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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: -1 / 5 (5 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Jun 06 - 06:32

American voices needed

I am tired, tired, tired of foreign (individuals), broadcasting our American golf tournaments.

I can't see where an Australian accent adds anything to the game.

They get the big bucks, but they don't add anything that an American pro could do.

They are all good; but they are all here, and we don't need them.

How many people feel the same way we do? Let us know.

Gas prices and taxes

I just read that they want to raise all kinds of taxes and gas prices 6 cents a gallon to fix the roads, because they have lax on doing things.

Let's get rid of all these high-prices, who are in there, who are doing nothing, sitting on their duffs ... instead of raising all these taxes.

There is no need for it. Tell Tallahassee, we don't want it.

This is in answer to 'Commercials are ridiculous'

To begin, there would be no television shows if there were no commercials to pay for them. This is a fact of life, and Bright House has nothing to do with it.

However, the Bright House you are complaining about does offer you several solutions:

1.) The mute button; simply don't listen.

2.) If you have a DVR box, simply record all your programs and fast-forward through the commercials.

3.) With a DVR box, you can also put your program on "hold" for a few minutes, so enough time passes that you can fast forward through the commercials.

4.) If you do not know how to use your remote or DVR box, Bright House will either talk you through it on the phone or send a representative to your home, free of charge to help you.

I do not work for Bright House, I just appreciate their excellent customer service.

Be educated and proactive, rather than reactive and annoyed.

Where does our tax money go?

I am almost 80 years old. As time goes by, I am amazed by how our money is being spent - the money that we pay taxes for.

And I just can't understand, when we don't even have enough to give to the VA hospitals to take care of our veterans or the bridges that are falling or railroad trains going off the tracks.

What in the world are we sending money overseas for?

I'm sorry. I feel bad for people, who don't have it good, and I've always helped; but we have got to take care of our own. This is the United States of America. This is our tax money being sent overseas for one thing or another. They hate us. What do they do? They turn the guns on our wonderful soldiers that we send over to try to help; and they send them back, minus arms and legs.

And then they get here, and the VA can't take care of them.

No, no. Something is very wrong.

Let's get together, and let us say "If we've got to pay taxes, then let us know where our tax money is going."

Melbourne Beach is great

I have lived in Melbourne Beach for more than 28 years, and I think this is horrible what this one person wrote in Rants & Raves about "Homeowners beware."

This person must be a "kook." Help them. Oh, my God!

OK. Goodbye.

Rules of the road

I think most of the drivers down here forgot the rules of the road.

That white line, you are supposed to stop before it, not all the way after it.

And yield signs? Forget about it. If you don't stop and let them in, they will hit you.

I mean, this is ridiculous. I had them pass me on a double line, just to get one car in front.

I don't what's going on with these guys.

I'm 81 years old. Thank God, I've never had an accident. I travel about five miles over the limit, and when I turned 80, I took a safety driving course, and I gave it to my insurance company.

And my insurance company gave me a letter back.

They said, "Happy birthday. Your insurance went up $200."

I think that they should get after these young guys, who don't obey the rules. They take off with jackrabbit starts, and then they jam on their breaks at the lights.

They didn't get any further than I did.

Thank you.

Stop killing the bears

I would like to address the bear situation, the killing of the bears, etc.

You know, humans have taken their territory. Why not let them live? Why not relocate them? What do they have to eat out in the woods?


How would people do if they went without eating? I think they would go traveling around looking for food, too.

You know what? I have a suggestion. I think "In this day and age, as much as people throw away, why can't they take all their food, take it out in the woods and feed the bears, and the bears would stay out there?"

Why don't the humans think about it and use common sense? All they think about is killing. That's the easiest way to get rid of something: to kill it.

So, why don't you get rid of some of these humans, who are doing things wrong?

The bears are not doing anything wrong. They are looking for food.

How would you like to be hungry?

Vietnam Veterans Wall

I am very impressed with the bikers that escorted the Vietnam Vet Wall to Wickham Park and all of the other great things they do for our community, ie. Toys for Tots, bike runs, etc.

My only problem is that they tie up traffic on Wickham Road, Parkway (Drive) and U.S. Highway 1 for hours, and then I see them all gathered around at the beer tents, shooting the breeze and spending their hard earned money, for what?

I want to know why I see all these homeless vets living on our streets, and nothing is done. You know the ones. They sleep under the bridges, in the woods or wherever else the police won't harass them.

We go out of our way to honor the dead vets each year, but we seem to go out of our way to ignore the homeless vets. When are we going to do something for the living vets?

