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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2014 Mar 21 - 07:04

A word of thanks

I was in a car accident on Thursday night. I want to rave about all the angels that came and helped us. My son immediately got out of the car and a woman named Amie helped him and gave him a phone to use. A young woman helped me to get out of the car and lay down until the paramedics arrived.

An angel named Stephanie held me and tried to keep me calm. Neighbors and people were everywhere helping and just staying with me. I still am not sure what exactly happened but I wanted to thank all of the wonderful people who were there -Mike, a neighbor brought a blanket to warm me, Stephanie; she was wonderful to me, Amie and David for staying with Tony. I am sorry those are all the names I remember. I know there were many more people there. We are so blessed to have the amazing emergency techs, firefighters and the patrol that we do. I am sorry I am not sure if it was IRC Sheriff or FHP, but thank you. We are okay and I pray that the person in the other car is as well.

Thank you very much one and all.

Daylight Savings Time

I read something about Ben Franklin's association with the concept of "Daylight Saving Time." The story I have often heard is that he did indeed introduce the idea to Congress of establishing such a policy. However, the members of Congress at the time immediately realized it was a joke the wily Franklin was attempting to play on them. They knew then that no matter what laws are passed there will be the same amount of daylight as usual. They had a higher degree of intelligence than our current representatives and obviously a more refined sense of humor (which often is associated with a higher I.Q.). Perhaps they acknowledged that a higher power would determine what time the sun would rise and set and did not bow to laws passed by Congress or other manmade entities? It is time to get rid of this useless practice. Leave the time where it is now set from now on.

In response

This is a response to the person who wrote about the Planned Parenthood clinics. The ones who go there for various reasons simply don't put value into their souls or bodies. Some females use kids to get into the welfare system simply because they fail to get a basic education. So they just rather have a few kids to get into the welfare trap. In Fort Pierce the poverty level is extremely high, and those individuals want others to support them. They have to create a new life to create an income. Sad isn't it? So the next time you see someone protesting in front of a clinic, pull over and tell them to break out their check book and pay for these peoples well-being. Yes the earth is over-populated and famine will come. As far as Fort Pierce goes, what large business wants to open here with a lack of educated job market?

A letter of concern

To My Good Neighbors in St. Lucie West who attended the City Council meeting Tuesday; my heartfelt Sympathy is with you. It was a sad day for the people of our town, and even more so for the children who's safety is so little regarded by our City Planners. For those of you who did not attend, I think you have a right and duty to know how your town is being run by those elected. The section of this town known as Torino consists mainly of family homes. Most of the people that bought here did so because they thought it would be a safe place to raise a family. This neighborhood was a quiet and safe place for children. That was until the council decided that the electorate and their families were not worth a fight. Those neighbors who spoke did so with eloquence and gave many reasons why this is not the place for a drug rehab facility. Most were concerned with the fact that the neighborhood children walk past this site twice a day on their way to school. The bus stop for the neighborhood will be right outside. I listened to the argument that we were discriminating against these poor, sick individuals. Its federal law was the war cry. These people are not dying from cancer or some other disease, and yes I understand that the medical profession considers drug addiction and alcoholism a disease. But, it's time our government from Washington to little old Port St. Lucie gets real. Many, if not most, have mental health issues and or criminal records. This is self-inflected by choice. Not a tragic illness. These people will be coming from all over the country. The truth is the corporation that is infecting our town with this infestation of drug addicts and alcoholics have been quietly doing so in smaller numbers for some time. There is certainly no shortage of land in Port St. Lucie. But apparently this parcel was the right price. Cheap. This is so wrong, it reeks. City Council, would you put a 70-bed prison smack in the middle of a neighborhood? We, as the voters, have a right to that answer. If this is the law, then you needed to challenge it. But instead you chose to take the cowardly way out. We heard about how you counseled with a more qualified law firm. Who was that firm? You neglected to give the name. Also, I believe, as do most people in attendance, that this decision was made long before this meeting ever took place. Every council member knew that this is a bad location for a rehab. That was apparent. Every parent in that meeting was counting on you to do the right thing. Instead the other council members from the other districts all gave the same reason. They took an oath to uphold the law. You also took an oath to defend and protect the people. Commonsense, where has it gone? I'm sure the other council members from the other districts thought that it was ok to vote yes since it has no effect on their constituents. Guess again folks, this could be coming to a neighborhood near you. You the voters will have to draw your own conclusions come election time. As for me, I believe this was important enough to let the courts make the decision. I feel sold out, how about you?

Food stamp program doesn't help those who need it

I wanted to bring my comments to you on the real need for food stamp program restructuring.

I am married with three children, and lost my job back in February of 2008. We had little funds available for basic living. My wife works part-time and makes just enough for gas and a few groceries.

I applied for emergency food stamps from the Department of Children and Families and was denied because our household earned more than $100 a month. I was set back by this action and could not understand why I could not receive some sort of help.

I had many conversations with that department with little to no help at all. Since the time that I applied, I have recently been employed fulltime, but with half the wages that I was making before, so we had to relocate to a lesser than adequate home with the bills still being more than we bring in.

I have worked my whole life and have served in the Navy for this great country of ours and have always helped the needy when we could. I think that the system should be able to help us in our time of need.

The only conclusion that I can come up with is that we would be better just to be jobless; that way we could receive all the benefits the system offers. I know that this is not what should be, but you would think that you could get some sort of assistance just to see you through the short hard time.

We have had a little help from our church and thank God every day for the blessings in our life. I just wonder if there are any other families that have similar circumstances.

There should be someone out there that sees what is going on and should look into this problem.

About voting

To listen to the squeals of anguish, you would believe that a voter ID requirement is a major violation of the rights of every citizen. The facts are that an increasing number of states, attempting to assure that every vote is a valid one, are adopting such laws. Can anyone truthfully claim that we want to permit illegal voting? Several years ago, the presidency was decided here in Florida by just a handful of votes.

How can we so easily forget?

Taking a driver's test

It's been a long time since I took the Drivers Test. I would guess that at least one of the questions now reads like this:

If you are approaching an intersection with a stop sign you should:

A. Step on the gas and go into the intersection as fast as you can.

B. Slow slightly, look to your right, but not to your left, and pull out in front of the car coming from you left.

C. Under no circumstances, what-so-ever, put down your cell phone and turn on your signal light if making a turn.

D. All of the above.

How about sterilization?

If we want to stop the abuse of children, we have to start some kind of free sterilization or payment for sterilization program. This would stop the breeding of children into poverty.

Also, hunger is a powerful incentive to crime. Babies and children suffer hunger because of an inadequate income of a parent. The mobile food stands of the Hurricane's four years ago went into every neighborhood and furnished free food, through the Red Cross.

If we could bring those mobile food vans back into those neighborhoods, many children would not suffer starvation and abuse because the parent is incapable of providing it.

Put security cameras everywhere

I want to comment on security cameras. The public accepts them in stores and parking lots. But they should be used in more private places where there are violations. They should be in doctor's offices, facilities for the elderly, classrooms, and humane societies. It would decrease the amount of abuse people face.

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