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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: -1 / 5 (4 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Mar 21 - 06:12

One too many leaves

Once again St. Patrick's Day is upon us and once again advertisers are using the four-leaf clover instead of the three-leaf shamrock that St. Patrick used to teach the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Sovereign immunity unfair to seniors

Did you know: For those of us who are in our senior years, without a spouse, either through divorce or death, and no children under the age of 25 years, should you pass away, even through the gross negligence of medical personnel, your loved ones have no recourse against either the doctor, hospital and now EVAC/EMS personnel.

After an EVAC/EMS multi-dollar settlement in 2010, Volusia County government incorporated EVAC as a county government division under the protection of the Department of Public Protection thereby limiting future lawsuits against EVAC/EMS personnel by the state's sovereign immunity statutes.

A man can father a child well into his senior years, but once a woman passes her child bearing years and is divorced or widowed the chances of her having a child under the age of 25 to pursue any remedy at law is near impossible and allows the gross negligence to go unpunished. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Stick to one thing

It is impossible to do two things at the same time and best.

But, we still see texters while driving.

Don't you know we can't do two things at one time and be the best we can be?

I'll give you an example, marriage and work. You can't combine the two. They don't work and you end up in divorce.

The worst part is if someone disables your dad, mom, sister, brother or a family member or yourself. Is it worth it? I don't think so. Don't find out.

Red light cameras punishing poor too much

What is the objective of the fine with red light cameras? It is supposedly to discipline the wrongdoer. How much fairness is it to a family that makes $20,000 compared to the $100,000? It is becoming a moneymaker.

Give them something

Cities, counties and states, open up your hearts and dollars to the jobless, homeless and hopeless. Give them a job to be productive. Give them a job. Give them a home and a shower. Even if it is a tent. Give them something so they can believe in our human race.

Leave area for boaters

At the new marina on the North Causeway, there are workers parking over there, restricting the number of boats that can launch from there. It would be really nice if they wouldn't park there and leave the area for the boaters.

In response to the response to American Dream

What we can do? Let's make a Florida dream. Reduce all hours to 30 hours so they can hire two people instead of one.

Let us do something about it and get it on the governor's agenda.

President Obama needs a history lesson

Apparently our leader does not know that Hilter did in the '30s just what Russia's Vladmir Putin has started to do. Armed troops taking over neighboring countries. Putin is smiling and denying the obvious just as Hilter had done.

Stop the whining

First I will say that I did not vote for President Barack Obama the first or second time. I will also say this, I am so fed up with all the whining about President Obama.

If so many people hate him, why didn't you vote? Obviously, if this many people that whine about him voted, he probably would not have gotten a second term.

Second, I am so tired of hearing that he is not a United States citizen. It has been proven over and over that he is.

Third, the blame game, if you listen to all the complaints, President Obama is responsible for every infraction since this country started. Recently I read that people believe President Obama is doing nothing about illegal aliens. This issue has been going on far longer than President Obama has even been alive.

Then we have politicians in favor of building a fence between the U.S. and Mexico. Apparently those politicians did not watch the shows about the tunnels. For years there have been tunnels built by the people who "help" get the Mexicans to America. In the show, it shows that these tunnels have electricity, bedding, hot stoves and go far into the United States. So building fences is like closing the barn door after the cows got out.

I am also tired of all the phony pictures of President Obama, his wife and family doing insanely crazy things. If you truly are unhappy with the current president, then maybe you should get off your behind, register to vote and actually vote. Vote with intelligence, don't just listen to the ads, but actually research the voting choices, what they truly stand for and what they have done in the past as an elected official. In the meantime stop whining and start researching for the next president.

Movie star greed

I hear liberals complain about corporate greed, but I never hear them complain about movie stars. Do you think Oprah Winfrey is worth $70 million a year? Or Sandra Bullock is worth $70 million for her role in "Gravity."

Stop complaining about capitalism.

Don't judge on job

There are many reasons that people lose jobs. A writer last week said if you lost your job, then you didn't do your job. That is a very unfair statement. We have no idea why the person lost their job. There are budget cuts. It is a very judgmental statement.

No water, big problem

Are you kidding me? No water in Port Orange. I am patiently awaiting my water bill rebate. I am recent victim of no-potable water in Port Orange for four days. The town charges a base fee regardless of usage. The fee is paid even if you do not reside full-time in Port Orange.

As a retired plumber, I understand the hazards of tapping a major 18-inch water main. However, it comes with a risk as most construction does. Thus liability lies with the municipality or the contractor, who has insurance and was permitted to make the tapping. I want the contractor to see my water bill is adjusted and I am reimbursed for the $32 I spent on a four-day water supply.

Leave the Moose alone

I think it is a shame that someone is trying to force the Moose Lodge on Granada Boulevard in Ormond Beach to stop the farmer's market and craft vendors.

The community loves their beautiful items and their breakfast at the Moose. Apparently this person doesn't have a life and felt a need to complain to the mayor. If this person needs to feel important, why don't they volunteer?

This is not a flea market.

Just a few of the Moose charities are Moose Haven and Moose Heart. These are for children and seniors. They also contribute to local charities, such as breast cancer research, Emory Bennett, Arni and Children's Alliance. These are just a few.

The mayor, instead of listening to this busybody, should think of all the people who voted for him because he is going to want to be re-elected.

Have some empathy

In response to the person who criticized the writer who could not afford expensive vet bills for their ailing cat: First off, the criticizer says they feel for the cat's owner and admit they do not know the full situation. Yet, they go on an obnoxious tirade about people not being responsible for their pets, how the inability to pay for a vet visit is no one's fault but your own.

I started getting real irritated when the writer said our country is going broke because people expect to be taken care of. The icing on the non- empathy cake was when he wrote if you lost your job, it is because you chose not to do your job. Hello! For those with selective amnesia, the prior administration drove off the economic cliff into the abyss of the worst recession since the Great Depression. There are three people for every job. People are hurting. Some have to go to food banks for pet food. I hope the criticizer never falls on hard times, but if they do, then maybe they will maybe understand empathy for your fellow Americans.

In response to: 'Bad ideas keep coming to NSB' and the rants and raves that accompany it

I was so disappointed in Dan Smith's column where he said he and his wife would no longer visit the Flagler Avenue area because of the new parking fee. I am so surprised that other people agree.

If you don't like the parking charge, there are ways to address it other than to take out your hostility on the hardworking shop owners and the other people who invest to make that area a great area.

People say the new fee will kill the area, but actually it is the people, like Dan Smith, who made up their minds up front that they won't be part of a solution. They are just going to stay away and go away mad.

This is a complicated issue and a lot of people have to live with the reality. It would be helpful if people worked together and not take these extreme positions. I am not impressed with Dan Smith at all.

Edgewater Drive no off ramp

Edgewater Drive comes off of U. S. 1 in Edgewater. It veers off to the right. The speed limit is 25 mph. However, people take it much faster. They use it like an off ramp from Interstate 95.

There are kids in the neighborhood. There are people who walk dogs in the neighborhood.

I think if the police sat there, they might be able to curtail this a little. I think this is a safety and liability issue.

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