Hey, I think it's time we stopped honoring the dead and took care of our living. They have done just as much as the deceased vets but, no one seems to care about them.

Maybe, we should have a wall with the names of the living vets, and do something for them for a change.

Then, maybe, I would be willing to put up with sitting in traffic for hours on end, watching all those pretty, expensive bikes and cars go by.

Likes the paper, doesn't like Obama

I liked your paper before, but I really like the new format you have.

Also, it is arriving on time, and I appreciate that, too.

The only other rave that I have is that I'll call you as soon as (President Barack) Obama is out of office.

Thank you. Bye.

Disgusted with the Teachers Union

I am totally, totally, totally disgusted with the Florida Teachers Union and the Florida teachers, I believe.

If it's very "union," why don't they speak up? I could not believe that they, the union, endorsed Charlie Crist, who left the state with (massive debt).

And these people, the teachers and their union, are backing him again. I will never, ever support any additional tax for education.

If the teachers can't control their union, how are we ever going to believe them about their spending?

I am really turned off, and I am going to spread the word, too. And I am going to tell everyone I know that it is really pathetic that they would endorse Charlie Crist.

TV content is lousy and a double rip-off

Florida has lousy TV. I would like to know how some Florida TV stations can continue to play those same, lousy un-American-made, cheap-production movies over and over and over again, sometimes twice in the same night, back-to-back.

Where do they get all these untalented never-before-released in the United States junk movies?

There should be some kind of a law, regulating how many times a movie is repeated monthly.

After all, this not only cheats the viewer from seeing something on TV, but also rips off the advertiser, because no one is going to watch the same movie 20 times.

It's the same on antenna or cable.

What a rip off!

Service dogs on the beach

In your May 16, 2014, issue of "Rants & Raves," where someone was concerned about a dog leaving excrement and urine on the beach, all I can say is - get a life.

Service dogs need some enjoyment with their owners after performing grueling hours of service to their humans. If it means a 15-minute walk on the beach, so be it.

I seriously doubt that a person would take their service dog for a walk if it had digestive issues, as there are many things that would make an animal sick on the beach, including dead fish and seagull excrement.

Maybe we should put diapers on all of the sea birds.

When you walk dogs on the beach, you never know what humans have deposited, along with children.

Let's not lose sight that God never said that only humans and children, with social graces, are allowed to walk our shoreline. I have taken my dog to the ocean to enjoy the surf, and I let her do her business before we go there. If she had to do her business there, I clean up the area.

Should children be banned from the beaches because their diapers leak or adult's diapers leak, and (should) adults and children, who pee in the water, be monitored, if possible?

If one is inclined to think this may be a problem, one should stay away from the beaches.

Data breaches, and the end of your world, as you know it

Data breaches are about companies that you make monetary transactions with online or in their stores.

The problem is that these companies, who guarantee that your credit card numbers and information are perfectly safe to use on their websites and at their retail counters, are wrong and are at fault by telling you that.

Recent data breaches at Target, Verizon and now, eBay, are about thieves taking money from the accounts you have with these companies you deal with. And how many companies have you used the same card at? It's called access.

The Florida state government, via Attn. Gen. Pam Bondi, seems to be going after the companies that didn't, right up-front when it happened, inform its customers that a data breach had occurred.

After a breach, you can go in and change your password, but that is like locking your garage door after someone has already stolen your car.

Who is going after these hackers? Police can track your cell phone, whether you are using it, or not. They can track your car from space and even the $100 bill in your pocket. (Hold it up to the light and look at it).

If hackers can do these data breaches, surely the good guys have someone, who can track the hackers down and put them away.

We are lucky that these small-time hackers are only stealing small amounts of money from every account they hack. Small amounts from thousands of people do add up, though.

What if they became braver and successfully hacked your bank and took everyone's money and cashed in your investments?

You say it can't happen? Tell that to the Target, Verizon and eBay customers, with more to come, I am sure.

And how easy is it to change your online accounts when you have, say, forgotten your password? Could anybody do it in your place? Let's us see:

1. Your mother's maiden name?

2. What school did you attend? and/or

3. Where did you meet your spouse?

Oh, wait! Isn't that information in your Facebook profile? Oops!

The awful thing about the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929 wasn't that the investors lost all the money they had invested, it was the fact that the average man and woman lost faith and money in the banking system, because the banks closed after the crash and would not give the people their own money back.

What would your bank do if it were hacked?

