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Now browsing: Hometown News > Columnist Archives > Family - Kathy Josenhans

A 'Bluetooth' is not something from your dentist
Rating: 2.98 / 5 (192 votes)  
Posted: 2007 Jan 05 - 02:56

I went to my local cell phone store to upgrade my mobile phone recently.

This is where I'm technically challenged.

My friend, Dominick, was showing me the newest phone that would keep me up to par with the pros. So, I upgraded, and after about an hour of explaining the new features and with kind exhaustion, Dominick sent me on my way, confident that I knew what to do.

I remembered some of the things; well, I knew how to dial and send. I didn't dare take up more of his time with silly questions. I could figure it out. It seems that the technology is so overwhelming it's difficult for us to take the plunge.

This cell phone has Bluetooth capability. So, what is Bluetooth?

I spent approximately two hours online reading the definition of Bluetooth and the capabilities it provides. Basically, it can save your life if you are a cell phone talker while driving. Nothing irritates me more than drivers not paying attention. After I patiently wait for an opportunity to pass them, I see they are talking on their cell phone.

The Bluetooth is that funny thing you see attached to everyone's ear lately. A must, if you ask me, for talking-on-the-cell-phone-while-driving people. It will make your life so much easier. It's a hands-free wireless device that you can bring with you anywhere. There are many more things a Bluetooth can do, but I'm really not the person to explain this. I believe in Googling if I have no clue on the subject. You do know what Googling is, right?

I'm sure everyone is seeing the new name brand on electronics called LG. It stands for Life's Good, and I must say that's pretty catchy. I was leery about making a switch to a new company I'm not familiar with. But the company LG wasn't unfamiliar at all.

I'm sure at sometime in your life you bought one of those cheap TVs or VCRs called Goldstar. Remember that? This was before Wal-Mart opened up. They were affordable products, the quality was good, and if it broke, we just went out and bought a new one.

When you go to any store, you see LG products everywhere, but who are they? They are the newly reformed company previously called Goldstar. I thought this was fascinating. I always wondered what had happened to Goldstar. Their products had gotten me through some tough times earlier when I had just started out. I didn't have the money for the better quality and expensive items on the market.

In August, I bought my son a LG cell phone because it was free after a rebate. He loves his phone. So that's why I took a chance on LG. Of course, I wanted to be one up on him, so I can watch TV with mine when I'm sitting in the doctor's office or standing in line somewhere. I just can't believe what our world has come to. This phone does everything except the laundry. I'm sure that's coming soon, though.

I'm happy that we are all keeping up with the changing times, though it can be confusing. I'm sure some of you are laughing at my technical challenges, but eventually, I will learn to e-mail on my phone; I may just learn to text.

So, beware my friends. You may just have to learn to keep up with me.

My New Year's resolution will be to get this cell phone to do everything for me. If you see something funky hanging off my ear, no worries. It's just me dictating my next article while I'm driving safely.

Kathy Josenhans lives in Port Orange with her husband, Frank, and their German shepherd, Heidi, and a cat named Bogie after Humphrey Bogart. She can be reached at Kjosenhans@gmail.com.

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