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Alan Horowitz
This Week | Archive

How to go on after life traumas?
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Posted: 2007 Apr 13 - 02:53

Dr. Alan L. Horowitz

You can magically feel better each day in every way, if you only knew how. This is an introduction to a series of columns entitled "It's Up To You!" I have been writing these columns since 1978.

For 5,000 years, scholars and physicians used thought, dedication and skepticism, developed various sciences, and employed many methods to stop human suffering from disease.

If it was spoken a thousand years ago - that man would be able to send messages without wires - create living pictures in a box - or even walk on the moon - people would have laughed, condemning the orator as some form of heretic or mad person.

It's the 21st century now, and science has a lot to say about the human experience, the health care system has evolved into two models: medical care and alternative care (natural therapeutics).

The practice of medicine (disease care system) will become a more limited specialty, with many practices and their notions about how to achieve health and happiness going the way of vinyl records and typewriters.

The use of natural therapeutics integrating structural, nutritional and emotional theories of life for health and prevention will become a matter of public domain. History (her story) reveals that everything is a question of evolution, and "It's Up To You!"

You are living in a disease-oriented society, which picks up on fads, follows commercial trends and identifies with false beliefs and value systems. Your minds are fed junk and your nutrition has been adulterated, debased and impure. The disease statistics are mounting for young and old alike. An article from the Journal of the American Medical Association states that medical expenses have increased 40 percent in the last year.

Wellness is not just the absence of symptoms. It may be more about how you feel and your relationships in life, especially with stress, rather than objective findings. Clinically speaking X-rays, lab tests, electrocardiograms etc. show changes in your health status after the brain, body, mind and spirit have been engaged in a degenerative process for decades.

Social tendencies have become more techno-automated, superficial, cruel and greedy. With this, mass media and big business monopolies have led you to perceive medical care as infallible. If you also embraced concepts of wellness in the administration of health care, you could heal the past and avoid future illness. Illness and lack of prevention have become costly in terms of money and human suffering. Science says you are capable of living 140 years. Prevention is cure.

The alternative holistic health care market place has lots of confusing information from the perspective of figuring out and getting in tune with what's right for you, pertaining to your health and wellness. One of the main goals of this column is to make it easy and simple for you. Practices in holistic health care have developed over the years. The wellness care philosophies in vogue today have shown the most promise in greatly alleviating human suffering. This is also supported by documented research.

This bears repeating: Wellness is not just the absence of symptoms. Wellness care, in its highest form today, delivers a feeling, which sparks your life, creating more life in your life. This animates, inspires, and creates a more expressive physiological life impulse in you through your nervous system. This improves your physical state, response to stress, mental and emotional state, life enjoyment, and quality of life. The magic is in you. Health and wellness is a multi-faceted experience.

This column will show you how to turn on the life you've lost due to the traumas you have endured and the stress-based society you live in. Choose your priorities and keep reading "It's Up To You!"

Dr. Alan L. Horowitz runs the Advanced Chiropractic clinic in Edgewater. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Horowitz at (386) 423-4444.

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