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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2014 Feb 21 - 06:40

Free television

I wanted to put in a little rave for free television.

It is very important for people, who can't afford, or don't want to pay for cable, or any of that high-powered stuff; particularly Channel 24, which is WUCF Public Television and also Channel 15, which is WDSC out of Daytona Beach.

Both of these stations have excellent programming and no commercials to interrupt the show that you are trying to enjoy.

Unfortunately, most television has gotten so the program you are watching is eight minutes, with five minutes of commercials, which distract terribly from the program.

They don't seem to care. Every time a commercial comes up it gives you a break, you think.

Thank God for whoever invented the "mute" button. I use it frequently - every time a commercial comes on.

I don't know why the people, who put on these commercials, think they are talking to the public, but they talk to us like we haven't got a brain in our head.

I'm going to rush out and buy toilet cleaner because a woman is standing on her head?

The commercials are really ridiculous, and not only that, they take from your television program you are trying to enjoy.

And that's why I am watching more and more Channel 24 PBS and Channel 15 - free from ads, free from commercials.

Keeping 'lunatic neighbors' out of my mail

This is a response to the person, who complained about the mail service.

The person talks about identity theft being out of control, that her mail carrier placed her mail in the neighbor's box, that the neighbor said something that was disquieting to her.

This is how I take care of this. You get a Post Office Box. The cost in this area for a Size 1 Post Office Box is $40 every six months.

It is a simple thing. It is worth the price. My mail goes to my Post Office box no matter where I am living.

I have been doing this for about 40 years, in different places. It is the best way to keep "lunatic neighbors" out of my mail.

You should very much worry about how your complaint is being handled.

The Postal staff of today, across the board, is not exactly the same as the Postal staff of yesteryear.

Do yourself a very big favor, and get yourself a P.O. Box.

The inconvenience of going to the Post Office for your mail is nothing compared to the inconvenience of someone taking your mail and using your identity.

Good luck.

The lousiest road on beachside

I travel from the Melbourne Causeway to the Eau Gallie Causeway on Riverside Drive every day, and every day I wonder why this is the lousiest road on beachside, with all the millionaire houses that are on the river's edge.

When are they going to fix this road before my tires rattle off?

Close the borders for awhile and presidential mistakes

Thank God for Hometown News, right off the bat.

I am calling about this immigration thing.

I believe that we should just shut the borders until we get this immigration problem straightened out.

Secondly, my argument goes: Let's make sure we have jobs for our own people. Bring some of the jobs back from overseas. Let's put our people back to work.

Give them some good feeling about not being on welfare, unemployment and all that stuff.

The other thing is (Bill) O'Reilly. The President asked him on "Fox," why he kept bringing it up about his mistakes.

It sounded weird that he would say that, because his mistakes are not forgettable.

When you lose people, and we lost a couple of (Navy) Seals and we lost an ambassador, I would think that you would have a rather short-sided outlook to overlook the facts.

We are not going to forget those people. We would like to know what happened to them. What was the real cause? We need to know, so that it doesn't happen again.

So, if you'll address that, I would appreciate it.

Rescue dogs are the best

I bought a rescue dog. He has been neutered. He has a chip in his back and is 4 years old.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love him dearly.

People should find out about rescue dogs because they make such wonderful companions.

I wouldn't take $1 million for him.

Thank you so very much.

Interesting religious thoughts

I've got to say, I really had to laugh at this rant.

First of all, I get a headache just to think about the arrogance of some people, who consider themselves to be "good Christian folk" or "Godly," when I see them write something like, "I know it bothers God" or "God does not delight," presuming to know just what God thinks and feels.

Why do some people think that their faith and belief is the only true religion, and their Bible is the only true Bible?

There are three major fundamentalist religions that all make the same claim, so which one is right? And if only one of those three religions is the only true faith, what about all other faiths; which, by the way, far outnumber what is considered the three major fundamental religions of the world?

Having the privilege of serving on a panel of religious leaders on a military base the last couple of years, I have learned much about many religious faiths from men and women, who I have come to admire and respect very much, and only one of them showed the same kind of arrogance - I'll give you a hint: he wasn't Jewish or Muslim.

Second, if the writer of this rant, whose derisive comments, regarding Christmas and Easter gave me pause to wonder just what faith this person practiced, had researched pagan holidays so well, he or she would have learned that all religious faiths began with paganism; and each faith, regardless of what religion is practiced, was created by man in order that he may have some understanding of something that essentially is unknowable.

Tens of thousands of years ago, our ancestors learned how to stay warm by building shelter and creating a fire, kept from starving by creating weapons, with which to hunt for food, and by planting and reaping crops, according to the seasons, positions of the sun and phases of the moon.

They knew the longest night and the longest day of the year and the days when daylight and nighttime was balanced by attuning themselves to the natural world around them.

These four days comprise of Winter Solstice (Yule/Christmas), Summer Solstice (Midsummer/St. John's Day), the Spring Equinox (Ostara/Easter) and the Autumnal Equinox (Mid-Harvest).

Oct. 31, which has been called Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, All Saints Day, etc., is simply the end of the harvest time and end of the summer.

However, hallow means "sacred" or "holy" and is indeed, very sacred as this is a night when some pagans remember ancestors, family and friends who have passed on.

