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Letters to the editor
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Posted: 2014 Mar 21 - 06:36

Overboard with the parks

For about two years now, I have tried to urge the city of Titusville to:

No. 1: stop building parks, river front property included, and

No. 2: Fix one of the newest parks on U.S. 1, which was created about two years ago.

I truly do enjoy parks and support preservation, but Titusville has gone overboard with parks, and they do not maintain them well. Here is my latest email to the city of Titusville:

To the city of Titusville:

I have made several attempts to draw your attention to a small park created on U.S. 1 for two years.

First of all, you never finished the park.

Funding was available to add on to Sandpoint Park, so I find it very hard to believe that you cannot allot funds to fix and finish the small park on U.S. 1.

Second of all, you have not taken good care of the park. The small park on U.S. 1 has two seating areas, and the best you could do is put in one trashcan. Please put a second trashcan by the other seating area.

Additionally, this park has been vandalized. Please make the necessary repairs, which include lighting and rails on the pier.

Maintaining the foliage and picking up litter is your responsibility, but you have continued to fall short. Please maintain the area.

Titusville has enough parks; and so, I urge you to use park funding to maintain or improve existing parks.

Please do not create any more parks. Clearly, you cannot keep up with the ones already in existence.

The small park, that has no name, is located across from the El Lionceto Restaurant and has been neglected and overlooked for about two years now.

Please fix, finish and name the park or disassemble the park and return it to its natural state.

I will not email you again; however, a newspaper article or perhaps Channel 6 News may be utilized, if you do not take appropriate action in a very timely manner. No more excuses.

Thank you for your time.

Aimee Jackson, Titusville

Insurance you may need

I have heard and seen much about that nasty, old "Obamacare," and how it hurts people.

I was 61 and unable to get insurance, due to my diabetes and arthritis. I had always been insured by my employers, from age 18-60.

In one month, I went from totally out of debt, other than my utility bills and mortgage, to $98,000 in debt, due to an unforseen illness, while uninsured.

I just wanted to make it to 65, like many of us, for my healthcare. I was looking forward to my official retirement and Social Security, after paying in for 46 years.

It happened fast, and there was no way to get around it. I almost died in the hospital, and it would have all been on my wife to settle out alone. We will pay it as we can - and we will pay it.

In January, I signed up for Affordable Healthcare and now for just $202 a month, we can be covered if anything like that should happen again, including doctor visits and lab work, all at a minimal cost.

Don't go without health care, especially just to snub our current president. Don't be a fool, who is ruled by emotion.

Think about it, they can't drop you. They can't cap it to leave you holding the bag, should you be in need of more expensive care.

Thank the ones, who pushed for it, to be enacted, taking great political risk. I am not surprised at the GOP resistance to this.

It takes courage and compassion to push for the people, instead of for the rigged game that was the medical, insurance industry of the past.

It is a shame that so many people suffer in their ignorance of what is in their better interest. Wake up, America!

Michael Olson, Melbourne

Perpetuating their power

Do you think politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, get elected to help their constituents? Or, do they get elected to help themselves?

When I attended college way back when, I took a course in leadership. The first thing I learned was, "A leader will do everything within his/he power to perpetuate his/her leadership."

Using that as a premise, I can logically conclude that politicians will do everything and anything within their power or ability to get elected, simply to perpetuate his or her role in the Legislature and/or Congress.

Now, we have two opposing parties, who are trying hard to perpetuate their power.

One is trying to do things that will help the nation. The other is doing things to perpetuate their leadership. You be the judge, which party that is.

In his inaugural speech, John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." That has not been the case.

A large majority of citizens are there, just waiting for a hand out. They think only of themselves and their gratification.

As long as this attitude prevails and continues, no progress can be made.

Then theirs is the one party that continues to feed this craving. Why do they feed this craving? Because it will perpetuate their leadership.

I am not against helping my fellow men, but my fellow men have to find ways to help themselves.

Give a man fish, and he can eat for one day. Teach him how to fish and he can feed himself every day.

Robert Rodrigues, Melbourne

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