Oh, yes! Now, there is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It insures bank customer's assets. Ha, ha, ha! How much faith do you have in that?

Stocking up on guns, ammo and food will not help you for long, either ... after the "Worldwide Data Breach Great Depression" gets here.

D-Day and the museum

This June 6, 2014, is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It is also the 30-year passing of my father, Jewell Otis Roberts, a paratrooper for the 101st in World War II.

My father passed away in a car accident two months before the 40th anniversary of D-Day. He had planned to attend the ceremony in France, but his life was cut short by a driver in a hurry.

My brother, Michael Roberts, has worked tirelessly to build and support veterans across our county and establish the Road to Victory Military Museum in honor of my father and all veterans. I appreciate your continued support of the museum, Ms. Samples, and the support given to the museum by Hometown News.

My husband, Robert Shurts, museum board member, and I encourage area residents to visit the Road To Victory Military Museum, which is open Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment. It is located at 319 Stypmann Ave., behind the tennis courts in Veterans Memorial Park.

There are wonderful displays of my father in the European Campaign and father-in-law, Kenneth Shurts, in the Pacific Campaign.

The museum covers many historical events and conflicts.

Thank you, veterans, for your service to our country.

Response to commercials on the television

This is in answer to the person, who is upset about the amount of commercials on his television programs.

Keep in mind, it's those very commercials that pay for your program.

Regarding the fact that you're paying Bright House for the signal, you don't have to. As long as you don't want anything, but network channels, an inside or outside antenna is all you need.

Ever since the signals were converted from analog to digital, the amount of stations you can pick up has increased 10 times. Where you could only pick up Channels 3, 5, 9, 18, 24 and 35 before, you can not only get them, but each and every station now has three or more channels to choose from.

There are also stations from the colleges, HSN and other shopping and hobby stations, as well.

When I first installed my antenna, I was getting no less than 30 channels. Depending on your location, a small indoor antenna may be all you'll need. I set a friend of mine up in West Melbourne, and she gets at least 20 excellent channels, with a $10 antenna, purchased at Wal-Mart.

Another thing you will find is that you will also be able to pick up stations that the cable and satellite companies don't even provide. The same principle works for cell phones. If you remember, when the phones first came to Brevard, the only way you could get any distance was to buy the so-called brick phones. They were three watts and could get the distance, but they were huge. They were analog.

When they were converted to digital; a .6-watt phone that you could put in you pocket worked just as well as the big ones.

Another way to watch your favorite shows is on the Internet. Providers, such as HULU, have the same shows; and instead of three minutes of commercials every 15 minutes, most of them are only 10 seconds long.

Melbourne Beach: wonderful place to live

To the persistent letter writer, who has declared Brevard County and, in particular, Melbourne Beach an unfit place to live, I must respond.

Having been a resident of this county for more than 35 years, I could not believe the rant posted recently.

Melbourne Beach is a wonderful community in which to live and raise a family. The residents, for the most part, are intelligent, caring and happy people. Neighbors help neighbors and care about one another. Our children attend one of the best schools, and our safety is unquestioned with 24-hour police patrol, (with) little crime and a feeling of well-being.

I doubt drugs are being sold openly in the parking lot across from the bait shop. The only thing to fear in the parking lot is an occasional child running between the cars.

Thousands of people use the lot every year to access our beautiful beach, with few incidents, no parking fees and a nice little park. I have personally walked the beach hundreds of times, day and night, with not a single problem, if you don't count sunburn.

Talk to any Realtor, and they will tell you selling a home in Melbourne Beach proper, at a fair price, is quick and painless and demand exceeds supply.

For those of us, who have been a part of the community for many years, we know how blessed we are to own a home here.

Tourists are welcome, and all of us benefit. They get to visit and dream about living here, and we pay no local or state income taxes. Sales tax and property taxes are reasonable. Local government is responsive, and our voices heard.

I am sorry for the person, whose rants of ill-will are more than just a little exaggerated. They are just not true.

This is in response to the 'rant' from 'Security of FPL electricity'

I, too, know that the deployment of "smart meters" is extremely dangerous to our health and our privacy. I Googled the letter from the guy in Boca Raton to the CEO of Next Era Energy Corp, and found it to be very true.

There was NOTHING wrong with the analog meters, (remember the old saying ... If it isn't broke, don't fix it?) which were read monthly by our meter-readers. Then, we were presented a bill.

Now, we are blasted with radiation from our electric meters and "complacency" seems to run amok. With all the unemployment in what used to be a great nation, these "smart meters" have even taken millions of jobs from these people, and cause endless harm to everyone in their path, and causing MORE unemployment! People everywhere seem to know SOMETHING is wrong, yet seem to prefer to IGNORE it.