The word "pagan," meant "heathen" and heathen "low-country dweller." Buddhism, Native American, Taoism, Wicca, etc., or anything other than Christianity, Judaism and Islam, are all classified as pagan religions.

As a pagan, I guess I should be offended by this person's narrow-minded, self-righteous crap, but I'm not. Nor am I a know-it-all about religion, spirituality, faith or whatever.

The truth is, I have a very strong faith in God/dess, just as I believe the sun and moon will rise and set, the waters will ebb and flow, as they have before we came along and will continue to do so when we leave this earthly plane.

I just think that people, who start ranting about something they know not of what they speak, should probably keep their mouths shut before shoving in both feet, pray for forgiveness from their own God for their arrogance, ego and intolerance, and just learn to live and let live.

I quote: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi.

FPL 'smart meters' not so smart

In ancient times, there were those who were always railing against any type of advancements in technology, such as the bow and arrow, which of course eventually led to the atomic bomb and many other weapons of mass destruction.

Now, we must put up with the latest innovation in mass destruction of our wallets, and that would be Florida Power & Light's new "smart meter."

We - the customers or victims of the new gadget - call it the "guess-o-meter."

On the day the power bill arrived in the mail, showing the amount of our bill as triple the usual charge, we called FPL and were put on hold for at least an hour, due to the "large volume of calls" they had received.

We were then told that the "smart meter," which transmitted data from our location to the FPL office, was infallible in its estimate and that's that!

We were also told that because of the recent two days of cold weather, the "guess-o-meter" determined the temperature inside the house, disregarding our own thermostat adjuster. This resulted in a triple-size bill for many customers.

I will probably join in the growing army of residents under the heel of Florida Power and Light, who never move the thermostat from the "off" position, and live in discomfort in extreme heat or cold year 'round, since the choice must be made to either live in comfort or be able to purchase food and medications.

It puzzles me ... why is FPL so greedy ... or does it cost that much to keep competition out?

Extramarital affairs

Extramarital affairs can be fun, while you are doing them, but they take a lot of work to be kept secret. Your family and friends will tell, if they have one selfish reason to do so.

When you have an extramarital affair, someone will get hurt; and when someone gets hurt, you get a divorce.

When you get a divorce, you lose your job, because you can't concentrate on your work.

When you lose your job, you lie around the house in your sweats and your pajamas - eating, drinking, doing drugs and never taking a shower.

Because you don't take a shower, you get thrown out of the place you are living.

When you get thrown out of the place you are living, you become homeless and have to live in the woods.

When you live in the woods, you have to beg for food and eat out of trashcans.

Don't eat out of trashcans; love the one you're with.

It's so easy to be a liberal

Having just read a rant titled, "Response to 'Too many on Welfare,'" I was left with the impression that the author felt that more people should be on welfare and also felt that people on welfare really don't hurt this country.

The author does rightly, in my opinion, complain about corporate welfare. The purpose of government is not to subsidize failed "green industries" like Solendra or manufacturers like General Motors, which still owes the taxpayers billions, nor to subsidize successful companies.

The author asks, "How many is too many people needing assistance?"

I would ask the question, "Why are there so many?"

Why are 92 million people unemployed, and how could the unemployment rate have been 6.7 percent in December 2013, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics?

But I was really touched when the author stood up for those on welfare and asked, "Does this ranter have any clue what red tape one must go through to qualify?"

I would think that if one had no job to go to, they might be able to find the time to fill out some paperwork and be grateful to those who subsidize their existence.

But what really caught my attention was the sentence, "Many, many people, who receive food stamps already work, in places like Wal-Mart and McDonalds, who refuse to pay their employees a 'living wage,' so they don't have to rely on assistance."

I thought, "What is a living wage?"

It is something that liberals can't define and costs them nothing to support.

Wages are nothing more than an agreement between the employer and employee on what their labor is worth. For the most part, wages are the price of labor, determined by supply and demand.

When nearly most Americans are capable of working at McDonalds or Wal-Mart, why would the employer pay top dollar?

I would be willing to pay more for a brain surgeon, since there are not that many.

Also, how many at McDonalds and Wal-Mart have sacrificed years of training and expense?

Liberals live in a static world, where if you are born poor, you will always be poor. Fortunately, we live in a country where that is not true.

According to Thomas Sowell, a leading economist, "An absolute majority of those Americans, who were in the bottom 20 percent in income in 1975, were also in the top 20 percent at some point over the next 16 years."

Why is this so? Well, because they had 16 more years of experience, on the job training, and skill development.

We are fortunate to live in a country (currently) where if you work hard and have determination, this type of success is still possible.

Liberals, who don't have to pay employees, find it so easy to give pay raises.

Consider a company that has 10 employees, earning between $8 and $11 per hour, averaging say $10 per hour. The payroll cost is 10 workers times 40 hours times $10 wage times 1.5 percent insurance and taxes, or $6,000 per week.

Add $2 per hour to this scenario, and the cost goes to $7,200 per week. It raises cost of meeting payroll by $1,200 per week, without any additional income gained.

Liberals spend much of their time in the endless pursuit of creating "Utopia," where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities and only law enforcement has guns.

Perhaps they haven't noticed, but this place already exists. It's called prison.

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