horowitz is internationally known as a healer, practitioner, writer and speaker. For answers to your healthcare questions, Dr. Horowitz can be reached at Advanced Chiropractic in Edgewater at (386) 423-4444.

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