I agree with EVERYTHING the person wrote in his or her "rant" on EVERYTHING that is going on in our nation AND the entire world. These "smart meters" HAVE TO GO. They, including so many more things, are killing us.

I EXPECT to see this in the next "rant" of your paper. I am going to go around with (fliers) to everyone in Brevard County, so this "smart" meter program FAILS!

And "opt out" plans, where you are charged IS EXTORTION!

Get a clue, people, (you too, at the free newspaper). You too, are being assaulted in every direction. Let's take our country back to the REPUBLIC! Florida's a BIG state, let it start here, as well as in California! Let's DO SOMETHING to STOP the madness, which is exactly what it is ... MADNESS!

Thank you.

Unfinished businesses in Palm Bay

This dub tails on the article, complaining about the (construction on) Wickham Road in Melbourne not being complete.

Well I feel your pain; however, I challenge you to take a visit to southeast Palm Bay, pass the Malabar divide. Oh, you will see a lot of unfinished business. It is shameful, and there seems to be a "we don't give a ...." about that area.

They began paving San Fillipo from one end, DeGroot to St. Andre Boulevard and simply stopped.

There is a giant gap from St. Andre Boulevard to Wichita Street. They just left that area unpaved. If we could just get that paving complete, at least we could ride our bikes on the sidewalk, or for that matter, just take a walk.

Also, I must give credit to Melbourne. They, at least, give you all street lighting, which shows they are concerned about your safety at night.

Southeast Palm bay is lucky if it gets one light on a street, and that is rare.

The southwest area is even worse. Streets are unpaved and have been for years. It appears they use money to improve all the areas that ALREADY look nice. Why not spend some to improve ALL of Palm Bay?

I would think some job creation could come if they would begin improvement in these areas. What kind of jobs? I'm glad you asked.

1. Complete street and sidewalk paving

2. Hire folks to clean out these vacant lots that number one are fire hazards, and make it difficult for our firefighters when fires erupt. It makes the areas of southeast and southwest Palm Bay an eye sore for folks, who may otherwise have an interest in the area, not want to live there.

It looks very un-kept along San Fillipo and Babcock streets, southeast. There are folks, who need work and would love to maintain those grounds. They did it on Emerson, parts of Cogan and Eldron. If they would rid the area of these burned pine trees and woodsy debris, leave the pine trees and some of the palmettos, it would have a nice feel of a park-like environment between the homes. Those desiring to build homes in those areas would better be able to see how that home would look, in an area that is presentable.

3. They should hire folks to put GUARD RAILS on these giant ditches throughout Palm Bay. For years, these giant ditches are unguarded by rails. This is shameful and uncaring for visitors and citizens, in an area where flooding and hurricanes occur. Someone visiting could pull off to the side to get out of the rain in their car and end up in an instant grave. To all reading this, just take a visit to Minton Road, between Malabar and Jupiter Boulevard, southeast. OK?

4. Lastly, how about hiring some folks, needing work, to paint and re-paint some of these traffic lines on the streets in southeast and southwest Palm Bay? If they don't want to give us street lights, could we at least have bright YELLOW lines on the black streets at night? The area is dark because we have no streetlights, and the streets are black, and the lines we need to help us stay in our lanes are so faded, we cannot see them, and there are NO reflectors.

Did they ever think about putting together a committee of retirees that would volunteer to help make these areas better? It has so much potential in these areas. There are so many unemployed folks, who would love to be paid $10 to $11 an hour to make this community more appealing, and put some pride in the lives of the workers who helped make it that way.

Does any one agree?

What happened to the Rants and Raves?

The main reason I even read the Hometown News is for the Rants & Raves column.

Now, I don't know if you offended somebody, or whatever, but it seems you are getting squeezed out.

Every time you open the paper, you get less and less room - not even a decent way to present what people want to hear and what people want to say.

So, whoever is being offended and has any pull about you being squeezed out, I'd like to see them thrown off the cliff, because, let's face it. Most of us that read that paper, read it for the Rants & Raves.

The rest of it is OK. Nice news, but nothing exciting.

So, get with it, guys. Get back to Rants & Raves and give us two pages worth, not just all the stupid little advertisements or the stupid little la la things, but give us back our Rants & Raves.


Editor's note: It is these advertisements that allow us to provide our readers with a free community newspaper each week. Thanks so much for reading.

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