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Alan Horowitz
This Week | Archive

Your nervous system is your master
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Posted: 2007 May 11 - 02:53

Dr. Alan L. Horowitz

Health resolutions? Your nervous system is your master. How many times have you joined the gym, set up increased exercise regimes and changed your diet or any other behavior?

The natural state of all living things is ease. Each of you are capable of finding your way back from physical, chemical and emotional overloads, which you face in your daily life. These overloads dis-empower you and interfere with your plans. Do you do better with planning and organizing when you are peaceful or when you are under stress?

You face repetitive stress situations and might not realize that physical, chemical and emotional changes are occurring in your bodies. When environmental threats are perceived by the brain and nervous system, mind and spirit are suppressed and musculoskeleton hardens and adopts a protective posture.

What does this feel like? It feels like physical stress and tension have built up in your body and may be accompanied by systems. The stress and tension, which builds up in your body and spinal system, send altered, abnormal messages to the brain and organs - and then the brain and organs send altered, abnormal messages back to the body and spinal system. Over time, this creates abnormal tissue function, cause disease. Not only is the disease looming, but when your nervous system is bombarded with disorganized signals, how can you get organized? How can you focus? How can your children behave?

Resolving to do something can be easy. Succeeding may be challenging. When you come up against something that is uncomfortable, you walk up against your resistance. The latest in neurochemistry tells us so. The response of your nervous system generated through the brain/body connection is millions of years old. It operates to protect and survive. Why should it change?

Pathways through the nervous system establish your abilities as well as your boundaries, which establish your capabilities or lack of capabilities. A virtuoso is someone who exhibits pathways in the nervous system, which are highly efficient, and in complete ease. This allows for a higher expression of biological life.

The greater resistance you feel, the greater the resistance in your body produced by the protective mechanisms of the body/mind. The older you get, the greater the protective body layers, which increase resistance in life situations and decrease body function. This is why people get stiffer, more rigid, more conservative and more symptomatic, as they get older. With your protective layers, you literally walk up against a wall within yourself, which stops you from getting ahead. Now circumstance and excuses arise, sabotaging your goals with or without your awareness.

Here's answer to succeeding with your resolutions and goals without becoming a nervous wreck or a type A personality workaholic -: about your nervous system and about ways to limit the brain's perception of stress by working to bring your nervous system to peace.

Be easy on yourself. The nervous system is your master. The more ease you have in your body/mind, the healthier, more efficient and flexible you will be to handle life's stress. The key to being able to succeed with your health resolutions, as well as with all your goals, is to have a nervous system that is flexible, organized, efficient, empowered and peaceful. This is health. It's up to you.

Dr. Alan L. Horowitz is an internally known as a healer, practitioner, writer and speaker. For answers to questions pertaining to this article, call (386) 423-4444. His practice is Advanced Chiropractic in Edgewater.

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